Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Progressing !!

 getting there!!

Having crocheted the last 2 blankets for my Mother
I decided
to make one for myself!
I took a long time getting the colours 'just right'!
Hubbie says that 
it looks like strawberries and cream...!

I am so grateful to Attic 24
for yet another great pattern....
I have just 2 more rows and the finishing off and edging to do and it will be 'done'...


Why haven't I finished it??


I came across this pattern in my folder
and loved the colours 
and wavy effect
so I downed crochet hook,.....
.....ordered the wool..... and started on it....


I knitted the front and started on the sleeves
but I just couldn't 'see' the pattern
and so 
the increases on the sleeves became a nightmare!

I've knitted plenty of Aran
and fairisle in my time
but I could not get this pattern into my brain...


I took it all out and 
started on the plain version of it

I love the colour 

(the wool is Sirdar Escape)
but am so disappointed
that I haven't managed the fancier pattern!!

I can't say that I am as keen to knit it
as I would have been...


.....when I came across this pattern for a shawl...
Wingspan (byMaylin Tricoterie Designs)
I knew my Mother would love it!!

.....I downed knitting needles.....
..bought some
Manos Del Uruguay wool....
.....picked up a circular needle ...
and started on it!!

The picture at the very top is when it was blocked.
I went to see my mother last weekend
she loved it!!

My brother is taking her on a surprise holiday
I can't tell you or 
he'd have to cut my tongue out!!

I'll tell you on my next post..!
I should be OK then!!
But she intends to pack it as she's so delighted!

So .... 

I've finished the shawl
I suppose I shall have to go back to finishing off
the blanket
and the blue jumper

I've just seen a pattern for a lovely shawl
to crochet for myself....

What do you think??
Should I do the finishing off.....
or start the shawl??


Today's our 47th Wedding Anniversary

This was us celebrating 2 years ago.

Tonight we are
taking our son and daughter...who live locally..
...and grandchildren of course..
out for a meal 
at one of the local child-friendly restaurants!


A couple of weeks ago
I realised that I had passed my first blog birthday!
I can't believe that it's over a year
since I started last March!!


in my next post (hopefully at the weekend!)
I am going to have a small give away
as a big thank you to all you blog friends.....
who have supported me so lovingly 
over this last year!


I saw this quote in a book recently....

"Know yourself.  Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful."
(Ann Landers)

Not much more to be said...
is there??!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

coming to terms.....?!

I've been wandering 
around my garden these last few sunny days
wanted to share some of my discoveries
with you!

My garden was my pride and joy!
I planted 
every tree and flower
and enjoyed watching them grow and mature

I have been able to do so little 
over these last few years
and shrubs etc
have become very overgrown

I find that pottering in the garden
and watching the plants grow is just so satisfying
and healing!!

Doesn't this Magnolia Stellata
look so beautiful against the blue of the sky?
I find that, somehow,
It touches something deep within and brings
such pleasure and joy
my spirit feels released......

I used to feel this years ago when
I walked down the fields to the little brook
and heard the chuckle of the water 
as it swirled around and over
the little stones in its path!
It brought such peace as I took time to sit on a stone
and listen to the sounds of
the stream and the birds.....

I remember when Hubbie and I 
decided to get some of the boulders from the stream
to put in the garden....
I remember the laughter and joy....
the fun as he said "Oh dear" 
as he 'accidently'
dropped the stone he was carrying...
just beside me
so that the water splashed over and soaked me.....
Of course I had to retaliate....!!

The years have flown...
the children have grown up and 
have their own families

and sometimes
life can feel all work and no fun...
especially on the farm
with the chores and forms that seem to be
continually arriving
from the government....

and especially with ill health 
and the narrowing
of the areas that I am able to cover!

I have found
in this small area of garden 
that I am now able
to plant and maintain.....

such joy ...
as I buy and plant ....
and watch them grow.....
enjoy sitting in the sun ....and listening to the birds!

I suppose that
what I am trying, in a very muddled way, to say
is that
I have come (am coming) to terms 
with the fact that my area of responsibility
has grown so much smaller..

both through our retirement from the farm...
even though we still live on it
and are involved in some of the things happening
(as well as the government forms)!

....also through my physical problems.

Memories of the things we did together
during our farming days
are sweet
and some are hard and painful

I find it good to look back and remember
so many days 
of fun...and also tears...

BUT NOW.....!!

As my life has changed...
so has the garden..
some areas I can free from the weeds and bushes
that have overgrown and threatened to
choke the good things..

I love this Magnolia
there was another white one beside it
that was choked by it
and a rambling rose and brambles
just over powered it

So we moved the white one
and cut back the briars

and there...can you see her??

Hiding behind the flowers....??

I think that what I'm trying to say is..
that, in trying to come to terms
with the reduction
in my areas
of responsibility and ability

I have needed to change things...perhaps
get rid of them
some of these are good things...
some of them may be bad...

In all that has happened over these last years
I have felt very confused 
about who I am now and what I can do...
I suppose, in a way,
I have lost my identity.....?!!

I am beginning to discover the me
that has been overwhelmed..
and become hidden
from all
except those who can see beyond the briars
and are brave enough
to come closer....!