Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I picked up this lovely African Violet,
in a flower shop 
and decided
to have a violet theme on my dresser

I added a mixture of Aynsley and Spode china

The Aynsley china is called
Wild Violets

The Spode....
Victorian Violets!

                I think the African Violet is beautiful
                            with it's fluted petals
      ....perhaps I'll try and strike some leaf cuttings!

I thought that I would post a picture
of a cluster of violets
that I saw growing in the hedge
on the way home a couple of months ago

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Mum's Little Boxes

My Father gave Mum these little boxes
over several years

She always kept them on this tray which....
Dad was given  on his retirement

Some have further inscriptions under the lid!
This one says
St Valentine's Day 1980

This one is a tribute to Charles and Diana
on their wedding 1981

I am showing them it no particular order of importance as each has its own memories! 
Mum gave them to me a couple of months ago and I keep them as she did...
and enjoy them...as she did

Inside: "A Year to Remember"
It was the year of my Mother's 60th birthday!

October is the month of their marriage!

St. Valentine's Day 1979

This is a tribute to the Queen Mother
on her 80th birthday.

Mum share's the same birthday
and was 60 that day!

This last is one that Dad gave meand so....
extra special to me!

"When this you see...remember me"

I'm joining Beverly at Pink Saturday

Friday, 22 June 2012

Wild Roses

Travelling home this afternoon
I noticed that,

although the local council had cut a lot
of the hedge sides,

there were still areas left for the wildflowers


the hedge tops are full of
wonderful honeysuckle and wild roses!

In the evening the scent is wonderful!

The wild roses in the hedgerow can be white

or pink.....

Doesn't creation do a wonderful job without our help?!

Sometimes...I am ...almost overwhelmed....


the beauty I see around me.....

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Another Lovely Day

Last night was a glorious evening ...the sort that seems to go on and on....

I watched the sun....
slide down behind a neighbouring hill.....

.....and the mist
......roll across the valley

......and the mountains.......

settle down for their night's sleep

....and I thought....

all is well.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Patio Rose

Three years ago, some of the students that I was working with
gave me this patio rose.

It was absolutely beautiful
...a big plant with loads of roses blooming on it.

I've lost the name tag
but I think it was named 'Sweet Dreams'

After it had finished flowering I put it in the garden and didn't see it for a while.

Last summer I found it
and it looked so unhappy
I stuck it(that is the operative word for I certainly can't say 'planted with care')
in a pot standing on the back patio.

I found it a couple of days ago and thought that It was looking so nice I would share it with you!

When we moved here, nearly 16 years ago,
I brought a little blue flowered hebe with us and planted it in the patio borders.

The heavy snow and ice,
a few years ago,
 killed it and I was so disappointed!
Then last summer I found a little seedling and....
'stuck' it in a pot on the patio.....

yes....you've guessed.......

It is flowering beautifully...and doesn't it look lovely with the rose?

If I'd tried to plan I probably would not have thought of putting these two together

But I think that one compliments the other very well!