Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I saw the consultants
last week and...
they are both delighted with my progress

As for the pain in my back.....
I'm told it may never go....

I won't know..
how good..or bad
it will be..
for at least another...
12-18 months!

The good news is...
that the fusion seems to be working and
the bone grafts are taking...
so that should stabilize my spine..
against any more slippages!!

I'm aloud to DRIVE AGAIN!!!!
Short distances for now....
and I have to say
it's still very painful trying to move my legs...
and the muscles have degenerated
so that sometimes, I have to physically
lift them ...by hand...sort of..
so I won't be tempted to drive too far.

I can get out without having to bother
any of my wonderful friends
who have stood by me
on those many non-driving times
over these last six and half years!!

I'll let you into a secret.....

Now that I CAN drive....and go out
I don't particularly WANT to!!

Isn't that typical?!

I wonder whether you have found yourself
thinking just the same thing?

Do You know....?
I just love to chat to you like this...
while we meander
around this beautiful garden.

It's one I can easily manage on the crutches
that I'm told I'll be using for some time.
So I can concentrate totally
on all the interesting things...
that you're sharing!

It's one of my favourites places..
and I know I've brought you here before
every time I come...
I'm struck by something different....

something that takes my breath away...
and it's soooo good
to share it with you.....thank you!

Again....I have brought you
to the walled garden at Picton Castle

The flowers are just so beautiful
at this time of year

It seems to go from one...
"OH, just look at this...to the next"!!

One of the many things...
 that I love about this garden
is the change in shapes and texture
where ever you look..
Strong and tall

sweet and delicate!

Paper thin poppies

strident succulents!

The contrasts....
The beautiful blue sky
the red....red...roses!

I so enjoy this place
and really hope you do too?

At this time of the year...
some local villages
have 'open gardens'...
when some of the homes open their gardens
to raise money for charity.
I love going to these
last weekend we went to one
near my daughter's home.
We called in for a cup of tea and
sat in the garden
relaxing whilst
the children played...
Suddenly my daughter said...
"You've got a butterfly on your sunhat, Mum"

I HATE having my photo taken
and I had no makeup
or any idea of what I looked like
when I crammed my sunhat on....
I just felt I had to show you these photos...
that is...
only if you promise not to laugh...
make comments...like...
'the camera doesn't lie...'

I had to stay really still
so it didn't fly way

Worth it though!!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Feeling Better!

My dear blogging friends
A very big THANK YOU......
for all the kind thoughts and messages..
winging their way across
land and ocean.

I so appreciate each one of you!

As we walk and talk together
I just wanted to take you to one of my
favourite places.....
a garden centre and nursery
that also has two restaurants.....
one with a decking overlooking the gardens
and ponds.

I've brought you here before
but I come again and again .....
so I hope that you will keep enjoying it with me!

My friends have brought me here
several times over these last weeks....
just before my op...
and certainly since I had it four weeks ago.

The food is excellent...
and the peace and tranquility...
just quieten your soul!

Hold on a minute.....
Now what can those be?
I haven't seen them before......

No, I really don't know what it is!!

This is my wonderful friend (who has really kept my spirits up by taking me out every few days....)
investigating this flower for me...
how far does friendship go??

I still don't know what it is!!

We walk to our favourite place to sit and enjoy
the peace and tranquility...
and always...
breathe a sigh of relief....
 when we find that..
nobody else has taken..
what we consider 'our place'!!

From here
there's a lovely view of the ponds

and in the other direction....

and look at all those fish.....!
We love to sit and watch them jump
on a lazy summer afternoon

I find it a wonderful place
to be at peace...
but others
have a different agenda.....!!

now....what can he see...?

Those darn fish......

The operation went well and people
are saying that they can see 
that the pain has gone from my face.
I am also told by so many
that I'm walking straighter......
I am just so grateful.

It's been a long six and half years
of being in wheelchairs, on crutches 
and in so much pain.......and
operation after operation.

I do so hope that
this will be the last and that I will be able
to cast aside these crutches
(I have been told I will be on them for a while longer)
and be able to go on my favourite
coastpath walks
and be free to do so many things.

It's true
You don't value things until you loose them!!
I enjoyed the walks...
and the holidays abroad...but..
in a way
took it all fore-granted!

I think (hope)
that I have been learning....
not to rush hither and thither....
To not fill my days so full..
and feel pleased when I have been able to slot
yet another 'important' thing in.

To take time and enjoy
the beauty that is all around me...
the friends that have rallied around...
and unselfishly helped me.

I learnt to blog during this time...
and have made so many friends all over the world.
Thank you all.... 
for supporting me through....
 ....my highs..
and lows!

It's been a like
a series of stepping stones....
each one bringing
a new view of life....
or a new thing to learn.....

Through you all and your craft stories and pictures
I learnt to crochet...
( I have just finished I pram cover for a friend's grandchild)

I already knitted a lot
but I've learnt to be more adventurous
and have even joined a Knit a Long!!

I've had the wool for 3 weeks
but haven't yet started!!
I am awful to start things....
I keep putting it off.
Afraid of getting it wrong....I expect!
I love the colours of the pattern

but unfortunately
they don't suit me so I bought these...


Someone else who enjoys the gardens!!