Sunday, 24 February 2013


I was awakened
by the thumping of the door....... 
......and continual ringing of the bell
I opened a bleary eye
and looked at the clock......2.55!
"Who do you suppose that is?" asked Hubbie.

We got out of bed and looked out 
of the upstairs window....
what looked like a young man...
stood below.

I opened the window and asked what he wanted...
directions to a nearby village!

After several questions and answers
we gathered that he had been thrown out of his home
and was walking to stay with a friend.
According to him
he had already walked 10 miles 
along a very busy and narrow (on times) road
.......and was lost

He sounded very young
and I felt sorry for him so I gave him directions
and, after he left, phoned the police
who asked me lots of questions about him
and said we had done the right thing!

Later, another police officer phoned to say 
they had found the young man.
They also said 
that he had been posted as missing 
and they had been looking for him for a few hours!

It made me think...
it was like we were one of the final pieces 
in the jigsaw!

Have you ever felt like that?
Where, without your knowledge,
different things were happening and
you have said...or done...something that has helped
to pull the whole picture together!

I know that I have felt prompted 
to send a card.....
or phone...
and afterwards was told 
that it had helped change the way that person felt....
or confirmed their course of action

Somehow it feels good...
to know that you do have a place and a purpose
in the jigsaw that we call

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


A beautiful Sunday afternoon.....
blue skies.... birds singing...and sun shining!
We decided to head to the beach....
and get some sea air...

It seemed like a lot of other people
had been thinking the same!
The car parks were so full
that it was difficult to find a space...

People were walking....

wind surfing...

even with the tankers in the distance it looked idyllic!!

I love the reflection on this photo!

The wind seemed to be coming 
in a different direction from the tide
and I could see some surfers
having a job to control their sails....

Whilst others 
were using the wind and waves 
to their advantage

It made me think...
last week I saw the Respiratory Consultant....
My name was, now,
at the top of the list for the final back surgery....

I was told to ask the consultant, when I saw her,
 for permission 
to have  the surgery and she said, "No", 
 that it could be dangerous.... 
with the state of my chest... 
after the virus that caused me to be in hospital 
over Christmas

I spent several days
in despondency.....seeing my vision of myself... 
(able to spend the summer as I used to...
walking...gardening...generally out 
and enjoying myself...)
crumbling to dust and ashes at my feet!!

I asked one of the surfers,
as he was packing to go home,
whether the direction of the wind against the waves had spoilt his planned day of surfing.
He said 'No' that it was exciting and a challenge
trying to accept the conditions as they were and use them to make the experience even better!!

It made me think...
how can I accept this new set back 
and look at things differently
 so that I can make the most of this time and place.. 

In other words...
instead of getting depressed over something that is out of my control
I need to accept it and move on....
life is too short to spend it sitting around complaining

Somebody wise once wrote...

"God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change
the courage to change the things that I can
and the wisdom to know the difference"

I know that these words are used all over the place, including AA meetings, but I can use it as well!!

and so can you!!

If life seems to be falling apart around you
and things.....
 out of your control... 
are causing disappointment and hurt...
perhaps this might help you as it is helping  me....

Monday, 11 February 2013


Sitting at breakfast 
a couple of days ago...
I noticed how red the kitchen blinds were.
When I drew them back the colour was incredible!

The sky looked to be on fire
and the skeletons of the winter trees
Looked like some alien triffids...
feeding and cavorting in it!

The spectacle only lasted a few moments

before the sky started to change

and it was hard to believe what had been before!

It made me think 
of the way that we perceive things..

When I used to be counselling
it was very important not to make judgements
about the people who came to see me.

It would have been so easy
to immediately make a mental category for them 
as soon as they walked through 
the door.
Yet, sometimes, just a momentary
expression or part of their body language would
tell a different story

I also wondered how people perceive me!
I think I project a certain image
but others watch and see
a different me..

How often, I wonder, are we told
what people really see in us?

I am writing this as I ponder on
the impression that we make on others....

This morning three dear friends came for a visit...
it was good to see them
and I looked forward to catching up with them.

These last few years
I have felt out of things...
and sometimes..
that people visit as a chore....

This morning I was firmly told how much I was valued
and how I might think that...... 
they came just for coffee 
and because they felt they had to.

They said that was not so..
and they visited because they valued my judgement
and a safe place to air their concerns...
and gave chapter and verse of when I had helped
They said so much more...
and I marvel that they see in me
so many ways that I would like to be
but hadn't realised were there for others to see.

I'm not making much sense here, I'm afraid, as I try to explain but I felt I needed to write it down.

I wonder how you think people see you?
Do you realise how important you are to so many...
and how much you are valued?
I bet you don't and would try to shrug it off
whilst secretly wishing it were so!

I want to tell you that it is so.....
I'm trying to let you know that others see in you
things you only hoped and dreamed to be.
So hold up your heads today and know that.... 
you are special and valued 
just as you are! 

Just wanted to show you the two ripple blankets
that I have just finishes.
The pink is a cot blanket for a friend's granddaughter.

This one I started last week.
Thank you all for your help and encouragement
over my crochet learning curve!

And finally....

I sent my mother 
two of the crochet hearts I had made....
and she saw my Valentine's tree on the last post...
being my mother...
and not to be outdone....
she went straight into the garden ...
got her own twig...
and sent me a picture of her tree!
I'm sorry about the quality of the photo
but I couldn't download it from the iPad and so
had to take a photo of it.
Worth it...I'm sure you'll agree?

For those who are fairly new to my blog and haven't met my Mother....
she did a guest post last August

Monday, 4 February 2013

Valentine Tree

This year I decided that I would have
a Valentine Tree!!

I was in hospital over Christmas so all my plans
of having special decorations
and a Christmas Tree
all went away

I was feeling rather blue until I suddenly thought....
"Why not have a Valentine Tree?"

I found a lovely pattern for
'Teeny Tiny Hearts'

and I was off.....

I so enjoyed doing them

I think that, perhaps next year,
I'll do them in other colours as well!!

Life goes on much as always here.
Last week
I did actually drive a short journey 
for the first time.... 
in several months.

It felt really strange ....... but good
as if I have a little more control over my life and don't always have to rely on others
(though, I hasten to add that they have all been wonderful)!!

My life is very narrow 
compared to the way it used to be.....
but I am determined 
that I will do more again this year.

My friends were wonderful last year
and came on very shortened walks with me so that I could enjoy our wonderful coast paths
once again.....!

I hope that 
they will agree 
to do the same this year!!
I also hope to be able to drive greater distances

and take my mother for a holiday.
It's always such fun going with her 
as we have the same sense of humour
and each enjoys pointing things that catch our eyes!

As we are now well into the new year....
and I'm feeling a lot better
I intend to make a list 
of those things I'd like to do.

I did that last year and learnt to crochet
I also....
started to blog and so have met all of you
my wonderful friends!

I have spent the last 5 years in and out of hospital
and have become able to do less
and less

I have realised that

Life is not a dress rehearsal!!

This is all we get!!!

So I am going to take the little I can do 
and do as much as I can with it!!

I don't want to look back with regrets
as I now regret the things
that I could have done when I was fit.......
.....but didn't!!

What about you??......

Can I challenge you?
What would you like to do this year??.....