Friday, 11 May 2012

My Garden Urn

You may ask what on earth this Pieris has to do with my garden urn.

The answer is nothing...
but I'm feeling full of a cold,
lost my voice
(did I hear a sigh of relief from hubby)

and I had to cancel the birthday lunch I was giving for a friend!

What brightened me up....not a lot..

was looking out of my kitchen window... 
and seeing...
the Pieris, that I had put in last year,
looking really bright and cheerful

and the azalea,
that my daughter and her husband had bought me
for Mother's Day about 7 years ago,
Just ready to burst into flower.

This takes me away from my story.

I have a water feature in the corner of my patio.

(It's not very beautiful at the moment as it is just too cold and windy to put out any frail plants to surround it)

This is the Urn - Mark 2 version

If you notice it is chipped from the frost

(although it is supposed to be frost resistant!)

This is the Urn - Mark 1 version.

(again please excuse the's still looking like winter without its colourful annuals)

Notice the jagged break in its side....
This was not done by the frost!!

I was given it as a present several years ago
and was determined to keep it pristine.

So I kept it covered in the greenhouse
over the winter.

The November in question I decided it was time to take the urn into the greenhouse.

There was a problem.....

The greenhouse was full of dead tomato plants etc
so I had to empty it

(I empty the containers on the vegetable garden
 to help the soil become more friable. It was quite heavy when we developed the garden)
(after all it had always been a field)

There was a problem....

The veg garden was full of dead runner beans and peas etc and their canes


I cleared the veg garden of dead plants and stacked up the canes tidily
and I dug it through well


I took the dead tomato plants and canes
out of the greenhouse and stacked the canes tidily


I emptied the containers from the greenhouse
onto the veg garden

All was ready!!

Very wearily

and with a bad back,
I went to get the urn to put it away for the winter

I picked it up

and made my way across the patio


The handle fell off... and it dropped on the slabs...
and broke!

It feels as if there should be a moral to this story!
My mind won't stretch to it

I wonder what you can come up with??!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of hard work! Don't feel too bad about the urn breaking. Besides, you have such pretty flowers to gaze at. :)

  2. Actually, the broken urn looks quite at home!

  3. I am trying not to giggle as that sounds like something that would happen to me. I think she looks perfect, cracks and all. Patty

  4. Oh dear. Moral is, let hubby do it next time!!!!

  5. I love Kris' moral :):) so right ! Do not throw it it is a ruin, not ruined. Still will look good in the garden. Smiles to you, Susie

  6. And the moral of your story is that 'whatever will be, will be.' I agree with Paula, the broken urn will fit right in your garden.
    Have a peaceful weekend Joan. I hope you feel better soon!

  7. Well girly...I for one LOVE the broken urn! LOVE IT!

    I hope you feel better soon. I woke up today with a terrible sinus headache. Probably caused from the feather pillow inserts I bought. :(


  8. Even broken, I still love that urn! I am sorry you're not feeling well though. Take care of yourself!

  9. Hi, I hope you are feeling better soon! I love both your urns-sorry the first one had to break. Better the urn than you falling or braking an ankle. Our weather today is cold and dreary. Hope you have a warm weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  10. I'm sorry to hear you are full of the cold - there is a lot of it going about at the moment. Hope you get better real quick.
    I really like your pot - crack and all, I think it adds to its character. :))

  11. I agree the urn is still lovely. And the flowers are beautiful. I came to your blog through Wendy's Salt and Wine blog and I am glad I did. That header photo is absolutely breathtaking. This is where you live? Wow! Now following.

  12. The moral might be---You get what you urn? You must earn a new urn? Sorry...that is all I got!!! It is beautiful even in its broken state! Don't you just hate when stuff like that happens. xo Diana Hope you are feeling better~

  13. Not sure what the moral is... but I rather fancy the urn in its current condition. :)

  14. I like your urn "as is" . . . With an ivy weaving out from it . . .

  15. Aww such is life my dear! Broken urn looks splendid...Hope you feel more like your self soon...x

  16. What about repairing it with one of those wonderful glues they have now. You seem to have all the parts there.

  17. Happy Mother's Day. It would be wonderful to be a part of Seasonal Sundays. You might be interested in my $100.00 Give Away.

    - The Tablescaper


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