Sunday, 16 September 2012


I've been getting on with crocheting hexigons
when I can carry only a small
bit of wool with me

and when it's impossible to lug along.......
my Granny Stripe Blanket

I've tried out a couple of designs.....
and a few colours

and have to say that I really like these blue mixes and....

But the jury's still out
as I'm aware there are an awful lot more patterns
out there...
any ideas/suggestions?

I still have to sew in all the ends...
decide what I am going to make with them.....
any more suggestions!?

With the hexigans
I wanted something light and easy to do when I'm sitting with time on my hands.

I shall be taking them with me when
I go into hospital today.

The hospital is 100 miles away and I have to phone at 10am to see if there's a bed.

If there is I'm due for back surgery on Tues
I'm taking my iPad with me so hope to catch up with all your doings...even if I can't write myself!

Otherwise I'll.....
catch up again in a week or so I suppose!!!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Coffee in Little Haven

It was a really glorious morning yesterday.
The sort that you feel you want to put in a bottle and keep for the grey dreary days!

So I called a friend and invited her out for coffee

We took the steep winding road
down to the little village

The only roads
into this little village are very steep
and winding!

But the end result is so worth the journey!

In the summer this place is so full of visitors
and there is no where to park.......

I love the stillness of early mornings at the beach...
there is some special quality
in the air!!

We decided to walk to the point.

Each time I come here

memories of winter holiday visits to my grandmother, and walking here in all sorts of weather .... even gales

(so that I was glad our little dog was on the rein or she would surely have been blown away!)

The views from the point are stunning!

Looking back at the village

To walk down these steps and sit on the rocks......
how many times
have I sat here dreaming?!

I mentioned enjoying early mornings...
and the peace
but it's equally lovely....

in the middle of summer
when the air seems to hum.......
 and people are sitting
on the walls outside the pub...

the boats are returning
with their haul of mackerel....
and people queue to buy them....

We sat at an outside table to drink our coffee
as soon as we got up
a group of holiday makers were quick to grab it!!

We ambled up the road to the craft shop
and was time for home

My friend took a picture of me at the point. 
I can't say...
that I like having my photo taken
but here we are...

Actually, it's much different now
as I had my hair cut short this morning!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Can you see her?

It seems a very long time since I wrote a new post or kept up with my blogging friends!

I am sorry....
I was just so unwell and then my son took me on holiday with his wife and children

I haven't taken many photos of my holiday
but perhaps I'll show them later!

One place we went to was
The Lost Gardens of Heligan...and there for all to see

Was the Mud Maiden.....'s not me......
can you see her?

There were three mud sculputures in the garden
but this was my favourite!

I felt very much that I could have joined her...
she just looks so peaceful!

I've had the date for my surgery.
I have to be in Cardiff (100 miles away)
on Monday 17th for surgery on 18th.  I have to say I'll be glad to get it over and done with!

Welcome to my new following friends.
I look forward to getting
to know you!

I'm visiting Rural Thursday