Friday, 6 March 2015

Strange Light

I just can't believe that
it's been so long since I have written to you all.
When I looked back
it was last September!!
I'm so sorry!

I have been visiting you all
but not commenting
as I know I tend to visit those
who have been kind enough to comment
I didn't want you all to have a fruitless journey!

What's been happening??
When I look back
I see that I wrote I was still in some pain.

The pain got worse
and when I returned to the consultant
he discovered 2 of the screws,
 at the top fixing the 
4 vertebrae that had been fused, 
had come loose.
These were waggling around and making bigger holes etc...etc...

The upshot was
that I returned to hospital, 100 miles away,
for more surgery on 16th Feb this year.
(This meant 3 major surgeries in 14 months!!)
I'm now recuperating.
I can't sit upright for long
so longed to be in touch with you all.

'What's with the photos of the tree?'
I hear you ask

This is the tree outside my bedroom window.
I see a lot of it these days!
I loved the way the golden evening sun
was catching it
highlighting the lichen on the branches.

There are so many golden moments that we can miss because we are looking down
or inwards.....
sometimes I feel that I need to stop
looking at all
I've been/ am going through
and take note of the golden moment 
that is there 
for such a fleeting time!

So what else has been happening?
Well not a great deal...

I shared about my Open University studies....
I passed my Examinable Assignment
and am now
thoroughly enjoying my second year.
It is still at foundation level
but is just so interesting!
It takes 16 hours of study a week..
so the course guide says...
I find it much, much more!

Unfortunately there is a 3 hour exam in June 
and I am really not
looking forwards to that.
However, I will face that one when I get to it!
If I find it is stressing me too much
then I will stop!!

I was down at the coast
before I went into hospital.....
and loved the way the dark clouds
had breaks in them ,
allowing the sun above,
to break through and highlight
parts of the sea.

Who knows what's around the corner
but I have to believe
that the sun is behind the clouds
and only looking...
for an opportunity........
to break through.

So sorry it's taken me so long
it's good to catch up with
whoever happens to read this!
Thanks so much for
being there for me whenever I can manage
to post!!

Same tree.......
..........different day!!