Sunday, 27 May 2012

I Love a Bit of Sparkle

I love these 4 little liquor glasses
sparkling on their silver tray.

My mother gave them to me when I was with her in January.

I have always liked the way that she portrayed them
and well remember her buying them.

When I was in my teens we used to go as a family
camping in Europe.
We would pack clothes, food, sleeping bags
and cooking stove inside the car.
The tent went on the roof.

and head off for three weeks in Europe.
We would drive wherever we felt and stop for one or two nights when we found a good campsite in a lovely area

On this particular occassion
we were on our way home, and going through Switzerland, when we stopped at Berne
and I so well remember
walking through the shops under the arches
and my mother stopping because her eye had been caught by these little glasses

I looked up the definition of sparkle
and one said " sparks" and another "flashes"
I thought "that's right...the sun sparks and flashes off the many facets!"

So I took them through to the windowsill of the garden room and

I love the way that the tray reflects and mirrors the glasses
Good idea, Mum!!

As I looked at them in the sun I thought "they don't so much sparkle as glisten"

So I looked up the definition of glisten
"To shine by reflection with a sparkling lustre"
"A sparkling lustrous shine"
" Reflecting light"

Yup...that's it!!

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  1. What a sweet memory of your Mom buying these glasses. I know they are very special to you and you photographed them beautifully.

  2. Sooooo pretty! I have some sherry glasses I inherited from my grandmother Eva. They don't sparkle and glisten as much as yours do but I cherish them.

    I nearly lost my life to an over excited taxi driver in Berne,a loooong time ago.

  3. I loved hearing your story of "sparkle and glisten" and camping, a stop in Switzerland and your "mum", very nice indeed . . . sweet memories are gifts, aren't they . . .

  4. So nice to have the glasses and the memory of your mother buying them. Your family sound like quite the adventurers!

  5. Your glasses are beautiful and such a great memory to go with them :)

  6. so pretty!!
    i love those glasses they sparkle very nicely.
    what an adorable memory of your mum.

  7. The glasses are really pretty on that tray. I loved reading the story of how they came to be in your family. Jx

  8. The glasses are beautiful but the best part about them is the memory the trigger from your childhood. Loved this post today! xo Diana

  9. yes, they do glisten, you're right, thankyou for visiting me, I laughed when you said you "did as instructed" ,, thats so funny, well I'm glad you did for now I have found you!!I'm following your blog, to keep up with all your posts

  10. Those are the sweetest little glasses attached to the loveliest of memories. I'm afraid nothing sparkles or glistens around here for very long with all the dust. :/ Hope your day is great. Tammy

  11. The glasses are adorable! I love the glistening of clear glass!

  12. o'hhh they are lovely ,they give you so much joy and delight,a lovely post.

  13. These glasses flash or sparkle two ways-both by design and in the beautiful memory they bring back.

    So lovely that your mother gave these lovely glasses to you.

  14. The glasses are beautiful!

  15. great little glasses and great memories! enjoy!

  16. Those are beautiful. Great find.

  17. So sweet of your mother to give you her treasured glasses. You remember makes them even more special. Smiles to you, Susie

  18. These are lovely glasses, they have a great shape and they do sparkle wonderfully. Such a nice thing for your mum to give you.
    I bet you had some wonderful holidays :))

  19. What a very lovely story! And, what a dream vacation for those of us on another continent! While we go from State to State, you all go from Country to Country! How blessed you are!

    Your glasses are luxurious! And gorgeous on the little silver platter! What a treasure you Mom passed down to you!

    Blessings for a wonderful new week!


  20. Not only are they beautiful, but they have so many good memories for you!!! Memories of your trips and what your mom loves!


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