Thursday, 2 August 2012

Fadedgingernut Visits

            My guest blogger, Fadedgingernut, 
                        wanted to visit
         Colby Gardens on a glorious afternoon

                            On the way
         we decided to stop at Wiseman's Bridge
                      for a cup of coffee.....
                   and a little reminiscing!

               I'm now handing over my blog
        (as requested by many of my followers)
                       (alias my mother)

         We stayed here as a family 50 years ago .....
            so it brings back many happy memories!!

         As a family we spent hours on the beach

   The best sort of coffee is the homemade one!!

                  At Colby the restaurant.....
                   is in the old stable block.
I think the main reason we come here is for the food!!

        My coronation chicken was deeelic...ious!!

                     while my daughters.....
                        was just as good!!

         We never miss visiting the walled garden
                           which is.....
                   so peaceful and restful

        The walk up to the summerhouse is......

                         .... a must!!.....


                                 Then a slow walk down again....

             and another rest before moving on........

                Our final stop was at Amroth...
          ......our very favourite seaside place

               Caught on camera again.....making
                          another cup of tea

I could have dished the dirt....but.......

my daughter's standing over me!!!!

Oh...and before I go
I have so enjoyed reading the comments you have written to my daughter
and would like to thank you for all the lovely things you've said about me.


  1. A wonderful post! Your mother is a beautiful lady! I thoroughly enjoyed the pictures.

  2. Your mom is just lovely and makes a great guest blogger! It looks like you girls had a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello fadedgingernut and thanks for a lovely trip today via your guest post. It took me a few minutes to figure out what your blog alias meant faded gingernut and I wondered if you refer to your hair color or getting older. Looks loke you had a lovely outing with goo weather and of course a cuppa tea. Hope your visit continues to be as nice.

  4. Goodmorning to a lovely lady,I so enjoyed your little tour and the lovely coffee and lunch.As my Mum is with me full time this blog today was so special and to see the look of enjoyment on your face is lovely.Thank you so much.

  5. I love this so much . . . it left me teary eyed as I remembered trips my mom and I took together. Wonderful post Fadedgingernut, you live in a lovely part of the world. Happy Days to you!

  6. Oh your Mom sounds just great! What fun she must be!! I enjoyed this post very much. Perhaps Mom needs to start a blog????
    XO Kris

  7. oh-come on- dish a little dirt. We'll paste her eyes closed for a while! I love that you have taken us on such a wonderful memory-filled journey. Blessings - xo Diana

  8. What fun. I have never been to Wales, much less the beach or gardens. It was a wonderful tour. It is good to see family spending time together, it is so precious. I enjoyed the post and guest blogger. Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a great post, looks like a lovely day out, especially that coronation chicken and the flasks of tea.....I vote for another guest blog from Fadedgingernut!

  10. Beautiful post, gorgeous photo's, lovely lady. I enjoyed it.
    groetjes, Gerda

  11. Well, now -- that certainly looked like it was a very delightful day. Thanks for taking us along. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  12. The food looks wonderful! As does your mum. What a nice day out. And it's always time for a cuppa where I live. :)

  13. What a delightful trip you've taken us on! And what a beautiful lady you are. Come on though...'dish the dirt'! We won't tell your daughter your secrets! heehee! Happy weekend!

  14. I love the water feature at Colby. Thank you for sharing your dsy with us.

  15. A lovely day out (and thank goodness for the cuppas). Nice to hear from you fadedgingernut :D)


  16. Great post there friend.. and your mum sounds so cool... bet thats where you get it from too!!! Thanks for sharing and as you well know time is so precious when spent together.. I cannot do that now, for the last ten years since I lost my parents, but you hang onto your mum and share time as much as you can!! Plus I do know those feelings of not being as active and slowing down and putting on weight... when did this all become such a problem.. our grandmothers and aunts were all shapes and sizes and no one commented on that!!! All the best, J

  17. Delightful post. Such a lovely outing. Mother's and daughters and granddaughters are special. I would love to have my mother know my grown daughter and her daughter!

  18. A year late, but like a gentle wine, the time serves only to enhance and sweeten.

    I don't know how I missed this last year, but here it is, on the anniversary, and I'm so pleased to meet you. Your dear Daughter is such a delightful person, sharing those wonderful places and things and memories.

    Every time I click on her blog, I sit with more anticipation than ever, as the scope and majesty of that great vista blooms onto the screen---just that would be enough, without all the parties and tours and tables and welcoming moments she shares.

    I'm not sure if you're conversant with many idioms used in "THE SOUTH," (USA) but I'll say one that every Mom of such a lovely, gracious human being would be glad to hear, "Hon, you done GOOD!"

    Looking forward to your visit next week!


  19. What a wonderful treat for you both...Mother and Daughter on a delightful day trip. You are so blessed to still have each other to enjoy! Please do just that...enjoy! My own mother went to heaven 7 years ago, and I would dearly love to do things like this with her. She is watching from heaven and cheering me on in my adventures, but I'd so love to hear her voice again and see what SHE would say if she could write on my blog! Blessings to you visit again in the near future.


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