Saturday, 6 September 2014

Yes.....I Know.......!!

Yes....I know...
It's been almost 2 months since I wrote.

Life seems to have been so full.
A cry I know many of us echo as we try to catch life by the coattails!

I decided that, with all the sitting around, being unable to get out
my mind was beginning to need
 some stretching
so I started doing a course, by distance learning,
with the Open University.

I didn't tell anyone...just in case
I didn't manage to complete it as I didn't want 
to have egg on my face!

I've taken it one assignment at a time..
and so many times I have sat in front of the computer and thought
"I can't do this!"
Yet, I have!
I have so enjoyed the breadth of what I have learnt...
sometimes I have felt angry 
(on the behalf of those that I am learning about,)
other times I have felt frustrated,
as the assignments haven't covered the things that have grabbed my attention

But, I've done it!!
Oh yeah!!

I really can't believe it....
I have completed 7 Tutor marked assignments.
I was telling my doctor this week
and he said
to have achieved an average over the 7 of
when during the study time
I have had 2 major ops.,
have an eye problem which means my eye slowly closes when I'm reading...
...and I fall asleep
(more often than not!)
and also I am on some majorly strong pain killers!

Was really something!!

The next part was the examinable 
of the course
50% of the marks 
and,apparently, if you fail that
you fail the course!

So, I have had my head down for days
...even feels!
working at it.
My eyes feel exhausted and my brain
Well more than it usually is!

I have checked... and rechecked...
and rechecked..
and now I have submitted it.
Oh yeah!!
I'm happy about the content but...
am worried
that I may have got the referencing wrong.
I have to stop worrying..
it's done and a friend of mine would say!

I have already booked for my next course...
am I a masochist?
I'm really enjoying all I am learning...
and the assignments
help me look deeper and not just skim read.
I have learnt so much about the world we live in.

I started just wanting to do a course
but now am...
in line to do a degree...over the years.

I don't know whether I will...
we'll see!
What I am doing is just....
doing one assignment at a time...
sometimes kicking and screaming...
but, I'm doing it!

and enjoying it!!
I hope it doesn't sound as if I am complaining 
because I'm not...
I'd stop if I didn't  find it so exhilarating!

all is well!!

Sorry Mum didn't do a post when she was here.
I've got the photos but it seemed to be all go! 
Perhaps I'll manage 
to settle down with her
when I am able to visit her!

At the moment I'm not allowed to drive that far!

My hip is wonderful....don't know I've had it done..

My back is a different story....
It is really painful still.
I asked the physio.... when I last saw him
and he said it would be 12-18 months
before we finally know what's happening....

I asked if I would still be in pain
and he said that I could be.
I said...why the op then...if the pain doesn't go?

He said that I had to have it as 
I would have been in a wheelchair.
I suppose that's one blessing!!

I have been visiting but not commenting ....sorry!

It's a glorious autumn day so
I am going to have some lunch...
and then...
go outside and enjoy a short walk...