Sunday, 21 April 2013


I was shopping
with my daughter and youngest grandson...
when I came across
this little cat.

I decided I had to buy her
yes, I am convinced it is a she cat!

I said to my daughter
"She seems to be a cat with attitude!"

and my daughter said,
"You mean.......

It would seem
that she also has a short attention span
is something coming??

Yes...a badger in our front garden......
at 4 o'clock in the afternoon!

We just couldn't believe it!!
In our the middle of the day!

He and another badger..(his mate?) visited 
regularly over the next few days

We have a lot of wildlife here already

See an earlier post

We also have many foxes....
and lots of beautiful birds

I really love all the wildflowers and noticed some pretty


and celandines in the hedgerows.

What have I been up to recently?

Well I've been sorting out and wanted to share my inspiration with you.

Perhaps you already do this but it's 
a new idea for me...

I have a load of scarves
of different hues and materials.....

they are all jumbled up on a shelf 
in the cupboard..

so I 'borrowed'
a couple of my husbands trouser hangers


It also leaves the shelf free for the other rubbish 
 precious things that I need handy.

I proudly showed the finished article to a friend 
who said...
......"I wonder how long it will stay like that?"

What do you think!!?

Oh no....
look at her...she's bored with all of this
has turned her back on me!!

I told you
that cat has attitude!!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Walk to Little Haven

It was a biting cold day
but my cousin suggested taking her dog for a walk on the beach at Broad Haven

What a beautiful day....
a day made for wrapping up well and enjoying the blue skies and bright sunshine!
.....and others obviously thought so too!!

The lovely coastline
and pony and trap made a feast for the eyes

Just what I needed to blow away the cobwebs!

We realised that the tide was right out
and decided to walk on the sand
over to Little Haven

Looking back at Broad Haven

We set our eyes towards Little Haven

It has been quite a few years since
I walked this
and with two crutches
and frequent sits on the rocks

to enjoy the surroundings.....well that was my story!!

we reached Little Haven......

What an acheivement!!!

It is one of the things on my 'To Do' list for this year!!

I found that....
taking it slower and stopping to sit for a while

I sooooo enjoyed myself!!

I noticed, and enjoyed, things that
I would never have seen had I been power walking!

Here we are...
back at Broad Haven.

I feel so full of excitement that I have 'done it'
The great sense that I am moving on
but, also,
just being out in the fresh air on this glorious, 
but freezing day!

The sights I have seen and enjoyed...
the sense of peace....of being
at one with myself and my needs....
of meeting this need to have 'time out', to just
'let go and let God'....
somehow my soul and spirit
felt replete

...and Mitsy
seen here waiting for us to catch her up...
well, I suspect...
she just wanted to get back to the cafe and have her cup of tea!!

and..yes...she's a dog who loves her cup of tea!!