Saturday, 31 August 2013


A couple of weeks ago....
I asked the question..
"Where do you go
when you need to unwind?"

So many of you
shared your special ways and places.
Thank you!

I wanted to share with you
another of my 'winding down' places

The deep water estuary
of Milford Haven
has been used over the centuries
for many enterprises

The 3 o'clock ferry
to Ireland
goes all steam ahead

The deep dry docks
where boats come in for overhaul and repairs
are behind me as I look across
the estuary.
Doesn't that yacht look small against the ferry?

Behind me too is 
the Marina and a lot of
shops under the colonnade

and also

a few cafes!

Now, shall we have a hot chocolate
like this lady?
Oh, it does look scrummy...
with its whipped cream..
and marshmallows..

I suppose a cup of tea
will be less fattening and..
more refreshing!

Young people are in the marina 
practicing rowing

It was time 
for a little walk around the marina 
before going home

An old winch

In the dry dock!

Working boats
Below is the Fishery Patrol boat

Milford Haven 
is a very special place
for me.

When I am there I just relax
and let go....
I feel so 'held' there.

Well my mother was born there....
and I spent many happy hours
on holiday
and spending time 
with my grandparents
and my aunt and uncle.

When I was young,
my parents lived in the Midlands
and I suffered terribly with asthma.
It was felt that the sea air might help 
so off I went
to stay in Milford 
and go to school there for a while!

In those days
this area was all docks....
and to many fishing boats...
this was their home.
What a busy place it was then 
with the fishmarket,
the ice factory,
and all the rest of the things necessary 
for a thriving Fishing port!

I spent so much time here with my grandfather
who was an electrician on the docks.
In fact it was always said by the locals that he..
'lit up the docks'!!
as he installed the electric lighting!

I remember one day
my younger brother was fishing off the end of the pier for tiddlers 
and caught nothing.
Grandad took him into the fishmarket 
and bought a couple of fish.
My brother took them home... 
and told granny that he had caught them!
I don't know whether.... 
or not... 
she believed him 
as they were plaice 
(which can only be caught a long way from here)
anyway she was very convincing in her praise!!

In the records in this museum
it mentions about Grandad
and the lighting

My mother was a wren in the war
and the building she worked in 
as a communications officer
still stands on the docks.

It's used by the fisheries now.

When Mum comes to stay 
this is one of the places we visit
so many memories..
memories of drilling, 
with the other wrens from the wrennery, 
along the Rath...
memories of walking home in the pitch black after a duty and feeling rather frightened...
So many memories!!

This is Mum
outside her office
with her immediate superior.

Mum met my father when his ship
came into Milford with a big hole in the side!
He was on destroyers
and then submarines....

They were married here in Milford....
and Mum stayed with her parents 
until Dad 
came home from the war

So Milford settles and comforts me
when I feel rather
out of kilter.
Somehow I feel held and embraced!

This week 

I'm joining

The Tablescaper for....... Seasonal Sundays

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Discovered Treasure

I came upon this old blanket box

It is a treasure in itself!
I believe that it's about C18th or earlier.
People padlocked
what was treasure to them....
the word of God
so that nothing could happen to the Bibles
that were very hard to obtain
and even harder to read (for some people!)

What was in it..
I mused!
Like to explore with me
and see??!

Can I see a hint of gold there?

I don't know.....

Yes ...there's definitely gold there...
not golden sovereigns, I fear!

Shall we unpack it?

What do you think?

Lets have a look here...

yes...I remember

I bought this china years ago....

I used  to use it 
when I had people coming for coffee.
Coffee mornings...
do you remember those?

Do they even still have them?
Apart for the annual fund raising coffee morning
in aid of the MacMillan Nurses

Please remember to support the coffee morning
 this September 27th!!

and there's more!

I think I've had enough
and will leave the rest for another day
that's if you would like to see what else is there?

I thought you'd like to see
the jewellery
that my daughter brought me last week

She is a silversmith
with her own hallmark

I loved the ring as soon as I saw it!
It's silver with 9ct gold balls

I have started
knitting a shawl

I've never made one before

I think I've already made a couple of mistakes...
I kept falling asleep over it last night...
I shall soldier on
I don't think that there's much point in starting again because I'll probably make more!!

Thank you so much to all who shared last week
about where they went when they needed to 'settle'
I love to hear what others do
and sometimes
try some of their ideas too!

I finished the last Mandala
I do love the muted colours of the Drops cotton!

Debra at Common Ground
has a 4th Anniversary Giveaway
why not pay her a visit....

This week I'm visiting


Friday, 23 August 2013

Where Do You Go?

Yes's finished.

I'm not sure whether I will give my friend
this one or the other.....

No...I think I'll show you that later!

But, first....
I have a question...

Where do you go
when you're feathers feel ruffled....
when you feel
that you just need to get away....
and let your soul...
and your spirit..
just 'settle'?

There are a couple of places
that I like to visit...
and I thought
that I'd like to share just one of them today

Look through the windows...
and out into the gardens
what do you see?

Beautiful gardens
beckon you to come outside
explore...and relax!

it's not real...
They have 'different' garden furniture
waiting to surprise you...
around every corner!'s the gardens
that draw me
over and over.....

Walking over the lawns
(usually with an ice cream in my hand)

...towards the lake.

I usually intend to walk around it but
tend to make it
to the first set of chairs....
and sit down....

and it's as if everything within me...
suddenly relaxes with a
(that's the best way I can describe it)

I can sit for hours...
and look at the flowers coming out...

...listen to the 'plop'
as the fish jump..

hear the birds sing...
and the bees busily hum as they pass

It's just so peaceful and relaxing
that I literally have to tear myself away
when it time to go home!

We usually stop
for a cup of tea and piece of cake
in the little tearoom

I always feel the better
of time spent
sitting by the lake!!

What about you?
Do you have 'special' place
where you stop
to let go...
(perhaps just for a little while)
...the stresses of daily life!

I have been busy finishing the Mandala
that I made for my friend
but then.....

Decided to try a different design...
...and colour!

I have to say
I do love the more gentle colours of my
Drops, Paris yarn

I also crocheted
a little hat for a neighbour's baby.
Looks lovely with
the brim turned back on one side!

That's not her head inside...!!
I forgot to take a picture..
so my friend held it up!

I'm so sorry I haven't visited this week
or replied to your kind comments.
I've had my daughter and family visiting
and the week has flown away!
We've had a lovely time

My only grand daughter out of 8 grandchildren!!

My mother
says 'thank you very much'
to all of you.
She so enjoyed reading what you wrote.
She reads my blog quite often and likes reading 
your responses!

It was so hot yesterday
that I decided to go to one of the local beaches
A lot of other people seem to have had the same idea!

The sea was full of people swimming.
We sat on the wall
and ate our ice cream...
and pretended we were on holiday too!!