Saturday 28 September 2019

Just So Good

It is good starting to blog again!
And to catch up with
so many of you!
As I started visiting your blogs
so many people that you wrote about,
sounded familiar to me...
so I caught up with them as well!

This week was Hubbie's birthday
and it seemed as if
we spent the whole week celebrating!
It wasn't an extra special birthday
but meals out and trips
around the county
were the order of the day!

On the actual day
we took a picnic and visited
the south of Pembrokeshire where he was born.
We drove past his grandfather's farm
where they often went 
as a family
for supper on Sunday evening.

His grandfather was a lay-preacher and often
went to other areas of the county to preach and 
would stay the night if the tides 
were wrong....

This is one of the places where a little ferry
would cross the Cleddau River.
Here we are looking from
Landshipping Quay
to Picton Ferry.

Years ago, when I was a lay preacher myself,
I was taking the service 
at a little village church.....
when an very old lady came up to me after 
and said that she remembered
Hubbie's grandfather 
(I had mentioned him in the sermon)
She said that she remembered, if the tides were wrong...
for him to get home.....
he would stay at her parents' house
if she got up early in the morning to see him off...
he would give her...
a silver thrupenny piece!!
now ...that's a special memory, isn't it??

We stopped at Lawrenny Quay
for a cup of tea
and a piece of Key Lime Pie

And then drove on through
Cresswell Quay

To Carew Castle.
As I have said in the past
we have a lot of castles in Pembrokeshire.
I think when I last wrote
I was actually acting as a guide at
Picton Castle.
Unfortunately my breathing is not at all good now
and I have a job to walk and talk
so I had to finish there last year...
I was so sad about that
as I really enjoyed taking groups of tourists 
around the castle.
Some days, in the summer
 I would take over a hundred around....I miss it!

Anyway, back to Carew Castle

Obviously, the large building is the castle ruins.
The smaller building 
you can see in the distance,
is Carew Mill
There is a walk all around the moat and ...
in the summer...
you can get a cup of tea and wonderful cakes there!

The castle, itself, is really attractive.......
The ruins of a beautiful bow window 
can just about be seen?!
I really must look into its history because
there must be tales about it!

All these things I want to ....and mean too do
and .....I never get around to it.
Are you the same?  
Time certainly seems to be whizzing by....
do you feel that way?
I have plans to do so much
and simply cannot accomplish all that I need to.
I used to be able to do....
and more...
When I was working at the college all day, 
running a home, shopping
marking work...etc .....etc....

This is Caldey Island
where a group of monks have their home.
People can visit the island
but only men can enter the monastery!

Perhaps they have it right...
taking themselves out of the world so that they can
focus on the things that matter!

Talking of things that matter,
as you know I love
knitting, crocheting, planning and 
all sorts of crafting....

I am so delighted to have been chosen
as part of a Visual Faith Team which is led by
Carrie at Five17Journals.
She designs online journalling Christian stickers.

We plan and journal about our faith 
and share our journals online to encourage others.
I intend to share 
some of my journalling entries here 
over these next months.
I know I have shared some of my planning 
and Traveller's Notebook pages
in the past 
and a lot of you have made some very kind comments!

I am also starting to pick up my knitting
and am finishing another shawl
so I shall let you see it....when it's finished.

 I picked a huge bunch of sweet peas
from the garden this morning.
They are just about over
but still smell and look glorious.

I do hope all is well with you 
and look forwards 
to visiting you in the next few days!

#five17journals  #VisualFaithFamily


  1. It sounds like your husband had a wonderful birthday! Filled with cherished memories. I am sorry you had to quit your job as guide in this awesome place, but exciting things are still happening for you!

  2. Oh yes. Absolutely! Life is just full of wonderful surprises! He really did love his birthday, bless him! Hope that you’re life is full of good surprises too!🤗

  3. Good morning Joan - a lovely birthday for your husband - revisiting beloved places.

  4. Good morning Joy. Good to hear from you again!
    Yes, his birthday seemed to go on much of the week starting with a lunch with good friends the day before and continuing the day after his birthday with time out & another birthday meal! He certainly really had fun ..... and so did I!!🥰🤣
    I do hope that your weekend is full of fun too. Joan

  5. It is nice to see your blog and all the pictures of beautilful places. Glad your husband had a happy birthday.Thank you for visiting my blog..I stopped for a couple of years and started back in the summer.Have a blessed day!

  6. Thank you as well. I, too, have been dipping in and out of blogging over th3se last 2 years. Now I really feel I want to do it again here goes!
    It’s good to catch up with everyone and see what they have been up to! I expect you feel the same.?!? Blessings. Joan

  7. Thank you for popping by my blog so that I know you are back blogging.
    I am so sorry you had to give up your job as a guide. I know you loved it and must miss it terribly.
    I, too, feel the passage of time and that I don't get half done that I once is a bit sad really, isn't it?
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I enjoyed the 'tour' around your country here. xo Diana

    ps-GREAT story about the grandfather and coins!

  8. Hi Diana. Thanks so much for your lovely message. I have always enjoyed reading your blog! Yes, that lovely old lady and her memories of hubbie’s grandad are so precious! My Mum is 99 now and every time I manage to get to visit her I try to ask her about her childhood & switch the recorder on my phone so that we have her memories to treasure.
    Hope you, too are having a great weekend. Joan x


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