Tuesday, 30 October 2012


I was catching up with my blogging friends this morning and came to 'Buttons Thoughts'

Since then my mind has been dwelling
(as it seems to do these days) on the past
and all that has happened!

Thinking of a title the word 'Yesterday' came to mind and, somehow the beginning lyrics
seemed so apt

"Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away
Now it looks as if they're here to stay
I believe in Yesterday
Suddenly...I'm not half the man I used to be....." etc
(The Beatles)

This post is not my normal and I apologise.
I have a load of photos of our coast
and hills in my camera but I wanted just to share my thoughts with my blogging friends

I so empathised with Buttons...
when I read her latest post. 

I've been married to a farmer for over 46 years and prior to that had nothing to do with farming

I have learnt beside him, helped with the farm work, worried over the animals and the crops.....

.... the weather and Government forms and edicts

We've built buildings and bought land....
which needed the scrub cleared
and the crops planted...ditches to drain it...
...and maintain
Animals who needed to be milked
and generally cared for

As many do in farming here,
we moved out to allow our son to continue the family farm and we semi retired to a different farm.

Now all our land is rented out...

My husband frets
over the different way my son farms
and the ditches not cleared and the hedges not cut

Those among you
who are farmers can probably agree.

As with so many farmer's wives
I stand between my son and husband.

I tell my husband what a good farmer and man he is
....and he really is!!

I so often wish to say to him
that I grieve over the hard work he has done
being undone
but that would be ammunition for him 
and it would probably be twisted (when quoted)because of his pain.

My son is an excellent farmer too
but manages his farming in a different way.
He's brought organic farming to our land and is
highly thought of in the community

In my mind's eye I see a strong young man,
bare chested ... one of our children on his shoulders and a farm dog at his feet

Now I see an old and bent man still tryng to do his best for me and his family!!!

Since I broke both my ankles and damaged my back nearly 5 years ago
I am no longer able to help him.

Operation after operation has left me
unable to do all I once loved....
although I am trying to reclaim some of that!

Buttons talked of the agony of making the decision to take addictive drugs here 

In June I was admitted as an emergency from A &E
.... warded for a week and started on morphine.

I feel I should try and come off it but the pain is really bad (even after my recent surgery)

So my elderly husband is working outside
and I am inside grieving because I can't do more

Sorry if this is not what you expected
and I promise I will move on from this but it is
always inside me and I needed to say it!

When I looked out of my window this morning
I saw (as always)
my neighbours old cow shed

It has become inaccessible through trees and brambles etc. 
 I thought of those people, long ago,
with their hopes and dreams and, probably, 
far harder work than we had to do..
...no electricity, tractors etc...
(my husband often talks of those times these days.... when he had to be up at 3am to put the horses to before the flies came)

So it seemed appropriate to take some photos
Notice when I walked there...
cat came too!!

My thoughts are so much
with my blogging friends and all those on the east cost of America...and soon Canada.....
May God watch over you!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Pink Tea Party

Hi.  My name is Joan (aka Pembrokeshire Lass)
Beverley has invited me to be her featured blog on
Pink Saturday.

I love walking the beautiful coast near where I live in Wales.  The picture at the top is a little village that I visited last month Little Haven

Plenty of my past blogs show our wonderful coast

The picture on my header is another part of this walk!

This is the Walk to Barafundle Bay

Now you know a little about me I would like to get to know you
Will you join my tea party?

It's a pink Party as the theme is
Breast Cancer Awareness

I do hope you like Pink Cakes?

I love this Irish Linen tablecloth
that my mother gave me

 This china is just so delicate! 
I collected it when we were first married and
there's not much left now!!

This glass dish is another favourite...it belonged to my father's aunt!

Thank you for joining me for tea.

If you haven't been there please visit Beverley
at How Sweet the Sound Here

As we remember Breast Cancer Awareness

Please remember little
April Jones, aged 6,
who vanished on her way home
in Machynlleth on the first of this month
and loves pink!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Tide's Out in Solva

It was one of those glorious Autumn days
and a friend
picked me up to go out for lunch

After a lot of discussion about wind direction
(there was a very cold strong wind!) 
we decided on
the beautiful little village of Solva.

The tide was out, exposing the seaweed and stones,
but that still didn't spoil its beauty!

We walked along the path, beside the inlet,
and looked back at the village

Other people
were taking advantage of the sunny day
to walk with their dogs
or examine the underside of their boats.....

I love the silver of the water on the sand
and the boats waiting patiently
for the waves to lap around them and lift them
up so that they can dance again!

My friend loved the deep V's
that the waves have
cut in the rocks

We went into the Boathouse for lunch.
This is our view
as we sat outside in the sun eating our baguettes

I love the bright, cheery colours!

I so enjoyed my trip to Solva in the sun!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Beautiful Bowl

Isn't this a beautiful bowl?   My Father in Law bought it for us in a sale over 45 years ago.

I love
the very rich colours
that seem to sparkle from it

It has 3 different flowers painted on it.

Over the years
there have been all sorts of things stored in it,
shown off in it (including flowers)...

I just like it on its own....showing off its glory!

I'm joining  Marty at Tabletop Tuesday

Monday, 15 October 2012

Trip to Amroth

It was a glorious day last Friday and ........
I fear I was suffering from Cabin Fever
(having been in more or less for the last 3 weeks)
So I persuaded Hubbie to take me to Amroth...
one of my favourite places!

On the way we stopped for a little while
at Wiseman's Bridge and enjoyed the lovely views

In the distance we could just see .......
the church spire atTenby....

.......and even closer the village of Saundersfoot

.......and closer still Coppet Hall Beach

Wiseman's Bridge is a lovely beach with
just a few houses and the pub. 
We head on to the next bay.

Amroth is a pretty village with houses,
shops and pubs

and, over the bump, the long beach with a castle

whose grounds have been changed
into a caravan park

I had a walk along the front and sat on the wall thinking of the summer time
when the place is heaving with visitors.....

You can just see Pendine Sands in the distance.

This beach is 7 miles long and several Land Speed attempts were made on it.
On 4th Feb 1927 Malcolm Campbell reached speeds of over 174mph
and later on 3rd March 1927 ParryThomas
was killed when the drive chain broke, killed him
 and his car
 crashed into the sand dunes!

I love sitting on the wall watching people walking along the beach
Looks like the seagull enjoys it too!

I'll look forward to walking again next year!

We travelled back over the bump to the little village

I'm ready for a coffee

I usually go into Pirates as they make a good cup of coffee and spotlessly clean!

But today I decided to sit outside and enjoy the sun and the fresh sea breeze!

What's that on the beach?

It's time for home
How I have enjoyed this afternoon!!

I'm joining Rural Thursday