Thursday, 31 May 2012

Coffee at the Warpool Court Hotel, St Davids

After our walk from Caerfai Bay to St Non's
we decided to go for coffee
to the lovely Warpool Court Hotel.

We approached the hotel through a tunnel of trees

I have been there several times to musical functions, weddings and also taken
friends and visitors for coffee.

It is so lovely and the views are outstanding!

We drove past the front to the car park under the trees and amidst the bluebells

We passed the red door (with the heraldry above it)

               and went in through the front door.

The doors from the lounge..
(oops excuse my crutch 
I didn't realise until I was there!!) onto a lovely garden overlooking the bay

It's a gorgeous place to be!!

Part of the history of the Court is:

"In 1899 the house was sold to a widow with six children,
Mrs Ada Landsowne Miller who renamed it
'Warpool Court'
Assisted by her favourite son, Basil, Ada gave full reign to her hobby -
 the decoration of ceramic tiles.

The extraordinary tiles depicting the
genealogy and heraldry
of the family's ancestry - many traced to the early kings of Wales -
may be seen in the
present dining room and bar lounge.

Other tile sequences painted by Ada include a beautiful nursery frieze copied from Walter Crane's 'Flora's Feast'.  Arcadian landscapes and illustrated maxims on love in the 'Wedgewood Room.'"

  The above photos and history have been copied with the permission of the management of the Warpool Court Hotel. Thank you

The rest of the photos I took, showing the tiles surrounding three fireplaces
and various wall panels

I hope that you agree this is a most beautiful place!?

We head home under the tunnel of trees!

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Journey Home and Yellow Flags

The wild flowers were so abundant
as I made my way home this evening that I wanted to share them with you

Some of the photos
are taken through the windscreen of the car
and others I leant out to take

I don't think there's much need
for me to write so just jump in the front seat
and I'll show you the joy I find in driving home!!

Hang on a minute...stop the car....I think I see's the first of the yellow flags
this year

Sunday, 27 May 2012

I Love a Bit of Sparkle

I love these 4 little liquor glasses
sparkling on their silver tray.

My mother gave them to me when I was with her in January.

I have always liked the way that she portrayed them
and well remember her buying them.

When I was in my teens we used to go as a family
camping in Europe.
We would pack clothes, food, sleeping bags
and cooking stove inside the car.
The tent went on the roof.

and head off for three weeks in Europe.
We would drive wherever we felt and stop for one or two nights when we found a good campsite in a lovely area

On this particular occassion
we were on our way home, and going through Switzerland, when we stopped at Berne
and I so well remember
walking through the shops under the arches
and my mother stopping because her eye had been caught by these little glasses

I looked up the definition of sparkle
and one said " sparks" and another "flashes"
I thought "that's right...the sun sparks and flashes off the many facets!"

So I took them through to the windowsill of the garden room and

I love the way that the tray reflects and mirrors the glasses
Good idea, Mum!!

As I looked at them in the sun I thought "they don't so much sparkle as glisten"

So I looked up the definition of glisten
"To shine by reflection with a sparkling lustre"
"A sparkling lustrous shine"
" Reflecting light"

Yup...that's it!!

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