Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Pretty Posy Picked with Love

I went for a walk yesterday with
three of my grandsons.
(and their parents of course!!!)

Each of them...at different times..
brought me some flowers....
a few arranged tidily from the eldest.....
some rather bedraggled and well held/tired looking ones from the next one down..
and a couple of flower heads from the youngest.

Each was picked with love and received with love.

So here they sit in pride of place in my kitchen!

By the way for those of you who like to know these things...yes hubby made the bread board and turntable from wood grown on our farm.
Isn't he wonderful!!?

We arranged to meet in the car park

......and walked past the little church,
........nestled amongst the trees.
The mounting block shows
how people have arrived here over the years
in all sorts of conveyances!

We walked on past a stretch of wild garlic in flower....
(I find.....
they smell strongest just as they are starting to fade!

I love the scent but others don't!!)

and banks of wild flowers

Finally we saw the sea through the tall walls.

There used to be an arch over the top but it's been taken down (probably for safety reasons...but a pity!)

The tide was going out so the children
rushed off to explore,
build dams, stepping stones etc across the stream

My eyes were caught
by the lichen and flowers growing
in pocket of the rocks where the sea could not reach

Just look at this thrift!!

We decided to go a little way along the coast path
and pulled the kids away
from their efforts to stem a fast flowing stream.
We looked once more at the beach as we left

We wandered along the path

I really feel pleased with this photo...
almost on a par
with some of the ones I see on others' blogs

and so....we reached the tower.

We were thinking
it might have been an old watch tower
as the position on the coast was very good.

I loved this one with the Irish ferry on it's way back
to Ireland.

A mix of old and new!!

The tower also seemed to be two story

and cold??

The view from one of the windows

No marauding hoardes today!!

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  1. What beauty all around you there? There is nothing like the enchantment of the sea combined with old places that have been left to stand sentry over the land. Love it all...and I love the little flowers that were so lovingly bestowed upon you-xo Diana

  2. All of your photos are beautiful and make me long to visit there. I would love to walk through all of that wonderful history.

    Such beautiful flowers filled with love sitting in a beautiful vase.

  3. Your photos show me an awesome part of the world that I will never get to see. Thank you.

    The flowers from your grandkids are precious!

  4. Such lovely photos.
    It is always sweet to receive flowers from the ones you love. 8~)

  5. What a lovely walk,a bit of everything and lovely for the family to all be together,a rare thing for us,we are scattered all over lol,it is so lovely when the little ones pick flowers for us especially when it is just the heads.

  6. What a fun place to explore! I would love to take a walk with you and your grandchildren and see all of that. I'm sure it was a wonderful time!

  7. I feel as though I was walking with you. Beautiful!

    Love, Rebecca

  8. Oh what lovely pictures you took on your walk. Such a pretty area to live in.
    Your flowers are lovely too - so sweet to get them from your grandchildren. . You hubby is indeed very clever - those boards look great.

  9. Hi, Oh how I love seeing your sights and all the different flowers. You are a good photographer. I loved seeing the ferry going to Ireland. What wonderful grands you have to bring you flowers. We are blessed to have the love of family.
    Hugs today.

  10. What a great walk. So wish I could join you. One day!

  11. What a lovely posy and a stunning walk. I especially like the thrift and the ferry photos.

    You are so lucky to live by the sea!

  12. Thank you for the lovely walk! Happy Wednesday! x

  13. How lovely! I think your photos are beautiful and I've never seen thrift growing in the wild before, so that was a treat!

  14. What a wonderful walk! Gorgeous images. Thanks for sharing the beauty around you. Have a fabulous rest of the week. Tammy

  15. Love your pretty vase with those lovely wild flowers from your grandchildren. Isn't it lovely when they do that?! You certainly had a beautiful walk there. I love to see all the wildflowers that are around at the moment, and I just love being by the sea, which we have all around us here in Devon :)

  16. It looks like a place from a romantic story book. I read Capture the Castle awhile back and I could look at your photos to imagine the scenes in the book! Lovely, my friend!

  17. Hello just catching up with you. Your little vase of flowers from your grandchildren reminded me that a couple of weeks ago my GD came in with grandpa (DH) clutching a dandylion and proudly told me she had picked it especially for me. I found a little vase for it and she was so delighted.
    Your photos are lovely and I really enjoy looking at them and reading about what you have been doing. Anne x

  18. Joan, My hubby is very good at woodworking also. Oh yes, he's a keeper too. Your walk seemed full of adventure. I too remember my little girls handing me flowering weeds as a posey...got to love it. Smiles to you and yours, Susie

  19. Wow! These are all lovely photos! You sure live in a beautiful area. I am so glad I found your blog through Rural Thursday :)

  20. Such beauty . . . first the posies, the children picking them, shaing, the innocence of child. And then the stone, the sea, vistas . . . From Wales reminding of our visits in Ireland. The aura I feel when Isee the stone, the years . . . history . . . like no other, now I can drift back to sleep . . .

  21. Hello, what a lovely walk to have shared. I stopped in to visit from Article View and always enjoy the chance to see new places through other's blogs. Feel free to visit our blog home any time too.

  22. What a beautiful place and thank you for the link for all to find.

    Nina xxx

  23. I felt like I was walking along beside you, wish I were! What beautiful country.

  24. What lovely photos of beautiful places...and your description of everything made me wish I was there, walking with you. Beautiful country.

    Thanks for coming by and following. I am now a follower of yours. Let's meet in the middle and you can show me this beautiful views in person. :))
    xo bj

  25. Hello Joan! OH MY GOODNESS what beautiful photo's and scenery...you live in a picturesque area to say the least. Your photo's are wonderful...I especially love the closeup of the flower on the rocks and the view through the window in the watchtower and another that looks like you're peeking around the stone wall out to the sea. PERFECT! I'm going to enjoy visiting you often. I hope you have a wonderful week!
    Maura :)

  26. Your grandsons are sweet to pick you flowers!

    Love that tower!

  27. I love your beautiful photos and your beautiful thoughts that accompany them. Can't wait to visit again and take in more of your posts!

  28. what an adorable gesture! your grandsons are so sweet!

    love your flower photos, they are all beautiful!

    thanks so much for sharing:)

  29. A lovely post Joan. Looks like a great walk. And what a perfect way to describe a small child's offering of flowers ... well held :D

    My husband has promised me wooden things made by his own fair hands, but not until after he retires. Meanwhile I'm sitting here drooling over yours.

  30. These is the kind of view I like. To walk in here everyday will take my stress away ^_^

  31. What an amazing and gorgeous walk! So many fun things to look at. Happy Blue Monday!

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