Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Walk in the Woods

My family
asked me to go 
for a walk in the woods

I was so delighted
as it is over 5 years .....
since I have been able to walk there!

Look at the flower I've found Granny
Bigger than he is and so exciting!

Another grandson
found a Geocache in an old tree stump.
We all looked through our bags
but couldn't find a pen 
so that he could date it to show
who had found it last!
What a pity!

The boys all
clambered up the bank so that they could
walk through this tree!....
A few years ago 
I would have been up there with them!

Another of the boys had brought a folded mat
so that I could sit down
(as I need to do often to ease the pain)
He carried it around in his rucksack
and would ask, often, if I needed to sit
and as soon as I said yes
he would unroll it
ready for me.
Bless him!!

I thought this part of the woods
rather spooky!

The woods got darker...

I just love the way
the light has managed to struggle
through the dense canopy of the trees
and plays like a theatre foot-light
on the ferns below

I just cannot manage
to capture
what I'm feeling....
I love the way the light 
shows up the shape 
and texture of the ferns below!

Of course some young people 
cannot see the magic of the moment 
and start climbing the trees!!

Aren't these colours and textures beautiful?!
This was one of the banks
as we came out of the woods

So many beautiful things to see 
if you can take time to look!

This is one of the good things 
that has come out of these last years...
I would have raced through and enjoyed it 
but, perhaps, not seen it!!
Now I have to go slow and stop occasionally,,,
and I see and enjoy so much!

Several people have mentioned, in the comments on my last post...about the large brown circles
they said....
'Getting used to the new view'
and suggested what to plant.....

I hope to seed grass where the large brown patches were and, also, plant climbing roses
or clematis, to grow on the damaged trees.

To carry on with the analogy of last week...
the decision to remove whatever is influencing or has 'taken over' your life is not an easy one...
it is painful and difficult
and sometimes it is easier to stay in the pain 
where you are now 
than to endure the pain of change 
and the total life turn around that might happen

When the decision is made and 'the trees' are taken out it can leave a great hole....
so there is a need to exchange the damage
for a 'new look'....
that doesn't mean getting into... 
another controlling situation 
but getting advice 
from friends and getting their help 
to enable a change of view...
i.e. sitting looking at what you have lost 
will only lead to depression
looking at what you can now do 
in that area now that it is free exciting!

so..what am I doing?

I'm just blocking the wrap
and like the more lacey look of it now.

I have also started on a Lucy bag...
I bought the yarn all ready last year... least I remembered what the yarn was for when I found it...and now I'm well into it!

Saturday, 27 July 2013


I mentioned....only mentioned...
to hubbie
that, in the autumn,
we should think
about taking out the two big willows
that are trying to take over the garden.....

next thing......
and even though it was sweltering......
out came the chain saw!!

They were merely twigs 
when I planted them and the other trees
over 18 years ago.....
I had been cutting them back 
as they started to spread.
But these last 5 years when I've been unable
to do much gardening...
they had taken over
so that the other trees were being smothered!

I discovered places that
I hadn't been able to get to for years!

My summer hut
hidden behind all the trees

The hours I have spent sitting there
enjoying the trees, views
the birdsong
and the swish of the leaves in the breeze....

back to the subject in hand....

There were lots of roots
and the suckers 
that had started new trees..
and some that were trying to!

We decided that, 
while we were at it,
we had better take down 
one of the big conifers as well

This is a conifer moving!!

Shortly after the conifer was taken, like this,
down to the farm yard...
the postman turned up looking white and shaken.
When I asked him what was the matter
he said
"I was about to turn into your drive when this tree started coming down the drive at me...
I've never experienced anything like it!"

The second willow was taken down 
and moved in much the same way.....

So much mess!

I wonder
have we done the right thing?
But....too late now!!

Big gaps...
but it's good to see the trees that had been hidden!

It made me think.....

Of the small things....
that seem good and quite innocuous...
that we let come into our lives.
They seem OK at the time
and, in fact, fit in quite well.... day
we realise that they have grown 
and bigger
and started to smother and hide other good things.

It's not that they were bad to start with...
or didn't seem so...
perhaps we didn't know 
that they were not right for us!

Somehow...they have grown so slowly 
and taken over other areas so gradually.... 
that we were not aware what was occurring.... day..
there is a blinding flash of recognition 
at what has been happening.

It happens this way with addictions...
a little drink is really enjoyable
but one day you realise that it has taken over your life and there is no time 
for family or friendships...etc

Or it could be a lot of other things...
unhealthy friendships...
and suddenly you realise 
that the person who seemed so nice
 is controlling
most of your life and other friendships!

Even blogging could be the same, I suppose!!
It certainly can take up a lot of time
sitting in front of your 'puter instead of 
out in the sunshine with friends....!

The problem is
that it's a difficult decision to get rid of
'whatever' ...
"what will happen"
"How can I?"

It certainly can leave
a big and messy hole....
but, oh the joy
when you find things you've forgotten
and when other things/people
that were smothered and hidden...
are now out in the light
and able to grow.

I'm sorry if I've gone on too long 
about things that don't interest you...

 I suppose that it's the counsellor in me.
I am always seeing things that correspond 
to life events... and... 
just wanted to share them with you.

I can do the posts like my last one...
on china and flowers and my crochet and knitting...
but, if I am going to be real with you
and we are going to be friends
 I also need to allow
the side of me that interprets things
in the light of how it affects
our lives!

I do hope that
You can see and understand
the analogy
that just jumped at me
as we took out these huge bushes
that had started to take over the garden

I'm still thinking ..
'I hope we've done the right thing'

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Come In Do....

It's so lovely to see you again..
Do come in and have a cup of tea.....
no, really,
it's no problem...

Yes, the china is a favourite of mine.....
I've had it for years and....
I don't have much left

It's pretty and delicate...

I'll just pour the tea...

had you noticed that the cups are different shapes?

I only have 2 cups left

and they are just so pretty...

Would you like a biscuit?

or a toasted tea cake?

I'm afraid I forgot about them toasting away....
while we were talking!

My mother gave me the tablecloth
It's Irish linen
I use it a lot as it gives me so much pleasure!

The roses?
Yes they are so pretty..

They're American Pillar

I'm not very good with roses..
they usually have black spot or other diseases
but they're wonderful this year

Did you notice the roses as you came in?

would you like to come outside 
and have a look?

I sat on the rock here yesterday, in the sun,
 and just enjoyed........ 
the wonderful scent 
and the hum of the bees

and the butterflies flitting 
to and fro

The flowers were all around
and over me!

It's hard to believe that this all came
from a rooted stick
that my daughter in love's father
gave me a few years ago!!

I just keep taking photos of them, I'm afraid,
as I think they are incredible and can't believe their beauty and the amount of blooms!

I'm droning on, I know, but....
it just fills me with such joy and I feel a deep content..
while sitting and enjoying!

Have you had enough?

Let's go back to the house.....
It is rather hot outside...

Have you seen this rose?

It's called Pink Carpet.
I think that the colour is stunning!

What have I been making recently?

Well, I've just completed a waistcoat

I knitted it in the same wool as the pattern

I've also just completed a wrap that I saw on Meredith's Blog - Mereknits

She had seen it on another blog
(The way it happens amongst blog friends)
so I called in on Tanna
and got the pattern for Lisa's wrap

It is so newly finished that....
It still needs to be blocked
I used Noro Kogarashi Yarn colour No16

And today.... I've been making a couple of little gifts
for the Physio and Nurse
who have been running the Pulmonary Rehab classes that
I have been attending twice weekly
for the last 6 weeks.

I was asked to attend 
after my time in hospital over Christmas 
and have to say that, 
even though it has taken a big bite out of my weeks,
it has been extremely good
and I appreciate the care and concern that we have been shown

Hence the very small gifts

I do hope that they like them...
they can pin them on a lapel,stick them on a bag...whatever!

I so appreciate the help and support that they have given us and don't want 
to embarrass them.
I do hope that they are OK!!?