Wednesday, 17 May 2017

So Long



I can't believe that it has been so long since I last posted.
I don't know why I haven't written.
Life just seemed to get too full and it's too easy
to let time without posting....
drift by.
I have had several more operations.......
one because the fixing in my back loosened.....
so they had to reopen and start again!!

I was also studying with the Open University.
It was supposed to take
16/18 hours per week......
I'm afraid I took much longer!!
My assessments gained good marks though!
So, here I am
I'm looking forwards to catching up again.
I wonder if there are many out there
who remember me???

These photos are from a holiday

I took in Dorset
with a friend
The top 2 are a beach at Charmouth.
Although it was out of season
there were still a lot of people scouring the beaches at low
tide trying to find fossils.
This is an area well known for fossils.
I did have a look but
ended up buying some to bring home.
It's so hard to believe that
the stone you have in the palm of your hand
is an animal
that lived 195 million years ago!!


These next few photos are from West Bay.
A popular UK detective series was filmed here
My friend was an avid follower
 so we had to have a lot of photos taken here.
I have to say that the rock face was stunning!!
We drove further along the coast to
Hive Bay
and saw the other side of the hill

There was an artist on the beach
and he looked so small against the cliffs

It was good to come home again
and see our hedgerows
full of flowers


we are just so fortunate where we live!!


We even have wild garlic
in our hedgerows
One thing I have started to enjoy
since I last wrote is

There's something very calming
and satisfying
about choosing stickers and placing them.
I hadn't realised what
a huge community there is
of those who enjoy, and take great pleasure in sharing,
their finished spreads!
I love starting with a blank page....
perhaps colouring it a little..
before fixing..
different shapes...
and journaling around them
This one is particularly pretty.....
sells some beautiful foiled stickers in...
her etsy shop

So....there we are.
I think that I've caught up?!
I look forwards to visiting you.....
and seeing what is happening in your lives!