Sunday, 30 December 2012

Morning has broken

The other morning
I watched the sun rise as I lay in my hospital bed
It was so glorious
that I wanted to share it with you

I came home from hospital last Friday afternoon
I find it hard to believe that.......
I was there for 2 weeks
and that
Christmas has been and gone!!

I am still very short of breath and have been warned
that I am not allowed to do anything
for the next 2 weeks
and very little more for the next 6
I will be back in...
what a difficult choice!!
No guessing which I choose!
But...for me
staying still is sooooo difficult!
At the moment I haven't even the energy to crochet!

Thank you all so much for your messages of love
and support.
They really.......really helped

The wifi in the hospital was terrible
it came and went
I read some of your posts,wrote a comment
and it would disappear.
In the end I just gave up!

I hope to catch up with you all
and your doings...
as I get more energy and rest!

I am so sorry that my posts these last months seem to be all about hospital......
.....I look forward to Spring.....
and being out and about!

Hubbie and I were talking the other night
about his father
who, as a young man,
went to America to get work and see the world
He lived in Michigan
in a place called Peach Ridge, Sparta

This was in 1912
100 years ago!!


we found a letter from someone named
Slaughter and think this may
be the person
for whom he worked
so next year
we would like to see what we can find out!


Fancy...100 years ago
setting out across the pond in search of work.
No technology
Just a longing to explore......
and work in new fields...


Monday, 24 December 2012

A Very Hapy Christmas

To all my friends
Who have allowed me to be a part
Of these last months

And who
Have 'been there' for me
And encouraged my every effort

I wish you all a happy and blessed
A time of joy and 
Wonderful peace be yours

I will still be in hospital
I am happy about this as I am not well enough
To go home

The family are bringing in 
Christmas Lunch
And have arranged to visit
And that is good!

It has all given me quite a different perspective 
I have met some wonderful people
Other patients and their relatives
And have been privileged 
To be with them at difficult times in their lives!
I see a 'purpose' in this
Time apart
Which makes it all OK

My thoughts and good wishes
Are with each one of you
My dear, dear
Blogging Friends

Be Blessed

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

This morning

I woke this morning to a glorious 
From the windows of my hospital ward

I took a couple of, I think, unusual photos but wasn't able to download them
From my iPad
I look forward to showing them after I return home!

From here I can see the queues of panicking shoppers trying to get everything done before
The Big Day!

Cars queuing in
And cars queuing out.........

It seems so strange to be sitting , as it were, as an onlooker
Seeing but not a part of it all!

Down there there are battles being fought for parking spaces...
Getting the last minute presents 
And food

Up here .... In my ward .....there is a battle for life being played out .....
Not mine but another dear old lady!
Reaching for each new breath...............

And surrounded by her family

Puts things in perspective
Doesn't it?

At home are all the half done 'things'
That I had been planning to accomplish this week.......
There's no point in my fretting

They say I'll be in here quite a while longer
So I just have to let it all go

As a friend emailed me
" at least you have to rest now!"

So...thanks for all your caring thoughts and prayers
I so appreciate each one

And please....please in this Season of Joy
Think of those who are suffering
And say a prayer for Barbara

As she walks .........

Friday, 14 December 2012

Back in Hospital

The chest infection that saw me taken into hospital in an ambulance
last Sunday and spending most of the day in Resus

Has made me have to be readmitted!

I saw the Doctor this afternoon

any he said I had to go straight to Hospital

( do not pass not collect £200 etc)

I have been able to catch up with a lot of you while being unable to
leave the sofa !

Those I didn't. I'm so sorry!

I had a new post planned for my return from the Dr....

I had been going to show you the ripple blanket that I have started whilst lying down
But that's for another post!

Thanks for your support

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Deck the Halls?

When we were staying with my mother
only a couple of weeks ago..
...seems more!

We took my daughter
to a place I always have to visit
on my trips to see Mum.

The above is the entrance .....
to the little coffee room

Sitting...looking out...
is another view of the treasures hidden around.

I hardly manage to 'escape' from here
without buying.....
some of the unusual things that I rarely
see elsewhere
(That's my excuse anyway!)

Needless to say...
I didn't escape this time either!!

Thank you all so much
for sharing your thoughts with me
after my last post

It's not so much that I feel pressured to blog...
because I don't!

It's more that sometimes I don't manage
to visit you
and that makes me feel guilty ....(isn't really
the word that I'm searching for!)

I find that, since I started blogging,......
 I view my surroundings differently!

I so want to share my world with you,
my friends!

Equally, I have learnt so much from you all.
I have looked at my china etc
and decided to change around the tops of
the mantle or other  tables.....
Instead of keeping them always the same!!

I have cleared out my front porch
and am waiting...
...... for inspiration on how to 'dress it'

Yes...I know it's a little out of focus...
but hey....
I'm not perfect ...and....
 ......I so wanted to show you

I digress.....

I have been encouraged to try out things...
like crochet and, even,
actual blogging!

I have pushed myself to walk a little further so that I could show you some of our beautiful county....
places that I haven't been able to enjoy for 4 years!

and...all along the way
... you have been 'there' for me and with me...
encouraging me...telling me that, yes, I could do it!!

You have also supported me when I was waiting for hospital appointments....
through surgery...
through other emotional family problems.....
through hubbie's stroke
a few weeks ago

So why.....
should I want to stop blogging?

I don't...

so could you please tell me........
how do you feel...manage...
visiting and responding to the lovely and encouraging comments?

I could ...and have...spent hours visiting....
but life 'happens'!

and the comment
I had a couple of weeks ago saying
why hadn't I visited in a while and that...
 'friends visit'
made me feel that I was 'short changing' you all!!

I would really appreciate your feedback!

As we were driving away
I realised that I hadn't taken a picture of the outside
(I was so keen to get in)!!

So this is taken through the back window