Saturday, 6 July 2013

100th Post Giveaway !!

I really can't believe it!!
I was going to post about my birthday walk
and suddenly realised 
that this would be.. 
my 100th post

I had to have a little giveaway!

But, first, I really want to share with you
the beauty of my birthday walk

It was a glorious day on the 1st July
so a good friend 
(who understands that I can't walk far or fast)
agreed to amble with me
along the footpath at St Non's 

St Davids' mother's home

Where St David is reputed to have been born.....

We headed out taking the footpath 
towards Porthclais.....
I knew that I wouldn't get that far.....
but it's one of my favourite walks

We crossed the field to the edge of the cliffs

and joined the footpath....
which winds its way all around ...
the coast of Pembrokeshire.

I have walked a lot of it and intended to walk it all....!!

The scenery is stunning....

and the variety of wildflowers....incredible!!

My favourite time for this walk is May
when the colours are incredible!!

If you are interested see my post

Obviously this was the earlier part of the path!!

I had to include the thistle as I was born in
Paisley, Scotland...
and this is, after all, my birthday walk!!

We looked back towards St Non's

See the convent in the distance?
Those of you who think you're seeing double..
Yes...this is the same picture as my header...taken a few years ago....and in May

I wonder what's around the corner??

Yes....another wonderful view!!
and then.....

We met a couple 
who were about to go co-steering (coast steering)

They scramble down the cliffs

until they reach sea level and then....

pick their spot and....

jump in!!

They then swim back to the rocks 
....and make their way around the coast

...climbing over rocks....
...swimming where the cliff is too sheer to allow for footholds.....

...and, where they can
clambering over the rocks...

I have to say that, in one place, I wondered what they would do as the sea was really drawing back and smashing against the rocks....
I feared for their safety!!

We couldn't stay until they got to that place...
if indeed they decided to go that far!
All they had were helmets..
..and a boyency aid strapped to their fronts...

As we returned to St Non's
and sat on the wall for a while....
I couldn't help but think that life is so like that...

We jump in...or are pushed..
with very little preparation or aids....

Life can be very rough...
as we look for footholds and shelves of rock 
where we can rest.....
sometimes having to tread water...not sure of the best course to take...

other times it's exhilarating and free...
...and a joy to be a part of!

I expect the best way is a balance of the two.....
...times of joy and much pleasure...
the rough patches 
to make us take stock and evaluate...
..building our strength.. 
..and finding who our friends are...
those who support us and encourage us on....

Thank you all my friends 
who have cheered me on and held my hand over the rough patches of this past year....
I really can't believe 
that I have written so many posts..
(Oh yes we can...I hear you wearily moan!)

I value you all!!

As a thank you I am giving away four small gifts...
I do hate sending just to one of you

Just one Welsh tea towel each
to those who are my followers and let me know that they would like to be added...
an extra entry if..
you mention my giveaway on your blog..

I'll draw the winners on 17th July
Good luck!!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! My heart warmed reading that you got out for a wonderful birthday walk. The views are spectacular! I've never heard of coast steering. Too scary for me!

  2. Oh my, Happy, Happy Birthday! I loved being with you for your birthday walk to St.Non's . . . Glorious photos of the sights, flowers, thistles and more.

    Coast Steering appears mighty frightening to me. A first for me to learn of it.

    The best . . . your words of reflection . . . I liked thinking of my personal footholds, ragged rocks, treading water . . . beautiful writer you are.

    Always wonderful to see a post from you, and to hear the JOY returning to you . . .

    Blessings . . .

  3. Happy Birthday to you!!!! What glorious photos! Oh how I want to make my way to your country one day! But no co steering for me!! Yikes.

  4. Oh my, such beautiful scenery and such a lovely post. Happy Birthday and congrats on your 100th milestone of blogging. I hope you have many many more birthdays and post. Hugs, marty

  5. I love your corner of the world! Such rugged beauty! What a fun place to walk/hike! Maybe some day I'll visit Wales. Congratulations on your 100th post. I enjoy peeking into your life!

  6. Congratulations on the 100th post and thank you so much for sharing those lovely photos. Yes, you are absolutely right when describing life...I felt like a kindred spirit and I thank you for putting it in perspective!
    A belated good wish for your birthday and God bless!
    DIL was born in Wales (Tirphil) and often spoke of its raw beauty...
    I'd love to add my name in the 'hat' so to speak for your lovely giveaway!
    Many thanks!

  7. Happy Birthday and congrats on post number 100! Enjoyed your photos and story from your walk. Looks like a lovely place for a hike. Happy day to you!

  8. I'm so happy to see you hiking about - you've done so good! *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to you! Love all the scenery you showed us! Count me in on the giveaway! I'll try to remember to mention the giveaway on my next blog, not sure when it will be! We get our 4 year old grandson for 3 days tomorrow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Happy Birthday and congratulations on your 100th post, too! (not entering) You live in such a gorgeously breathtaking area!

  10. Happy Birthday to you today, and yes, you have encouraged us with this post. I haven't read all 100 of yours, but I intend to go back and review them. I believe I can see how God encouraged you even as you wrote about this wonderful walk may be different than the journaling you used to do, but it is still a way to have a record of how God was with you on this day to look back upon on another time in the future and be glad. Thank you for sharing with us...and thank you for your visit with me earlier. Be blessed my friend!!

  11. Happy Birthday! How I enjoyed ambling along with you, enjoying the gorgeous scenery! 100 lovely posts and a fun giveaway too :)

  12. Congratulations on your blog! Fantastic post and pictures. I love getting unusual tea toweld but suspect it would cost you too much to send one all the way to New Zealand so I'll just admire it from here! Cheers

  13. A belated happy birthday, Joan! Your walk sounds amazing, and your photos are wonderful. I, for certain, would not be one of those diving off the cliffs to swim! I hope they were successful in reaching their goal. I will let you know if I remember to mention this on my blog. Last time, I forgot.:-( Congratulations on reaching 100 posts!

  14. Just wanted to let you know that I put a link on my blog to your giveaway, so I get two tries. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  15. Happy Birthday, Joan! A lovely birthday walk it was - I enjoyed seeing all the wildflowers and the beautiful cliffs along the sea. The color of the water is the most beautiful shade of blue - I wish I could bottle it. I know it would be too much to send something all the way over to me, so I will just say congrats on your 100th post, Happy Birthday, and lovely thoughts today, Joan. xoxo

  16. I hope you had a very happy birthday Joan! It seems you dd!!

    Thank you for the walk, it was lovely. I agree with you that there must be balance in life. Life would be uneventful and boring if we only experienced one emotion or never tried new things. Without sorrow how would you know when you experience sheer joy? Without dark how would you know what light is?

    I'm so glad you're feeling better these days. It's wonderful that you're out walking again.

    I'm off to spend a week visiting with my mother and sister. It's girl's week!!

    Have a lovely week xox

  17. Yes, I would very much like these things. I have always wanted to go to Ireland, and to have something actually from there would be wonderful! Thank you for taking us on the walk, it is beautiful and mystical!!! But those divers, I think they have no common sense and look for danger!! Congrats on 100!!!!

  18. A belated Happy Birthday to you.
    Coast steering looks rather hazardous to me, I don't trust the sea really, but luckily we're all different.
    I enjoyed your photo's from your walk, lovely.


  19. Just got caught up on your last few posts, Joan, and loved seeing the world around you :-)
    The photo of the grand play house was in great contrast to the little cleaned out hen house my young friend and I gloried in playing house long ago, and yet I suspect the fun that was had in both was much the same. The ocean and the cliff-climber-jumpers and the wonderful wild flowers each were uniquely amazing to see! Thanks for posting!
    ps. I sometimes use a walker on uneven ground due to the arthritis I have in my knees. You would have been proud of me seeing me drag my walker out onto the beach in Crescent City so that I could hunt for rocks and agates and shells and relish the feel of sand and seawater between my toes :-)

  20. I hope you had a wonderful birthday Joan. As the winner of one of your previous giveaways I will just say that your next winner is in for a treat.


  21. So happy you were able to get out and take these awesome images, Joan. Big hugs to you.

  22. Dear Joan, Belated Happy Birthday! I always love your photos-your land is exquisite. I always love hearing of the history of your area. So thankful you are able to get out and about again.
    Hugs today,

  23. Hello Joan and belated birthday greetings. Your description of life is so apt. Lovely photos and I think I've said before - Pembrokshire- one of my favourite places. Anne x

  24. What an amazing post. Your pictures are so breathtaking. Your landmarks are nothing we would see here in Canada, so every time I see pics like these I find them fascinating! Was a little nervous when I read along with those coast steerers..yikes! Congrats on your 100th post and your birthday :) You have had a difficult enjoy those walks my friend! Hugs, Diane

  25. Happy Belated Sweetie
    I am on holidays and just having a peek at some blogs and comments. What beautiful Birthday walk.

    Love all.

  26. Happy Belated birthday greeting to you :)

    Your walk certainly is a nice one, and you are right such beautiful scenery.
    By the way it is a small world - I was born in Johnstone (not far from Paisley) and spent my eary years in Renfrew before moving to Ayrshire when I was eight.

    Amazing the things you find out about people on blogs isn't it? :))

  27. Happy Birthday Joan, and wow, has it been 100 posts already? Time flies when you're having fun blogging. :)

    What a beautiful walk - I always wondered where your spectacular header photo was taken and now I know! I love seeing your wildflowers and trying to guess what some of them are.

    What an extreme sport coast steering sounds like - and yes, very like life - your metaphor was very apt.

    Hope you are feeling well and having a good week. Thank you for sharing your beautiful coastline with us.

  28. Happy 100th post Joan, and Happy Birthday.

    Please don't enter me in the giveaway, I win far too many of them, time for someone else to have a turn. But I just wanted to let you know I'm still here reading, even if I don't comments so often these days.

    That looks like the most perfect walk, and the sun shone, even better!

  29. Sheer beauty for just a short walk. Happy Birthday on the posting..I love the way you think and see things. So refreshing. Stay well

  30. Thank you for taking us on your beautiful birthday walk.

  31. lovely scenic walk! ty for including us in it =) and
    HapPy Birthday to you, shared with my own Canada's Birthday July 1st - you are blessed!

    This brought great memories of Brecon Beacons photos of my visit to Wales and the thrill of getting to be there.. TY!

  32. Congrats on your 100th post and Happy Birthday! This is a lovely spot you shared today! Thank you for the chance of the tee towels too!

  33. Joan, what a beautiful picturesque view. I enjoyed it all. Also loved your comparison of life to the jumpers. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and that your are feeling well! Please toss my name in for one of the sweet towels. Hey, I may be lucky. After all, the 17th is my birthday.
    p.s. on #100!

  34. Happy Belated Birthday. what fun!! Congrats on the 100th post ... that is super exciting. great post. i always enjoy your pics. so fun. have a great one. big big hugs. ( :
    take care.

  35. I would be so happy to get a sweet gift from you! I hope your birthday was the BEST! Sweet hugs my friend! I'm off to go to the castle now!

  36. Happy, Happy belated Birthday Joan. My Birthday was July 3 so we should be celebrating together. I love your birthday walk, so gorgeous and I love your visit tot he castle, I can see why you want to return again and again.
    Hugs to you,

  37. Happy Birthday Joan I would love to have taken this little trip with you and seen those beautiful flowers and those people jumping in the water near the rocks something that seems very strange to me but I guess it could be exciting:)
    Happy Birthday my dear friend. Take care HUGS HUGS B

  38. What a fabulous birthday walk you had - thank you for letting us accompany you!
    I've never heard of or seen coast steering before - I won't be trying it!!!


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