Wednesday, 9 May 2018

May Bank Holiday

An absolutely glorious afternoon
and so my cousin and  decided to spend it at a little bay
Monk's Haven.

The wild garlic
is growing there profusely
and  it is just beginning to scent the air!
I really love it when the flowers
are starting to fade
and the scent of the garlic gets stronger and stronger.

Apparently chefs love it as it's flavour 
isn't as strong as the usual variety!

The bluebells are also starting to open
and, as you look up through the trees there is
a blue haze amongst the ferns!

We stopped near the beach
and sat on a seat that gave a lovely view of the bay.
Unfortunately, the photos of this 
are on my phone
and I have not yet worked out how to get them
onto my computer.......sorry!!

We came across a lovely little bunch of violets
hiding on a grassy bank!

At length,
after wandering along a white-thorn edged path,
we saw the watch tower
standing proudly guarding this part of the coast.

It was a little like......
......the hedge of thorns 
surrounding the bed 
where the Sleeping Beauty lay!??

Too far-fetched???
Can you see the path in the photo?
Well, the path was overgrown with thorns
and I was glad to have a jacket
to protect my arms!

It was years before I discovered this tower.
We always used to turn in the other direction 
when we went for a coast path walk!

Isn't the view from it lovely...
except, of course,
that my cousin decided to get in on the act!!

There are all sorts of ideas.....
about what exactly it is..??
Some say a folly that the monks in the monastery used....
....others that it was a watchtower for the coast.
There's actually a fireplace there...
and lots of windows.
It also looks as if
there was a second floor
as there are steps outside going up
and also you can see, inside, 
where the floorboards would have been positioned.

A pleasant walk in the glorious sunshine!

We walked back down to the beach
and to the car,
past a lovely little church.

As for what's happening with us??
Well, I had a enjoyable coach holiday last week.
We went to the Isle of Wight.
We being some friends and I......
hubby didn't want to come!!

It's a place 
that I have always wanted to visit 
after I saw a programme about Queen Victoria 
and her love of the house and the island!

I will post about it next time 
when I have worked out how to transfer photos 
from my iPhone to this computer.  
In the past I have emailed them to myself 
but there are too many of them this time to do that!!

When we arrived back in town 
a friend gave me a lift home and, unfortunately, 
as I was trying to get into the back of her small car, 
I twisted and hurt something.  
My back's been stiff 
and uncomfortable for a few days 
but today I am in agony and can barely move my left leg.  
I had an emergency appointment with an osteopath this morning who eased it slightly but it's still pretty bad!

I've been  trying to get on with my studies 
as I have an assignment due this week.  
(Luckily I've managed to get an extension of 2 weeks but really don't want to use all of it as my exams are on 7th June!!)

I had planned to study today but, as I'm on lots of painkillers and in a lot of pain, I just cannot do it!  Panic .....panic!

I've been reading all sorts of books since I last wrote.  I took
several Mills and Boon romances on holiday with me and really enjoyed them.

Sarah Morgan's books never disappoint!!  
This one, 
'How to Keep a Secret' 
is a little different from her usual way of writing.
 It tells life stories of several different people whose lives intertwine.  It is so compelling.....
 ....and bewitching 
that I was really sorry to come to the end!!

There is another book that I so enjoyed 
and I haven't stopped telling anyone I meet about it.  
It is 
'A Grand Old Time' 
by Judy Leith.  
Again, I wholeheartedly recommend this book!  
I cried with laughter, 
held my breath as the heroine looked to be getting in over her depth, and grieved as well!  
I believe that it is Judy's first book 
and look forwards to, hopefully, her next!  
It was such a good read 
that I can see it being a tremendous comedy film!!  
I do hope somebody will 'discover' it!!

Right, I think I have wittered on long enough!
Those of you that I failed to return visit...
I am sooo sorry!
The Latin study has really taken up so much of my days.
Only another month to go ,,,,,oh help!!

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Sunday, 8 April 2018


Yesterday I was lucky enough
to spend the morning
with three of my grandsons.

I say 'lucky' because
it means 
that I get the chance 
to do things that otherwise......
I would probably not bother to do!!

We had intended to go to see the owls.
as the weather 
wasn't to good it meant that the owls 
would not be out flying
we decided to go to Scolton Manor.
A large Victorian country house
(that had been used as a convalescent hospital for servicemen during the second world war)
but now is the responsibility
of the Local Council.

I have to say that I was really impressed
as it had been a very long time
since I last visited
and it had certainly been
restored and dressed really well.
They, also, had spent a lot of time and effort
in thinking of ways
to entertain the children.

My grandsons certainly, were soon
holding clipboards and trying to find various
objects in the rooms
so that they could gain a prize!
There were also craft rooms for them to use
and several other ways where
we could have spent a lot of time... 
and this was only inside!!
I have the feeling we will be visiting there again soon!

I think that we will leave it a few weeks yet 
so that the ground can dry up
and we can take advantage..... 
of the woodland walks etc.

What else has been happening?
Well, I have been bows under trying
to complete my fifth assignment for my degree course..
which has been extremely interesting....but....
caused me an inordinate amount
of stress!!

I had an extension, 
as my health has been so poor,
and I have had to be backwards and forwards 
to hospital so much that I lost a lot of time!
I only have one more assignment to do
in the middle of May...
and then the exam 7th of June.
I shall have to make a start on revising!

How did your Easter Holidays go?
We have had a lovely time 
and spent quite a lot of it with some of the grandchildren.....always fun!

Apart from that
and too much chocolate
we haven't done much as I was busy studying!

I have done a certain amount of craft work
and posted some of it on my IG account.
I was trying a couple of pictures, from my iPad to show you, but it's just not happening.....sorry!

I have been so tired this last week that I usually
fall into bed and sleep.
I have managed
to read a Mills and Boon compendium of books..
under the title of.....
'A Bride for the Playboy Prince'
Sharon Kendrick, Sandra Martin and  Maisy Yates.
somehow the title caught my eye.
After all... we have a Prince's wedding
happening in the UK
in the not too distant future.

You can't go far wrong with Mills and Boon
and this was 
an enjoyable and easy read!!
I particularly
liked the last book where a wedding planner
had a very exciting time...
No....I'm not telling you any more!!

So ...those are the pictures
of Scolton Manor.
The paths along side the woods
were full of primroses...
really beautiful
I love the scent of primroses!

It's hard to see as the light was quite poor
but, interspersed with the yellow..
were some deep red..
and pink primroses......
Really lovely!

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Tuesday, 27 March 2018


It was a glorious afternoon
on Sunday
The first, official, day of Summer
so my cousin and I 
decided to go for a walk on a local beach...
Broad Haven.

The rock on the right is called
the Lion rock.
I suppose that it does look a bit like a lion??!

It seemed that we were not the only ones
who had decided to celebrate summer
by walking on the beach!

There were a lot of people
and their dogs.
Then a group of girls arrived....
riding their ponies!
The ponies really seemed to love it....
as did the girls!

The mothers put out some tall sticks....
and the girls and ponies
did a sort of slalem
through them.
You can tell I know nothing about ponies!!

It was brilliantly sunny
bitterly cold!!
Even so....I saw some children...
and their game parents..

I suppose the dog owners and ponies 
need to make the most of it
as from 1st April until
1st September
dogs and horses will not be allowed
on this beach.
Some large beaches
have an area where dog owners can walk their dogs.

My cousin said I could post pictures
with her in so here we are!
Then she went a bit mad.....
I suppose modelling had gone to her head!!
.......or feet!!

She accused me 
of hoping she would fall in
and I suppose...
.....I might have!!

Apart from all of this
I am, once again, head down
and trying to get
my next assignment done!
It is due in on Thursday
but there's no way I can manage it.
This new condition of mine means that I regularly
spend half a day in the hospital.
I had to do an hours drive
to a centre where the Disabled Students' Association
wanted to review my needs......
and know how to help me.
I must say over these last few years
they have helped me so much..
the only problem
that was another half day gone!
Tomorrow afternoon
I have to go back into hospital
for more injections.
Oh Joy!!

I am still planning
and was trying to show you some photos
but the 'puter is playing up!
I shall just have to show you some more beach photos

I haven't been doing much reading recently
that is ....apart from studying.
I finished 
The Toymakers by Robert Dinsdale.
It is a magical book
obviously about a toymaker
who makes really magical toys, 
His two sons, who are each desperately vying 
with each other
to make a better and more magical toy!
It is interspersed with stories of their background
and how they became who they are...
it also almost has an ethical twist..
making the reader stop and think

The other one 
that I have just finished is called
Summer at the Comfort Food Cafe by Debbie Johnson.
Such a lovely, friendly easy read.
Still the wonderful insight that she shows into the grief
of her main character
whose husband has died suddenly and far too young.
If I were still counselling
this would be a book that I would buy 
by the dozen
for anyone who has lost a dear one!
In fact ....I just have !!
Debbie also shows a lot of insight into the minds 
of teenagers.
There are so many hilarious episodes.
I would thoroughly recommend it!

I think that's it
I hope this finds you well and enjoying
whichever season you are in.
Will look forwards to visiting with you.......

#netgalley  #thetoymakers  

Monday, 12 March 2018

March Comes in Like a Lion?? Or Does It?!

This is the point where I should be showing you
photos of the snow covered countryside!
Because, although Pembrokeshire
doesn't usually suffer snow,
last weekend,
when 'The Beast From The East'
(as the weathermen called the really cold weather 
that we suffered)
we had snow for several days!!

In fact when the snow melted.....
so did the water pipes
and our mains water (and our neighbours')
was off for 3 days!
Hard enough for us.....
but a real worry was seeing to water for the cattle!
We sorted ours and then managed to help our neighbour.

Eventually all was well
but, even though our water has been back nearly a week
the quality of the mains water
we are receiving is foul and we are.... 
still having to use bottled water!

These pictures were taken on a walk
just before the snow arrived.
The first one is on the way to Fishguard
(where the ferries leave for Ireland)
The rock formation is called by some.......
Maiden Castle.
I suppose it does look a bit like a maiden 
looking at a castle??

The rest are taken at Goodwick
where the ferry terminal is situated.
Although the ferry had 
already left when we arrived!

It was a glorious afternoon
and we were so glad that we had braved the cold.
On one side, and in amongst the trees,
is a large hotel where there are many wedding receptions!
We have been to quite a few.
It's a stunning location!

I have been back
volunteering as a guide at Picton Castle.
They have changed the hours
a little so there is at least 
an opportunityto have a cup of tea 
and something to eat!

I love the way they have made seats
around the tree.
It used to be more overhung and secluded
but they've lopped quite a lot away..
pity really!

Some of the trees are incredible.
As you can probably imagine...
the children love... 
climbing and hanging from...
the branches!

The camellias are starting to open
and are looking glorious.
These photos were taken before the snow
so goodness knows 
what they look like now!

I must explore next week!

I'm not going this week
as I have to be in the hospital 
for another set of injections on Wednesday.

The pond was frozen so the tadpoles
had obviously and wisely, sunk to the bottom
but it didn't seem to bother
this dragonfly!

What else have I been up to??
Well, I am still
involved in decorating in my planners.....
and also my Travellor's Notebooks (TNs)

Isn't this a lovely kit?
Its from @sparklesdelight
I really love the colours and the owls are so cute!
I suppose I like them even more having seen 
the lovely owls at Picton Castle?

I am also very busy studying for my degree.
I find the Latin really hard
and, basically, remember nothing from my school days!

I had a good grade for my last assignment though
so I'm pleased about that.
Hopefully, if I pass the exams in June,
I will be on to the next level 
that I'm really looking forward to studying.
Don't get me wrong.....
the literature side of this course has been 
soooo interesting!
I love it!

I'm also, when I have time,
reading a very magical book called....
'The Toymakers' 
by Robert Dinsdale.
It is absolutely intriguing about an Emporium in London
and the old man who makes,
with his sons,
these magical toys that seem
to bring you back 
to the way you perceived things as a child!
Magical toys 
an old man with an unusual history.
I have a job putting it down!!

I suppose I had better close for now.
Once I start speaking with you
I don't want to stop!!

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