Thursday, 27 June 2013

Beautiful Wild Flowers

I have to say that I don't like buttercups 
in my flower borders....
they are just so invasive and try to fool you that they are not really there by hiding amongst
the other flowers...

It's not that I don't like wildflowers in amidst the cultivated plants....
in fact my borders are full of pink campion 
at the moment....but you can see them coming...
buttercups creep in..... 
like commandos seeking to infiltrate their enemy lines!

I have to say that this year the fields and lawns have looked glorious in their golden mantles patiently ask....
who won the Giveaway??.......ah yes....nearly forgot..


Please visit her....she would be delighted to see you!!
I wish I could send each of you
a gift
as I wanted everyone's name to come out of the hat!!

Right .. now...
where were we.....

Our road is so pretty 
with all the wildflowers this year that I just have to show you what I pass 
as I go in and/or out every day

I am so involved looking at the variety and beauty I could easily
  forget that other people use this road too!!

.....and it's narrow!!

I so appreciate being able to drive again
and every trip is just so special..

Things I used to take so much fore-granted
now become special delights!

I have always enjoyed beautiful scenery
and flowers.
They touch something deep inside
but now
they seem to have an extra special quality!

When I was small..... 
we used to call these 'birds' eyes' 
They are so very pretty and delicate.....

even the dock seeds add an extra beauty of form

and colour!

While the foxgloves 'stand guard'
over the hedgerow!

The elderflower is in full bloom.
Time-was when I used to collect the blossoms

to make elderflower cordial...or champagne

Whilst the pink campion...

There is such a variety of colour and shape in the hedgerows this year

I hope that you agree with me
and have enjoyed the trip along one of the narrow roads of Pembrokeshire?!

and have savoured with me my delight in all I see

One of the things I wish I could have captured
were the flocks of beautiful
that arose from feeding on the seeds in the hedgerow
as my car passed......

Friday, 14 June 2013


I know.....
I've been away a long time

I have been visiting...
but just a little!

On my last post I promised a giveaway
to celebrate my first year
of blogging

I've had this ready since then but..
where does the time go???

A few weeks ago
I was in the Midlands visiting my mother

By the way (as an aside)
for those of you who have been longing to know
The surprise trip 
my brother took Mum on for her 921/2 birthday
Drum roll

St Petersburgh, Russia!!

How about that then??!!

to get on with this story

Mum and I decided to visit
Charlecote Park
The first picture is of the Gatehouse
and the second as we walked through the Gatehouse and could see the house at the end of the drive

Apart from the beautiful, manicured gardens....
There were lots of little corners with statues

and parkland with deer

and a lovely knot garden

The inside of the house is well worth visiting
but we've been there so many times
that we decided to give it a miss
this time!

One really beautiful gem is....

the children's play house

There used to be
chairs and tables and beautiful little china
on the inside but....

this time it was empty..
but so pretty...don't you think??

The door looks so interesting....

The Gatehouse through the trees

and the house

so we head to the Gatehouse...
and home!

The family church through the trees

I thought you might be interested 
in this beautiful home 
but I also had a reason 
for walking you around the grounds

My Giveawy
(at last I hear you murmur!!)

 A selection of different things.... 
....that I thought you might like!!

I loved this little cross-stitch kit
for a book mark

and this collection of
National Trust notecards....
'Idyllic Locations'

and this tea towel that I also purchased from the National Trust
It has Wild Flowers of Wales...
though, unfortunately, not the Welsh names

perhaps I'll see if I can find more tea towels with Welsh names and have another giveaway later"

What do you think?

and now....
the reason I took you through Charlecote....

I bought this book years ago....
and while the author was still alive and living in the Park!!

It was so interesting and eye opening 
about the way people lived in
'fashionable 19th Century society'
When I saw it in the shop I had to buy it...because...

....I loved it and hope whoever wins it
does as well....


.....I will put the names of those who are my followers, and would like to be entered, 
into my husband's bowler hat
on Sun 23rd June
and get him to chose the winner

If you would like to be entered twice please mention my giveaway on your blog and, of course,
let me know!!

I hope these few gifts look as good to you as
the joy I had in buying them....