Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday March 31st 2012

So, here we very first blog. 

I have read so many blogs from others, who seem to take such lovely photos of things they have seen and made and write so poetically about their lives.  I wonder whether what I have to say will touch a chord with any who may stop to read as they pass through?  I do hope so!

I have spent so much time, these last 4 years, waiting for the next op and now feel that I am missing so many beautiful things! I have decided that I am going to step out, try new things (hence the blog) and enjoy where I am. 

This last week has been glorious. My mother has been visiting .......oh yes she has (...and she's nearly 92 and drives to Pembrokeshire from the Midlands...on her own...can you beat that? ) I have been out and about with her (and she still runs circles around me even at her age.) 

She was born and brought up in Pembrokeshire and loves to revisit old haunts and talk about times gone by ...'this is the building where I was a communications officer in the wrens' etc. The wonderful weather has really been a bonus!

On Wednesday I took this picture  of Lydstep with it's dramatic rocks.  As I look at it I am reminded that my father in law, when he farmed near Tenby at the start of the last century, used to swim cattle, at low tide, to the Caldy Island monks who had bought them. There was really no other way of transporting them over the water as trying to take them by small boat was even more distressing and hazardous for the cattle!  It seems hard to believe today with all our modern conveniences.

The air was so still that other pictures I took of my mother and daughter standing on the shoreline look as if they are in a studio with a picture backdrop....except of course for the dustbin!  Of course I meant to put that in the picture to show that it is real ......actually I've only just noticed it...typical!

I really enjoy knitting and tapestry and tend to knit in the winter when the light isn't so good and I can knit and watch TV. In the summer, when the light is better, I try my hand at tapestry in the garden room (I'm only calling it that 'cos it sounds posh) where it's brighter and I can look out on the back garden. 

I love my garden and have created it from scratch in the field where we built our house when we retired.  Unfortunately I have been unable to do very much since I had my accident and have had to rely on others to help....a mixed blessing! 

My husband, who has been mowing the grass (you can't call them lawns) has cut back or off anything that he feels gets in his way so we have lost a hedge, that divided the garden, and he has also cut the lower branches off some of the trees that were supposed to, gracefully caress the lawn with their lower branches.....or something (sounds good though doesn't it?)

I took these photos as proof for the time when he may say..."What hedge"?

I find it so hard that I can no longer do the garden and, when I ask/pay others to do it for me, they always have their own ideas and rarely just do as I ask...... just another change that I have had to get used to over these last years......