Sunday, 29 July 2012

Loving Cup

"We'll Drink a Cup of Kindness Yet
for the Sake of Auld Lang Syne"

These are the words that came to me when I read a post this morning at

and I felt that I should use pictures of
Loving Cup.

I have found such help, understanding and support from my 'blogging friends'
over these last few months.....

the comments have helped me through 
and delighted me.


How many times have I read a post and then
decided 'not to comment today'!

and how many times might that comment
have encouraged someone?!

 My mother lives 4 hours drive away from us
and she loves 'keeping up'
by reading my blog on her iPad!

She especially loves the comments that say what a wonderful, kind and generous mother she is

She loves to read how much I am enjoying
the gifts she has given!

She is actually coming to stay this week
to celebrate her 92nd birthday

(sigh...that means more comments devoted to saying how marvellous and wonderful she is!)

She has often said that she would like to write a blog but I'm not close enough to help her
I might let her do a guest blog here....
 this week....
watch this space!

I'm joining


Thursday, 26 July 2012

They're Making Silage!

The first clue that I had that my neighbours were about to make their second cut of silage

was the mower arriving...
on Tuesday afternoon
so I went up
to my bedroom window to take a photo!

Yesterday afternoon the harvester arrived

Then the trailers....

and they!!

I enjoyed watching them working.......
and seeing the harvest coming in....
in such good conditions.

and I remembered when we were farming......
hubbie out early..
milking the cows before going to fill and grease
the equipment ready to start
the harvest

I would be preparing food
to take
to the workers in the fields.
I would usually have a hot meal
available for them when they finished work (sometimes at 11pm!)

Sometimes, if we were shorthanded,
I would be driving one of the tractors and trailers collecting the grass
and taking it back to the silo

The silage making would take nearly 2 weeks
with the machinery we had then....
Now it's done in days!

Then.. I had a young family
as well as taking Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal holiday makers to help out with the budget!

We didn't have contractors
just my husband and our farm workers
and me!
It was hard workbut we enjoyed it...

I made myself a pot of tea
and went to sit in the garden room

with a cup of tea
and some Scottish shortbread biscuits...

I could hear..
the drone of the machinery

and my memories were so sweet and poignant

I wrote this post especially for Nancy...
and thinking of her rural journal!

So please join her at Rural Thursday

I'm also joining Elaine for  Sunny Simple Sunday

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and Raindrops and Daisys for Green Day

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Walk to Barafundle Bay


A friend and I decided to go to Barafundle Bay


The views as you walk across the cliff top are incredible

There are a lot of steps to start  

and then a mainly flat walk along the cliff top


It is such a beautiful beach and
there are no car parks so the only way there
is to.....


Sometimes carrying beach equipment
and lunch!!


But, don't you think it's worth it?


It belonged to an estate and was walled

                          I love the patterns
           that the waves have made on the sand!

         We spotted this plant high up on the rock
              and were told by a passing walker
                   it was called Viper's Bugloss

               There's a good view from the top

              Some little dogs have to be helped
                         to reach the water

                  Others can do it by themselves

                The walk back was just as beautiful.....

                           Stackpole quay

     Time for a quick coffee before heading home!

Sunday, 22 July 2012


My granddaughter was 'helping me' sort through some cupboards yesterday
and 'we' decided to change around
the things I had on display

A little different, isn't it?

I tried to get a close up
but my camera wasn't having it!!
It says
"Montrose Shape
Old Country Roses"

It looks as if the artist was having breakfast with her paint box ready mixed
and got up in a hurry knocking over
the milk jug!!

It's so beautifully detailed

The tablecloth
is beautifully embroidered

and so is the underskirt!

Even underneath is beautifully sculpted

I loved the top of this as it reminded me

of a..

coffee jug
we were given...

as a wedding present 46 years ago.

Perhaps I'll do a post about that set another time!?

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