Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Harriet's Walk

Harriet decided that she wanted to take us for a walk.

We first had to drive to the Preseli Hills

There is a lot of argument as to whether they are 'hills'
or 'mountains'

I'm reminded of the film...
'The Man who went up a Hill but came down a Mountain' with Hugh Grant

It's quite funny if you haven't seen it!

The road wound round and down into a valley with the prettiest little stream.....

which meandered
under the road and out the other side

We parked and started our walk

We could see the village of Ponfaen

and...... we walked
we could see one of the village churches
on the opposite side of the valley

The  path was very muddy after the recent rain
but still a delight to walk

Harriet, meanwhile, was still looking for the best way for us to go!

Unfortunately she took her guide duties too seriously
and disappeared
up the hill for at least half an hour
so we had to restrain her excitement at showing us around!

"Is this another route....
 or should we stay on this path?"

As we turned for home we had another view of the village

and the house
with the slates covered in cement
...which is quite typical on older Pembrokeshire properties.  It protects against the elements

On both journeys
we passed some old farm buildings.
I have included them as I kmow that a lot of people like them

Harry thinks that's a job well wonder she looks pleased with herself!


  1. Harriet is very cute, I would have followed her wherever she'd taken me too! Lovely photos, I especially like the one with the little White flowers....very pretty, lovely walking with you!

  2. Hi Joan, Harriet is quite the tour guide and pretty darn cute. I so love your countryside-the villages and the hills. It is so peaceful and enjoyable to visit.
    Hugs, Noreen

  3. What beautiful scenery on the walking path and Harriet is adorable.

  4. Harriet is definately a cute tour guide. Your walk looks very pretty and the countryside looks lovely - it is really nice to have nice places to walk, especially good for taking your camera along :))

  5. I did not know you had a dog named Harriet, also!!! She is a cute little dog and what a beautiful place to walk. I love the pic of the village church, especially.

  6. Hi Joan, I loved walking with you and Harriet. She is adorable! I enjoyed the pics as always!

  7. Stunning countryside. Where is Pembrokeshire exactly?

  8. Harriet has such a cute, inquisitive face. What a lovely walk she took you on. She must be clever too!

  9. Beautiful place you live dear friend.
    And Harriet is so sweet.
    I could look at your photos all day long.

  10. She DOES look pleased with herself. I love all those old buildings and the countryside is just beautiful. I am so glad that YOU enjoy it firsthand! xo Diana

  11. What an adorable dog! She looks pretty chipper.

    I like the stream pictures - it's hard sometimes to capture the charm of running water on film, but these are lovely.

  12. I enjoyed the walk with Harriet, what a lovely place she took you to - and more bluebells beside the track!

  13. I enjoyed the walk and views . . . I like Harriet's bright eyes, eager face . . . Happy to hear you are out and about . . .

  14. Harriet is so cute! The countryside you live in is stunning! I would love to travel there someday!

  15. What a lovely walk, well done Harriet, isn't she a cutie?

  16. well i think harry did a great job leading you on the walk! and thank you for all the pictures i feel like i took a walk with you! beautiful! enjoy your evening!

  17. Harriet has fantastic ideas. These shots are beautiful. B

  18. Harriet is too cute and it looks like she did an excellent job leading the expedition!

  19. Harriet is adorable!! and she seems to have that look in her eye that means trouble as well! lol Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing them.


  20. Oh my, Harriet is just the cutest!! She took you on quite a hike, too! I just loved the beautiful flowers, the streams, the wild flowers, the different greens here and there, oh my, so much to look at! Thank you so much for sharing this little town with us!


  21. Just came across your blog and found it delightful, so shall be coming you I have no real skills to demonstrate or show crafts or books or poetry, but blogging is smashing way to communicate with others and get inspirational ideas.. you sound very nice to know, and I shall also become a follower... all the best J

  22. I haven't seen that film - I'll have to look for it. You got great pictures!

  23. Well I must say Harriet is one very lucky dog. I love the photos. B

  24. Harriet is such a cutie.1 She certainly chooses a scenic route. Just lovely.

  25. Oh, I just love all your lovely photos! What a treat to take a "field trip" today, especially with Harriet as guide :) Thank you SO much for sharing :)

  26. Such a lovely blogpost and harriet looks like an excellent guide! Love your title page, and so nice to read about you. Blogging is so much fun and very therapeutic. I have had the privilege of visiting wales, and it is such a gorgeous place. You wish that you were an artist, well look at your photos , then look in the mirror. Lovely work. Blessings from Texas

  27. Harriet is a doll -- and I loved going along with you on your walk. Such lovely old structures and pretty views! :)


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