Thursday, 26 July 2012

They're Making Silage!

The first clue that I had that my neighbours were about to make their second cut of silage

was the mower arriving...
on Tuesday afternoon
so I went up
to my bedroom window to take a photo!

Yesterday afternoon the harvester arrived

Then the trailers....

and they!!

I enjoyed watching them working.......
and seeing the harvest coming in....
in such good conditions.

and I remembered when we were farming......
hubbie out early..
milking the cows before going to fill and grease
the equipment ready to start
the harvest

I would be preparing food
to take
to the workers in the fields.
I would usually have a hot meal
available for them when they finished work (sometimes at 11pm!)

Sometimes, if we were shorthanded,
I would be driving one of the tractors and trailers collecting the grass
and taking it back to the silo

The silage making would take nearly 2 weeks
with the machinery we had then....
Now it's done in days!

Then.. I had a young family
as well as taking Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal holiday makers to help out with the budget!

We didn't have contractors
just my husband and our farm workers
and me!
It was hard workbut we enjoyed it...

I made myself a pot of tea
and went to sit in the garden room

with a cup of tea
and some Scottish shortbread biscuits...

I could hear..
the drone of the machinery

and my memories were so sweet and poignant

I wrote this post especially for Nancy...
and thinking of her rural journal!

So please join her at Rural Thursday

I'm also joining Elaine for  Sunny Simple Sunday

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog,and I love it. The beautiful countryside you show us. Thanks.

  2. You live in a very beautiful part of the world ... enjoy your weekend, won't you?

    Love Claire xxx

  3. I enjoyed your reminiscing . . . Nice photos . . . Silage fragrance, not so nice. But, necessary for the farm . . .

  4. A beautiful post, I love hearing about your memories.

  5. could i have some tea please. looks like a lovely time. (:

  6. What lovely memories you have of your farming days! Nice to see everything so green where you are. xo

  7. Just beautiful scenery and the tea service looks so inviting.

  8. Your bedroom scenery is lovely! Your teatime looks very inviting!!

  9. Beautiful photos. Almost made me sneeze. ;-)

    Love your tea service! In fact, your timing is perfect because I am hosting a 'tea party' this weekend. Won't you join us?

  10. What a beautiful life with such sweet memories.Only in My dreams.

  11. hard work but great memories huh?!

  12. You make it sound so sweet and relaxing...the "spot of tea" watching farm eqipment and since I'm a city dweller now, don't get too much of that!!

  13. Great memories. You have some ovely views from your windows! Jx

  14. Your post brought back memories for me too. I loved going out to the hay fields with my grandfather and uncle. I still love old tractors and big red barns. So did my father.
    Love your pretty tea set! Thanks for the smile today.


  15. As I read your post all I could think of was "Darling, I love you, but give me Park Avenue." We had a TV show years ago called "Green Acres". It was about a fine lady and farm life. It sounds like a hard life at times. But isn't it nice to relax and watch it all now? Smiles, Susie

  16. Wonderful post of your warm memories and tea was a perfect way to reflect ~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  17. You sound like a very sharing neighbor. Hard work and a nice break from it all.

  18. I so remember those farm days from when I was young...and the sharp, bright scent of the silage as it was blown into the silo. Great memories here- xo Diana

  19. Here silage is made from corn, only this year due to drought there may not be much silage. There really is much to be said about the farm way of life. Good idea to enjoy tea while you watch the farmer work. Nice to be on that side, now, isn't it, enjoying memories.

  20. Joan, reading this post and seeing the photos reminded me of similar scenes on the VA eastern shore where we now live. If I didn't know your location, I would think it was a local field operation there, aside from the tea and shortbread that is. Your recent walk along Barafundle Bay looked so inviting and not so heavily trafficked which is very appealing to me. If I were there, it would have been great to join you and your friend to enjoy the company and those lovely vistas. Also enjoyed a previous post showing your teapot...what a beautiful way to enjoy a Cuppa.

  21. Hello Joan
    Thank you for joining/following my blog and now I'm your newest follower.
    I have put you down for one entry in my giveaway.

    This post reminds me of when I used to go down to Wiveliscombe in Somerset to my Aunty's farm and spend my summer holidays there. Some of the most happiest times in my childhood we used to have a whale of a time :-)
    Lve your garden room!

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  22. Visiting from Sunny Simple Sunday and enjoying the views you've shared. I know I've told you before, but each time I see your header, it simply takes my breath away. What an amazing image. Happy Sunday.....Sarah

  23. It sounds so lovely. You have such a gorgeous country view. Is silage the same as hay here?

  24. Saw lots of silage making up on the TX panhandle last week! Farming is very hard work. There is an interesting article in the new Atlantic Magazine about family farms making a comeback in the US thanks to new innovations in machinery/equipment. I think you can access it online if you are interested in peeking at it! Loved your pictures!

  25. I never realized that Wales was so agricultural! Shows you that we Americans don't study world geography much anymore! I love farm country. I was born on a farm in Pennsylvania, but we moved to Florida when I was 5, so I didn't get to enjoy it for long. However, my husband and I have lived in rural areas throughout our years in the ministry, etc., so we were able to enjoy what our farmers were reaping. Thank you for sharing with us today. Lovely scenery and imagery. Love the garden tea room also! Now that's "my cup of tea". Have a blessed day!

  26. I love watching farm really is amazing the amount of work they can get done in a short time. I like seeing the air conditioned cabs in some of the tractors here in the South, too. What a difference that makes! Enjoy your weekend!

  27. fabulous photos and narration!

  28. I love your commentary along with the pictures. You are a born storyteller. Ann

  29. Thank you for visiting my blog! I will enjoy getting acquainted with Wales through your blog!

  30. My dear
    Very nice photos and so sweet memories! I would like to have a cup of tea and I could listen to talk you for all those days ! I am glad that I found you !

  31. Ein schöner Bericht und so sehr passend zum grünen Tag...

    Servus und Carpe Diem

  32. what a wonderful post! i grew up surrounded by dairy farmers who made silage, too. i love harvest time for any crop. it is like a feeling of all is right with the world when there is a good harvest coming in. :)

  33. Lovely memories and great green day photos. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  34. Nice post! Thanks or sharing your memories and these very interesting pictures! (visiting from Green Day)

  35. I'm in love with your header photo. How beautiful!

  36. I must begin by a complement on your heading. I don't think of many things a pretty as natural flowers, cliffs and water. Plus the dramatic foreboding of the edge. Second...many people come from rural roots, but are citified and do not know much of farms and food production. I respect farmers and hold them in esteem for their skills and stamina. Great post about harvest. I have become your newest follower...I invited my sister, also. So nice to meet you, Mary

  37. Good Morning Pembrokeshire Lass!

    Thank you so much for linking up this week
    with Green Day at Raindrops and Daisies
    it was lovely having you with us
    and I enjoyed your post.
    I hope that you will join us again soon.

    Wishing you a happy weekend.

    x Fiona


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