Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Pheasant Visits

One day last year we heard a-calling and a-tapping
at our front door

Initially we thought.....how sweet!!

and then we found.......

That we couldn't go outside the house

because he was waiting and would attack us!

Even the grandchildren
were frightened to visit as he would
fly at them and peck their
legs and ankles.

Hubbie had to do what he could to drive him off....

We heard nothing more until...this morning....

I heard a familiar sound....

Yes ... as I looked out of the back window I saw

The return of the pheasant.....!!

I had to go in to meet my cousin this morning
as I had my camera,
I thought I would take some photos
of my journey home

There were also patches of wild orchids
in the hedge

A short while ago we drove through hedges full of wild garlic

The roads are so narrow that I had to take the photos through the windscreen as we drove

And so ends another day!!


  1. Looks like that beautiful pheasant wants to move right in! Beautiful photos!

  2. Hi Joan: Beautiful drive. What is up with the pheasant? Why do you think he visits you? Happy Tuesday..Judy

  3. I have never seen such a beautiful pheasant! Wonder what his problem is??? ha ha
    Thanks for sharing the pretty blossoms along your drive. That garlic is amazing!

  4. Held hostage by a pheasant - he must like your house to keep coming back :))
    Your drive along he garlic hedge is lovely.

  5. Joan, I really enjoy your posts! Your photo of the visiting pheasant made me "click on" right away, and then I got to meander down a beautiful country road as well! Blogging provides so many unexpected treats!

  6. My goodness these photos are FANTASTIC!!! You live in beautiful country. I too live in the country on a small 109 acres farm in Pennsylvania in the USA. Thanks for following my blog I will it will be a pleasure to follow your blog.
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  7. The pheasant is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us all.


  8. Oh Joan! THANK YOU For the BEAUTY!!! The bird may be mean, but wow...how beautiful she is! Does she want someting to eat? Maybe she is seeing her own reflection in the window and it causes her to feel threatened. YOU MIGHT TRY putting a decal, you know, a sticker or several stickers on the window so she can see that it is not another bird. Just a though.

    I LOVED driving along with you! ♥♥♥

  9. Beautiful pictures!! Beautiful mean pheasant!!

  10. Beautiful images AND crazy peacock! lol What a stinker he was/is. The wildflowers are just beautiful. xo Diana

  11. Whoa . . . that would be a "drop me in my tracks" too. Whee did he go? Around the corner?

  12. Cue the sinister music ... the Deadly Pheasant approaches!

    Beautiful flowers.

  13. Well what a handsome suitor you have. He must be trying to defend his love by chasing all those competitors away ;) Beautiful bird!! And beautiful scenery. The wild orchids are so interesting. They look very delicate - I don't think we have any of those here. Thanks for sharing!

  14. That is so funny Joan!!! Loved the drive down the country lane with you too. Hey, I think you need my scarecrow!!
    Good luck.

  15. What beautiful pictures and your pheasant is beautiful.

  16. What a lovely drive home you have! That pheasant's pretty scary ... xxx

  17. Good Morning New Friend.
    What a beautiful pheasant and photos.
    Thank you for sharing.


  18. I loved your naughty pheasant visitor ! And really enjoyed riding along home with you today ! Beautiful pic's :0)

  19. thanx so much for stopping by my blog! i cant wait to get to know you! my goodness i hope your little visitor has mellowed! the landscape there is absolutly beautiful! i also take in everything around me and enjoy it soo much. right now here in minnesota things are just starting to come alive and im heading out to the garden! enjoy your day!!

  20. What a beautiful tour! and your friend, though he is a pest, is really cute! I'm now a follower.

  21. Beautiful pheasant.. although a nuisance. Thank you for sharing the photos of your drive home, I enjoyed visiting.

  22. The pheasant is very beautiful but I hope you've scared him off. Some roosters will attack you like that! Not a good feeling in your own yard!

  23. The pheasant is very beautiful. The countryside is beautiful there! I enjoy your pictures.

  24. Your Pheasant friend is beautiful - but I didn't realize they would be so aggressive! Did he have a Mrs. and a nest somewhere around, of was he applying for a permit when you had to revoke he pass? Funny that he came back around, you must be along his migrating route?

    Fun to look at, but it would get old fast, not being able to get past you windows!

    Have a fabulous new week!

  25. What a pretty bird. Too bad he is not a bit more friendly.
    Maybe you can teach him to mind his manners as a guest.

  26. He is really pretty. I've never seen one up close, this would be a treat, even if he is mean. Maybe you could borrow a dog to chase it off.

  27. beautiful photos! that pheasant is gorgeous and so funny!

  28. That pheasant is so pretty. What a shame he's such a bully!

  29. So cute:)
    Beautiful captures!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  30. The pheasant is beautiful. Too bad it was mean! All your shots are great. Thanks for sharing them all!

  31. That's the funniest thing I've ever seen... our pheasants are so elusive here, I can't imagine one coming up to the door. He's a beauty.

    Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays this week!

  32. How cool! I didn't know there were pheasants in Wales. Your photos are wonderful. I really enjoyed the trip. Good luck with the goofy pheasant.


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