Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Home from Hospital!

I don't look like her!!
Even though I am a farm girl

I came home from hospital
a couple of weeks ago.

....and I don't look like her either!!

It was a much bigger op
than they had intended
so I had to stay in longer

and since then have been 
heavily dosed with pain killers
so that I haven't felt like,
or been able to do,
very much

I am beginning to feel
a little brighter
and so wanted to thank all who sent cards
and good wishes for my recovery

I am told
that I have to stay heavily medicated
for a long time,
and that the nerves that were so badly crushed
will take a long time to regenerate
and cause a lot of pain,
and other strange feelings,
but that it will all be worth it!!

A few days after I came home from hospital
I had a phone call from a paramedic saying 
my mother had fallen in town
and was being taken to hospital.

She has fractured
her right wrist
and is badly bruised and has wrenched muscles
in her left side
Bless her heart she doesn't need this
as she is 93!
You may have read a couple of her guest posts

I find it very hard
as she lives 200 miles away
and I long to be able to go and help her
but there's nothing I can do!

Life's hard....isn't it!?

My daughter and family
came on Saturday
and took the Christmas tree and decorations
down from the attic

and yesterday
a friend came and put decorations
on these twigs
so I thought that I would show you

a few of the things
that I have collected over the years

Thank you all so much for your kind words
and support.

May you all have a Blessed Christmas
and a Happy and Healthy
New Year!

Do you think
I might look like her??