Sunday, 29 July 2012

Loving Cup

"We'll Drink a Cup of Kindness Yet
for the Sake of Auld Lang Syne"

These are the words that came to me when I read a post this morning at

and I felt that I should use pictures of
Loving Cup.

I have found such help, understanding and support from my 'blogging friends'
over these last few months.....

the comments have helped me through 
and delighted me.


How many times have I read a post and then
decided 'not to comment today'!

and how many times might that comment
have encouraged someone?!

 My mother lives 4 hours drive away from us
and she loves 'keeping up'
by reading my blog on her iPad!

She especially loves the comments that say what a wonderful, kind and generous mother she is

She loves to read how much I am enjoying
the gifts she has given!

She is actually coming to stay this week
to celebrate her 92nd birthday

(sigh...that means more comments devoted to saying how marvellous and wonderful she is!)

She has often said that she would like to write a blog but I'm not close enough to help her
I might let her do a guest blog here....
 this week....
watch this space!

I'm joining



  1. Well, there you are. In view of your blog post today, I have decided that I will leave a comment. I do read your blog and enjoy it, and really should comment more often!! It does get harder the more Followers you get! Anyway, that is a beautiful loving cup that you have there, but I am really writing to say how wonderful that your mum has an iPad at almost 92! I wish her a very happy birthday filled with special things, and good for her with keeping up with the new technology. I really do think it's wonderful. My friends and I often joke about if we ever have to go into a Nursing Home (please not!), and say that we will be facebooking each other and blogging!! That would be something special if your mum could do a guest post. Hope the sun is shining for you up there in Wales.

  2. Hello Pembrokeshire mum. You are a wonderful kind mum.

    Love the loving cup,as it's blue and white,my favourite.xxoo

  3. i agree with you wholeheartedly ... if the post moves you at all ... you should always make mention in some form. at times you may not have a bunch to say ... but next time. there are comments i get that just move me so. warm my heart. make me feel so loved & special. it is so the small moments in life that make it all worth while. such a lovely cup. happy birthday to her. wow, 92 ... that is awesome! (:

  4. i should have written i decide to follow along with you. you have warmed my heart so & i've enjoyed your posts lately ... that i can not lose touch. ha. ha!! big hugs. (:

  5. The loving cup is beautiful!

    I hope you do let your mother do a guest post. I think that would be wonderful!

  6. This is such a sweet post and I am glad I found it...I spotted you on A Rural Journal (Your Sunday Best #28). Happy Birthday to your mom....wishing her the best!

  7. Happy Birthday to your Mom ~ great photos ~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  8. What a beautiful, special cup!

    A guest post from your Mom would be much fun. I bet you two will have a wonderful time celebrating! :)

  9. What a cute cup. Enjoy your Mum when she gets there. And hug her for me. Smiles to all, Susie

  10. How lovely -- and it's still in such fine shape. Thank you for sharing at YSB this week. xo

  11. i am drinking my first cup of coffee and trying to catch up on my blogging friends.. thanx so much for sharing your wank to barafundle bay such beautiful pictures and a beautiful area i cant imagine! im going back to look again. i live in a big farming area and soon they will be harvesting, im sure it brings back alot of memories.. i find my self wishing i could go back and live some of those memories again... your sitting room and tea sounds so theroputic and relaxing! and i love your cup! enjoy your day and will wait to read a post from your mom!

  12. I hope your mother does that guest blog! I'm new to your blog, but I know how much my Mother-in-law enjoys reading mine and seeing the comments. The loving cup is just beautiful and such a treasure. Ann

  13. I love your sweet Spode Loving cup, and your thought provoking post...I too am guilty for sometimes not leaving that comment either....
    Anyway, enough of that - I hope you have a splendid time with your Mom, and hope she has a wonderful birthday! I hope she is able to 'Guest post' :o)and look forward to catching up with you.
    Rose H

  14. Happy birthday to your mother. She must be terrific to have raised such a sweet daughter. Looking forward to her guest post. Glad to have found you in Blogland!

  15. Love your Loving Cup . . . Beautiful!

    Happy Birthday to your mom! I am excited to read her guest post . . .

  16. Yes, please do have your Mother write us a few words of wisdom! 92 years old and still interested in these things is wonderful!!! I am missing my dear sweet Mama and Daddy. Mom was 89 when she passed over 6 years ago, and my Daddy was 92+ when he passed last year. I miss them both every day, and wish that they could read my blog! They would have enjoyed it so much...they loved to hear from me (and all their children) in any way they could communicate. Please do enjoy your Mother for all of us! And yes, I love the loving cup too! Never saw one like that before! Very special! Thank you for sharing...and we will be anxiously awaiting to hear from your Mom!!! She already has a fan club!

  17. How fortunate you are to still have your mother with you at 92! It would be wonderful to read her special words.

    The cup is absolutely lovely!

  18. I agree with the post previous to mine about how very fortunate you are to still have your Mom with you. Enjoy the time she will be visiting you..
    Now your mom knows what to do with an IPad???? I have no idea what to do with an I Pad and I am 40 years her junior!!
    Now that is just too cool!


  19. This morning I am going to have a sip from your loving cup,my Mum will be 92 this year also,fantastic aren't they lol(most of the time).Your cup is lovely and as I did not say too much on my blog I am so happy that you visited I go through days of not commenting just to know you visit is enough and thankyou for the sip of love..bless you...

  20. she is a silver surfer and well done to her! go on let her do a guest post and maybe she can tell us a little more about you when you were a child...things you might not share yourself!
    he he!!

  21. I love blue and white and that cup is so sweet. I've never seen anything like it before. I can't believe that your mother uses an iPad. My mom doesn't even have a computer so I can't email her and she doesn't read my blog. Kudos to your mom and the happiest of birthday wishes, too! Take care! Tammy

  22. Happy birthday to your mum!

  23. Your mum is impressive and so are you! Have a great day and visit with your mother. Oh, how I wish I could do the same with my mother. Blessings to you.

  24. Oh I want to wish your Mom a very Happy Birthday I would think her blog would have lots of knowledge and interesting stories which she has seen over time. I think that would be very cool.
    I love that cup and I do hope you all had a nice birthday together.
    My Mom likes my stories too she does not have a computer but I print some out for her she loves that. It is so special to have a very supportive loving Mom we are both truly blessed.
    Oh I cannot wait to read your Moms guest post. B

  25. Happy Birthday to your Mum - 92! Wow. She has seen so much, and how nice that she enjoys your blog. I look forward to reading what she has to say.

    What a beautiful cup.

  26. Happy birthday to your mom.....I am a new follower, My mom reads my blog to keep up with my life too! She is 84 and still living on her own, thank goodness! Love the views on your blog!!!!

  27. Beautiful cup....what a lovely idea a loving cup is!

    Comments are some of the best bits that come from blogging aren't they, although it is hard to keep up with everyone...I do try!

    I think a guest blog sounds like a great idea!

  28. Joan, a loving cup for a lovely person that's for sure. Happy Birthday to your mother and perhaps doing a guest post here will get her to doing her own blog!

  29. I love your little loving cup sitting on lace .
    My mom also gets a kick out of my blog
    too! My mom is 89 and she is my best
    friend .Pat Beglin from A China cupcake .

  30. I think it's wonderful that your Mum likes your blog and wants to do a blog herself! SO glad you liked the little San Diego shop I posted on. That is such a sweet little transferware cup. Love the blues!

  31. Oh, how wonderful and marvellous your mother is. I really am impressed. I've worked for 10 years in a house for the elderly as a nurse, and some people amaze you by staying so interested in everybody and everything. Those are the people you don't only take care of, but with whom you can share. Bravo for your mother, an iPad!! I wish here a happy birthday, and you lovely days with your mother.

    By the way, a beautiful cup. Groetjes, Gerda

  32. Good for your mom to be 92 and get on the internet and know how to do it. Keeps her young to keep up with the times. I love the cup. Blue and white, such a classic combination.


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