Monday, 4 February 2013

Valentine Tree

This year I decided that I would have
a Valentine Tree!!

I was in hospital over Christmas so all my plans
of having special decorations
and a Christmas Tree
all went away

I was feeling rather blue until I suddenly thought....
"Why not have a Valentine Tree?"

I found a lovely pattern for
'Teeny Tiny Hearts'

and I was off.....

I so enjoyed doing them

I think that, perhaps next year,
I'll do them in other colours as well!!

Life goes on much as always here.
Last week
I did actually drive a short journey 
for the first time.... 
in several months.

It felt really strange ....... but good
as if I have a little more control over my life and don't always have to rely on others
(though, I hasten to add that they have all been wonderful)!!

My life is very narrow 
compared to the way it used to be.....
but I am determined 
that I will do more again this year.

My friends were wonderful last year
and came on very shortened walks with me so that I could enjoy our wonderful coast paths
once again.....!

I hope that 
they will agree 
to do the same this year!!
I also hope to be able to drive greater distances

and take my mother for a holiday.
It's always such fun going with her 
as we have the same sense of humour
and each enjoys pointing things that catch our eyes!

As we are now well into the new year....
and I'm feeling a lot better
I intend to make a list 
of those things I'd like to do.

I did that last year and learnt to crochet
I also....
started to blog and so have met all of you
my wonderful friends!

I have spent the last 5 years in and out of hospital
and have become able to do less
and less

I have realised that

Life is not a dress rehearsal!!

This is all we get!!!

So I am going to take the little I can do 
and do as much as I can with it!!

I don't want to look back with regrets
as I now regret the things
that I could have done when I was fit.......
.....but didn't!!

What about you??......

Can I challenge you?
What would you like to do this year??.....


  1. Fabulous attitude Joan! What a wonderful tree. I am so very happy for you.
    You already do challenge me. To do better.

  2. Love your valetine's tree. Hope you are able to do the things you wish. I am going to try to walk more...even if it's by myself.xo,Susie

  3. Wow I love your Valentine tree Joan,
    it is so pretty.
    What a fantastic idea.

    I am glad that you are feeling better
    and everyday will get stronger.

    Take care


  4. please never loose your positive attitude!! love it!!

    that Valentine's (heart) day is perfect!! i love it. i have a tree i got this year on sale & i decorated it with red polka dot ribbon bows (love it) & a heart wooden necklace that my Pop-Pop (grandfather) made as a tree topper just for the day. i love celebrating holidays. even if it is the simple small details. enjoy your tree!!! ( :

  5. I'm loving that Valentine tree! So good to hear that you are making small steps toward improvement, too!

  6. The Valentine Tree is SUCH a good idea - especially since Christmas didn't really happen this year. I hope that the weather will soon turn a bit warmer and you will be able to get out a little more. Jx

  7. What a great idea and wonderful attitude. I think that little heart garland is adorable!!! I am glad you are feeling better and starting to get out. I hope you get that little holiday with your mom. Sounds like fun!

  8. Dear Joan, What a lovely attitude and also a lovely Valentine's tree. I hope you continue to gain strength and are able to get out and enjoy yourself more. Sending warm hugs to you today.

  9. Hi Joan,
    I am glad you are getting and deciding what makes you happy. I just got a sewing machine after not having one for years so I want to get back into sewing. Also crochet.

  10. I love your valentine tree, what a lovely idea. I hope you get to take a holiday and many lovely walks this year.

  11. Your Valentine tree is lovely Joan. I am so happy that you are doing better!


  12. Your Valentine tree is fabulous! I'm so glad you're doing better and able to get out and about more.


  13. I love your Valentine tree! What is funny is I had some branches - curly maple - that I finally tossed out a few months ago, and thought of them and wished I'd kept them and hung my crocheted hearts on them.. just like you did! Thanks for the words, I will take them to heart. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. Hope you're feeling better and that your delightful little tree does much to lift your spirits.

  15. Love your idea! Your valentine tree is wonderful.

  16. I love your Valentine tree, too! I know how frustrating it is when your health keeps you from doing everything you want to do. I would like to spend more time at the ocean this year. I'm off to see if I can figure out how to make these hearts! Hugs!

  17. WOW I love your tree but I think I like this new found attitude Joan has. Way to go you are on the right track and I am so happy for you. I am not sure what I am going to do I am too busy. I need to listen to your new found freedom and attitude more. HUGS HUGS B

  18. Hi Joan. That valentine tree is delightful - what a super idea, and I love the little hearts you made. I love it that you are being so positive, and I wish you really good health for this year, and I really do hope that you get to go on that holiday with your mum. Make the most of her whilst she is still here. I still miss my dear mum so much. May all your dreams come true this year.

  19. I have 'my list' and hope to cross off one thing this year, your rig ht though, don't waste a minute! Love your heart tree, what a great idea. Xxx

  20. Hello I love your valentine tree I have something similar in my dining room - I intend to leave it there all the time though ;-)
    I do a lot less than I used to - osteoarthritis, osteo porosis and fibromyalgia etc. I try not to give in to it but certainly cannot go the walks that DH and I used to do. I have put off going on a proper holiday, DH were planning on a special one to celebrate our Ruby Wedding two years ago. I am hoping that this year we will be able to do it.
    I hope that you are able to do the things you want to this year. Anne x

  21. Yes, I totally agree with you. I am so glad you are able to do more!!! And the Valentine tree is awesome!!! And the thing is, the branches are so neutral that you can make decorations for every holiday!!! You could start working on Easter or St. Patrick's day now. I have some branches that I make for most of the holidays. Your hearts are beautifully made! I don't make my own decorations, just buy them at the craft store.

  22. Joan, have I told you lately how wonderful you are? If not listen up, you are fantastic. You always make me think of having a better attitude. I love your valentine's tree,a great idea. Your crochet skills have grown. I would like to be more at peace this year, and leave the year open to new possibilities.
    Hugs to you,

  23. Your Valentine tree is wonderful. My surgery last summer and the limitations I experienced gave me lots of time to think. I actually put together a list of things I plan to do in the next few years,. I've got several trips on the list and don't think I can do everything this year, but I do want to start my planning and reading. I'm much more up and around and I cherish the ability to be out and doing errands and walking. I take nothing for granted any more, as I feel I could have lost everything.

  24. This is so refreshing Joan to sense your resilience and hope . . . You sound wonderful. I am so happy for you!

    I have found myself deciding, what am I waiing for. It is time . . . NOW, to go and see and be. No more wait, . . . now!

  25. What a lovely idea Joan, the little tree looks really cheerful!

    Hope you achieve all your goals this year.

    Love Claire xx

  26. I love the Valentine tree! That's a wonderful idea and you need only change the decor for St. Patrick's Day! I may have to try to find a good branch and decorate for my table.

  27. I love the Valentine tree!I may do one myself! Thank you for a great post..thankful you are feeling better. God Bless!

  28. I know you will be able to meet those challenges in the coming months! Your Valentine Tree is lovely! I especially loved seeing the heart chains! What a cute idea!

  29. As so many others have stated, Joan, the hearts tree was a lovely and very colorful idea. We can never have too many hearts in our life. My list includes trying to stay active as much as possible, continue to volunteer regularly, and continue to sort through stuff in preparation for a relocation if we can sell our VA home this year. I so admire your very positive outlook and sharing your feelings here.

  30. What a lovely idea to make that beautiful delicate Valentine's tree. Sorry to hear you were stuck in hospital over Christmas. I have to ask where your header photo is taken. It looks so much like a place we have spent many holidays, and those two caravans could almost be ours and our friend's van. Pembrokeshire is stunning. Hope you are feeling much better and can enjoy your pretty tree. xx Maggie

  31. Staying positive is the first step in being able to do more. I certainly wish you well and hope that things will get easier. Your little Valentine tree is lovely. I have branches in a couple of vases in the living room that I decorate for different holidays. Just gotta get more organized with it all. Those little hearts are so fun to make. I've been churning them out for the past week or so. Wishing you a wonderful week. Tammy

  32. I like your positive spirit! If you can't have a Christmas tree, why not have a Valentine's tree - that is wonderful thinking! I do love all your pretty hearts and the little crochet ones are just precious. I do have some plans for this year and they mostly revolve around doing more things with loved ones - creating lovely memories. I wish the same for you - you have a lovely spirit. xx

  33. Bravo, Joan! Thanks for posting your thoughts, which encourage me to appreciate and live my life fully.

    I love viewing your branch of hearts. I have been making hearts and displaying them as well, and find them to be very cheery =)

    Blessings to you and yours,


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