Monday, 11 February 2013


Sitting at breakfast 
a couple of days ago...
I noticed how red the kitchen blinds were.
When I drew them back the colour was incredible!

The sky looked to be on fire
and the skeletons of the winter trees
Looked like some alien triffids...
feeding and cavorting in it!

The spectacle only lasted a few moments

before the sky started to change

and it was hard to believe what had been before!

It made me think 
of the way that we perceive things..

When I used to be counselling
it was very important not to make judgements
about the people who came to see me.

It would have been so easy
to immediately make a mental category for them 
as soon as they walked through 
the door.
Yet, sometimes, just a momentary
expression or part of their body language would
tell a different story

I also wondered how people perceive me!
I think I project a certain image
but others watch and see
a different me..

How often, I wonder, are we told
what people really see in us?

I am writing this as I ponder on
the impression that we make on others....

This morning three dear friends came for a visit...
it was good to see them
and I looked forward to catching up with them.

These last few years
I have felt out of things...
and sometimes..
that people visit as a chore....

This morning I was firmly told how much I was valued
and how I might think that...... 
they came just for coffee 
and because they felt they had to.

They said that was not so..
and they visited because they valued my judgement
and a safe place to air their concerns...
and gave chapter and verse of when I had helped
They said so much more...
and I marvel that they see in me
so many ways that I would like to be
but hadn't realised were there for others to see.

I'm not making much sense here, I'm afraid, as I try to explain but I felt I needed to write it down.

I wonder how you think people see you?
Do you realise how important you are to so many...
and how much you are valued?
I bet you don't and would try to shrug it off
whilst secretly wishing it were so!

I want to tell you that it is so.....
I'm trying to let you know that others see in you
things you only hoped and dreamed to be.
So hold up your heads today and know that.... 
you are special and valued 
just as you are! 

Just wanted to show you the two ripple blankets
that I have just finishes.
The pink is a cot blanket for a friend's granddaughter.

This one I started last week.
Thank you all for your help and encouragement
over my crochet learning curve!

And finally....

I sent my mother 
two of the crochet hearts I had made....
and she saw my Valentine's tree on the last post...
being my mother...
and not to be outdone....
she went straight into the garden ...
got her own twig...
and sent me a picture of her tree!
I'm sorry about the quality of the photo
but I couldn't download it from the iPad and so
had to take a photo of it.
Worth it...I'm sure you'll agree?

For those who are fairly new to my blog and haven't met my Mother....
she did a guest post last August


  1. WOW! What gorgeous pictures! The are breath-taking :)

    Thank you for your lovely post and your words of wisdom. I enjoyed visiting you today.

    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Your Mom is awesome:)
    Oh Joan I guess we all have those insecurities. I struggle with what people think all the time, I try to think the best and move on.I find the older I get the more I wonder but honestly it is easier to think I cannot change now and they are still coming back and not out of obligation. I think your friends enjoy your company you intelligence, your stories and your wit. I truly wish I could come for tea we would have such a great visit and I would enjoy every moment. Take care my friend. Wise words and photos. Hug B

  3. Joan, your crochet has come so far! I adore the two blankets you have made! Such beauties! And the crochet hearts too. I also love that your dear Mum wanted to have a crochet heart tree like yours. To me, that speaks volumes alone about how special you are. We all need to be valued. Or at least, want to be valued. I am sure that you sometimes wonder because of your disability, but truly, friendship will bear all issues, and carry on.
    XO Kris

  4. How lovely that your mum wanted a valentine tree and then photographed it for you. Remember reading your mum's post before. DH and I very much like that area and have been many times to Wisemans Bridge etc.
    The photographs of the sky are amazing. Your blankets are beautiful
    I too don't hold a very high opinion of myself. I put off inviting people etc thinking that they don't really want to waste time with me. Am trying hard to value myself. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Anne x

  5. wow, joan love your post today. i think its something we all think and wonder about.. ive come to realize we each have our own special quality! love your blankets! beautiful and bright! also read your mums post! so nice! love the reddness in the clouds and always look with amazement at the sky above... enjoy your day joan!

  6. Beautiful, beautiful post today Joan. Thanks you for the gifts you give us.

  7. Joan, this was a very timely post to show everyone how much more "valuable" they are then they may perceive themselves. I too often wonder how people perceive me as well. My husband tells me (often) that I spread more joy than I ever realize because of my monthly ritual of sending birthday cards and also holiday cards to family & friends, regardless of whether or not they reciprocate. In these modern times of email and instant messaging, and rising postal costs it seems that fewer people send a card or short note. But I enjoy letting folks know someone is thinking of them and maybe it has brightened their day too.

  8. Whoops, forgot to add Joan that the photos were beautiful and your crocheting was even more so. I'm sure the recipients will be so happy to receive your handiwork too.

  9. I like your Valentine tree. Oh, my! The sky photos are fabulous...what a treat to see the color and clouds like that! Great job on the blankets. I don't crochet and can only knit scarves. Happy Valentine's Day~

  10. The skies have been a gorgeous colour for the last few mornings over here... Shame that it's heralded wet days! I love all your crafty makes. Jx

  11. This blog was wonderful to read,I often think that no one likes us much, we don't visit a lot,we don't get asked to all the parties etc,my husband likes home,and we don't get lots of visitors,when I ask 2 friends in particular we have a lovely time chatting and Mum joins in and Bob drives us mad as we would like to heart share,he has never really had a lot of friends yet people lie him so much,he seems such a grump but it is a shell of protection left over from young years.What I am trying to say is that perhaps people like us after all and we are just not making the effort to gather more.I loved this post,the crochet is lovely too.

  12. A lovely post Joan. The pictures are beautiful!

  13. Amazing skies! Wow! And what a sweet post, so filled with wisdom. I often wonder how I am perceived. I love the crocheted blankets! The blue one is my favorite! Your Mom was cute making her own Valentine tree. It's lovely.

  14. What a wonderful way to greet the day.
    Sounds to me like your home is a sanctuary too.
    Love the crochet... so bright and cheerful.

  15. A beautiful post. I enjoyed reading and thank you for sharing. Oh...and I love your blankets.

  16. Hello Dear Joan, I feel I am worthy as God made me and he

    did not make Junk. I feel I am sparkles in all of my life of

    71 years. That I can be used for others.

    Love your post. Wonderful as always. Interesting to know what

    your career was. It is so you.

    Love the beautiful work you do crochet. What a gift to do that.

    Love the colours.

    Glad your coming along health wise.

  17. I am so happy to know you. And I am so fortunate to read great posts like this... and see love in action.

  18. What an interesting post, those sky photos are breath taking! I also like your mums valentine tree! Xxx

  19. What a beautiful post! Your photos and words, so brilliantly shining! I used to worry what people thought of me when I was younger. But now I feel it is more important what I think of myself. If I can go to sleep at night feeling like I did the best I could do that day and will try to do better tomorrow, I am happy. I once read that it is none of our business what other's think of us! And when you think of it, that is true. We have enough to deal with in this life. As long as we always try to be kind, I think that will carry us through. And of course there is that saying going around the internet that goes something like, 'Live your life so that if someone says something bad about you, nobody would believe it.'

    I love your crochet. You are a fast learner! Your Mom is a Dear. Cherish her. xoxo

  20. Your sky pictures are just stunning!! And even better, I love your description of what they look like! And your blankets are so vivid and beautiful! I like the one with blues the best. YES to your thoughts about perceptions, and it is a very uplifting post today!!! Makes me feel GREAT! I do quite a bit of counseling as a deacon, but then tend to get stuck in this position when dealing with friends and family in daily life. Once my daughter-in-law was crying to me about something and I was telling her my standard comforting line I do with others. She then told me to STOP!! She told em that I was being a deacon and counselor, and she only needed me to listen and sympathize! A lesson I am applying to certain others as well.

  21. Absolutely gorgeous skies! And your crochet projects have turned out very nice.

    I am happy your friends let you know how valued you are and that it brought a change to your perception. You sound very happy and I love it when you fill us with your wisdom.

    For this, I feel thankful!

  22. What a beautiful post! Thank you so much for your words to remind us of our own self-value. I would venture to say that you are an outstanding counselor!

    I love your mother's Valentine tree!:-)


  23. Thanks for sharing your stunning sunrise, and your encouraging thoughts, Joan.

    Both blankets are uniquely beautiful, as well.


  24. What an amazing sunrise! My daughter caught one similar to that not long ago in Ohio. That is so nice that your friends came to spend time with you - that means you are worthy of their friendship and vice versa. You are so lucky to have your mom still with you. I lost mine 3 years ago now. GORGEOUS blankets! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  25. Hello Joan. A lovely post. Beautiful photo's, of the sunrise, blankets and your Valentines tree in the previous post is great too. I think I'll have one next year. Your mother has a great sense of humour, she's not going to be outdone.

    Glad you're feeling better.


  26. Your mother is a jewel and her little tree is precious. I've had your post open for a couple of days reading it more than once. You have touched on a subject I need to be more sure of. Your photos are amazing and it is surprising sometimes how fleeting the colors in the sky can be at sunrise or sunset. Enjoy your week! Sweet hugs, Diane

  27. What you say is so true...our own perception of ourselves fails us. We always focus on our mistakes...and can't imagine making a positive impact on anyone...but we are so wrong..we are VERY valued! Especially in the eyes of our Great God! Thanks for the reminder...Your crocheted blankets are lovely! The sunrise...Splendid!
    Have a great day Joan!

  28. What a sweet, sweet post Joan. I hope you realise how much you are truly appreciated.

    Breathtaking sunrise photos ... even the fading is lovely. And so are your blankets! :)

  29. Joan, the sky is gorgeous and I so enjoyed your thoughts in this post. I know that none of us are perfect, but hopefully we are loved for who we are. Love the fact that your mom couldn't be outdone by you. What a fun lady!

  30. I wonder if any of us can truly see ourselves clearly. How lovely that our friends can and value what they find :D

    Glorious pictures Joan :D


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