Sunday, 3 September 2017

September Already!!
When I last posted at the end of May...
I fondly imagined
that I was going to start blogging again
at least weekly!!
But ....
within a few days....
I was back in hospital......
this time for 2 weeks!

It was all a bit shocking
as ....
I had taken my husband for an appointment
to investigate whether he had had
a TIA a few days before....
My asthma was not good....
it happens!
The registrar took one look at me....
practically pushed my husband out of the way....
took out his stethoscope....
and told me he was admitting me immediately...
shouted for a nurse to get a wheel chair.
I was in hospital for 2 weeks!
I didn't get to answer your lovely comments.
I am soooooo sorry!

It was so encouraging to read.......
that so many remembered me..
and had been wondering what had happened to me!
Thank you all so very much!
I intend to try to post more often ....
and visit....
and reply to your comments!
This last time in hospital was such a shock
as I thought that at last
I had finished with all the orthopaedic operations.
I was off crutches for the first time in
9 years....
and then.....
I ended up back in hospital!!
Ah me....

These pictures were taken yesterday.
It was a lovely afternoon
so we enjoyed the sunshine in the
walled garden
of a local castle.

How has the summer been for everyone?
I have to say
that, here in Wales,
it has not been very good.
Have felt so sorry for the holiday makers.....
particularly those with young children!
The coast is wonderful in good weather......
but it must be awful trying to entertain
young children
in a tent, or caravan,in the rain!

Last week seemed to have been one for
animals breaking out!!
First, on Tuesday,our own cattle
broke out of the back field onto my front lawn;
then, on Thursday and Friday, our neighbour's goat
got out and, as it was a billy goat,
put the fear of....
into a friend who was helping me in the garden;
then, on Friday,
our other neighbour's cattle broke into our farmyard
(luckily I had shut the farmyard gate
the night before!!
Lastly, ALL Saturday night
our bull
walked up and down the field
under our bedroom window........
roaring and bellowing...
to a neighbour's heifer......
 ...who was obviously in season!!
Who would live in the country??!!

what's happening in my life?
Well I had to defer
my university course last winter as I was just
not well enough
after major surgery on my ankle.
I had got half way through....
but have to say
I was not enjoying relearning Latin.
I hated it the first time!!
I banked my first 3 assignments as I had good marks.
Now I must make sure that I don't slack with the studies.....
otherwise I will find it hard to pick up in February!
Oh joy!!
As I'm doing my degree distance learning
it will take me 6 years.
I have completed 3 and was half way through my 4th
I had to stop!

These last couple of years
I have taken up
scrapbooking and decorating my planners...
I really enjoy it and find it very relaxing!

I am going to start a course
for a couple of hours
once a week
on album making.
The examples I've seen are really lovely
but I'm sure that it will take me a while to get
anything like!!

I also enjoy
memory keeping/journaling in
my Traveller's' Notebook (TN)........
Sometimes I write and decorate
every day
At other times...
it can be quite a few days!
My family may enjoy reading about me...
and the things I enjoy
after my days..
on the other hand.....
they may just throw them away.
It doesn't matter as...
I have enjoyed doing it!!
So....there you are....
I think that I've about caught up!
I shall enjoy becoming reacquainted with you!


  1. Oh my goodness. I am so sorry about your health but am so happy you are feeling better now. The course can wait, take good care of yourself and return often. You have been missed.

  2. So happy to see that you posted today. You've had a tough run on health. Love seeing your beautiful journals and planners.Hugs.

  3. So happy to hear from you again after so long. Praying that you will continue to regain your strength and return to perfect health. Sounds as if you are keeping very busy between your craft/hobby ideas and the bull bellowing, etc. I guess I didn't realize you lived on a farm...that adds another layer of excitement to your life. Thank you for catching up with us. I pray you will be able to complete your studies...all things in God's good time. Welcome back!!

  4. I was so happy to see your post on my Reader's Feed! I have been wondering what happened to you! I enjoyed your post so much but was sorry to hear you have been hospitalized! Glad they caught whatever your ailment was. Beautiful photos, and I have to say, how wonderful it is you are working on your degree! Great going!

  5. I'm glad to see you post again! Sorry for the setback on your recovery, but at least it was only 2 weeks and not longer. Please please please send us your rain, we have had nothing but 30 degree days and drought - forest fires all around and smoky air to breathe. What an awful summer this has been! Thankfully, my little town is safe from the blazes for now. The nearest is 15 km away. I guess the lesson is to be thankful for every day as you never know what is coming next. Be well Joan! xoxox

  6. Always happy to see you post!


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