Thursday, 31 May 2012

Coffee at the Warpool Court Hotel, St Davids

After our walk from Caerfai Bay to St Non's
we decided to go for coffee
to the lovely Warpool Court Hotel.

We approached the hotel through a tunnel of trees

I have been there several times to musical functions, weddings and also taken
friends and visitors for coffee.

It is so lovely and the views are outstanding!

We drove past the front to the car park under the trees and amidst the bluebells

We passed the red door (with the heraldry above it)

               and went in through the front door.

The doors from the lounge..
(oops excuse my crutch 
I didn't realise until I was there!!) onto a lovely garden overlooking the bay

It's a gorgeous place to be!!

Part of the history of the Court is:

"In 1899 the house was sold to a widow with six children,
Mrs Ada Landsowne Miller who renamed it
'Warpool Court'
Assisted by her favourite son, Basil, Ada gave full reign to her hobby -
 the decoration of ceramic tiles.

The extraordinary tiles depicting the
genealogy and heraldry
of the family's ancestry - many traced to the early kings of Wales -
may be seen in the
present dining room and bar lounge.

Other tile sequences painted by Ada include a beautiful nursery frieze copied from Walter Crane's 'Flora's Feast'.  Arcadian landscapes and illustrated maxims on love in the 'Wedgewood Room.'"

  The above photos and history have been copied with the permission of the management of the Warpool Court Hotel. Thank you

The rest of the photos I took, showing the tiles surrounding three fireplaces
and various wall panels

I hope that you agree this is a most beautiful place!?

We head home under the tunnel of trees!

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  1. Awesome pictures. I am glad you were in the one so we could get a glimpse of you. :-)


  2. This is a wonderful place, i would have to be pulled away because i would be taking so many pictures! So Ada painted all these tiles? How wonderful, so detailed, a lifetime of work!! This place is more like museum featuring her work. The tree lined street is wonderful. You have Bluebells there??

  3. Oh my,so lovely. The red door is stunning . . And the tiles surrounding the fireplaces are amazingly beautiful. Nursery frieze was such a treat to see. Everything was wonderful. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  4. What a lovely place to visit - I can understand why you love going there. I bet the coffee was delicious too. :))

  5. The tunnel trees! What a wonderful walk to go on!

    These tiles are gorgeous! Each one is beautiful and stunning! All you have taken us on to visit with you has been so wonderful! I feel as though I've been on vacation with you!

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey! It's been a lovely time!


  6. O'h this is a truly lovely blog, I just so enjoyed it today ( as usual lol) but the tiles were just so lovely.I personally love tiles I do not collect them or anything and don't really have many around our home but I just like them so much and this was breathtaking,I shall be looking again and enlarging them to enjoy quietly.Thank you again.

  7. Hi Joan: I totally agree. The tile work is magnificent..Happy Thursday..Judy

  8. Yes, the tile work is incredible, but what about the gardens and the view?! Just beautiful inside and out. Thank you for bringing us along Joan!

  9. How beautiful - love the exquisite tile work!!

  10. It is all gorgeous from the tunnel of trees to the tile work. You have the most beautiful places to visit. It is like you are a tourist in your own country and we get to enjoy it through you- xo Diana

  11. Lovely place to have tea and soak in all that beauty

  12. Lovely pictures of a lovely place, I thoroughly enjoyed our tour today from start to finish.

  13. What a great place to visit! The tiles are amazing and I love the tunnel of trees and the gardens! Thanks for taking me along:-)

  14. Such a beautiful grey brick color, & a touch of red on the door ~ Nice.

    God Bless You,
    Pearl 13.1

  15. It is truly a beautiful place and the tiles are amazing.

  16. Ada was certainly a talented painter. These tiles are truly amazing. I'm in awe of all the fine detail. Thanks for sharing this lovely spot.
    ~ Sarah
    PS Each time I visit your header photo takes my breath away.


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