Thursday, 24 May 2012

Walk from Caerfai Bay to St Non's

This is my favourite walk and,
to my mind, this is the best time of year to do it.

It was a glorious morning
looking over the bay at Newgale

It's a lovely drive to St Davids at this time of year as the hedgebanks are full of wild flowers and the farmers are mowing the fields for silage so the sights and scents are wonderful!

We arrived at Caerfai Bay.
The sea was a glorious blue as we started our walk.

We had decided to do the short walk
and had left one car at St Non's.
We usually do a much longer circular walk
but I can no longer manage that

I'm afraid I took a lot of photos and have been torn between
showing the abundance of the wild flowers
and the magnificance of the seascape.

 I have tried to show a little of both
and hope it's not too much!

We could see the convent of St Non's
in the distance

The little Chapel of St Non's

The ruins are said to be the birthplace of St Non,
the mother of
St David (the Patron Saint of Wales)

The spring is said to have healing properties.

I was going to throw off my clothes
and dunk myself in it...
but my friend wouldn't let me!!

We stopped to have coffee on the way home
at an hotel that has
the most wonderful had painted tiles
around its fireplaces
and other walls.

I thought that I had probably posted too many photos
so will leave that for another day!!

How Sweet the Sound

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  1. Lovely, lovely, pictures! My birthday is March 1st, St David's Day, so nice to see his 'Mum's birthplace! Have a lovely weekend, Claire xxx

  2. Breathtaking and beautiful pictures. What an enjoyable outing that you and your friend had. A nice friend to look after you, now that is a fine gift. Take care, Joan.

  3. What gorgeous scenery! Love that the flowers grow so near the sea. Just beautiful. Thank you!

  4. Oh beautiful!!!

  5. Lovely views, trails, flowers . . . the seascapes are wonderful. I like the last photo of the Foxglove . . . very nice!

  6. The pictures are beautiful! You have such lovely scenery!

  7. oh,thank you soo much for showing pictures from your walk!the wild flowers and scenery are equally beautiful! such a beautiful part of the world you are in! enjoy your evening!

  8. Your walkabout there is just beautiful. I can't believe the views...and the flowers! How wonderful to be able to experience this all first hand! Blessings- xo Diana

  9. What a beautiful place to take a walk!!

  10. What a lovely walk you took us on with you!!!!! Thank you!
    : )

  11. What a treat to take this walk with you. I love both the flowers, the sea and the history.

  12. I love the wild flowers! It's a lovely walk in the blogosphere! =)

  13. Such an enchanting place. Just looking at it from here is a spiritual blessing!

  14. Oh wow these are stunning shots!

  15. Such beauty. Thank you so much for sharing part of your lovely world. The chapel, spring, and those flowers are just so pretty.

  16. My friend, you can never post too many pictures-I love them all. The seaside is lovely but looks cold and the wildflowers are delightful.
    Have a great afternoon.

  17. I so love the walks you take us on. The photos are spectacular! The wild flowers, the seascapes, the ruins, and the best of it - the statue of St Non and the spring and plaque! What a wonderful story. Did you at least dip your toes, or bring home a bit of the spring water to sprinkle on you at church? I love walking, too, and as long as I rest I seem to make it from here to there, but when I stop and rest for the day - for days it's very difficult, and extremely painful. Do you find that with your pain, too?

    Anyway, I appreciate your photos and the wonderful way you take us with you on these walks! I could almost feel the cool ocean breeze on my face and arms!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  18. You live in such a beautiful place I am afraid if I lived there I would never be in the house. B

  19. Never too many photos... :)

    I'd love to know what all those flowers are. I hope you dipped at least your feet in the spring!

  20. You live in a spectacular part of the world, your photos are beautiful.

  21. The foxglove is gorgeous. Oh, and can you send me a small vial of that water? For my wrinkles? :)

  22. Oh, my! Your photos are stunning...this gorgeous scenery almost brings me to tears! Lovely. Thanks for sharing this idyllic setting. Have a nice weekend~

  23. A wonderful and beautiful PINK post!

    HPS, a little late but catching up to visit you. Here's my PINK, hope you'd come and see. Have a great weekend.

  24. These photos are beautiful. I love the one overlooking a ridge that shows a little entry way to somewhere. Makes me wonder how many hidden treasures are back in there.


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