Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Thing of Beauty? darned use!?!

I must have bought this coffee pot
over 40 years ago......
it cost quite a lot (even in those days!)

It moved with me....
and I have taken it down and dusted it...

but never used it!

I think....
"...the gold might get scratched...
the lid might get dropped and broken....."

So it has sat on the top of the china cupboard

.......probably hardly looked at
and certainly never used!

My mother went to a pottery class
about 35 years ago.
She couldn't use the wheel properly
because of a bad back.

I was given 3 of the things she made
(a bowl and 2 little jugs)

She will be embarressed that I am showing this!

In fact she gave them to me with a joke...

"These are precious and should be passed down
through the generations!"

Hubby was heard to mutter
"As soon as possible!"

A couple of years ago....
my son asked for one little jug that I always
 filled with flowers.....
......and I have often seen it,
full of wild flowers in the centre of their kitchen table!

I use the the bowl and little jug she made...
 all the time....
and remember ..... the creator

I have been feeling rather sorry for myself recently
.... with this disability,
I cannot get out and about the way I did.........
I have put on weight
as I am unable to walk far or excercise
and I know I have 'let myself go'

I see those I know....dressed up beautifully....
wearing lovely makeup
and striding out about their business!
and I, sometimes, feel resentful
and think of all I have lost

Seeing Mum's bowl this morning 
made me stop and think...


I am joining......Sunny Simple Sunday

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  1. So many things in life we have just like that coffee pot. It did make a lovely photo though. We all have things that we have lost, and sometimes can get them back with determination and work. Think there is lots of losses with aging though, and important to change our focus to what we still have!

  2. Many shades of disappointment and change that occur with injury, disability, loss. I find I have had to dig deep to pull myself out of "the me I used to be" to begin to embrace the "me of today.". And my injury was not like yours . . . Getting stopped in our tracks does give us TIME to reach for those things most important . . . Memories, what I still have, treasures . . . I ache for you . . .

  3. I am sorry to hear you are feeling so low at the moment, I'm not sure what your disability is but I am sending you hugs to help make you feel a bit better.
    Your teapot is lovely well worth displaying. Your mum did a great job with her plates.
    Take care :)

  4. I'm always striding out going places when I'd rather be sitting on my porch. Kind of like your gold pot and your mom's plate. It is a matter of perspective I guess. I hope you get feeling better. I think the plate is wonderful and I wish I could see the vase. I enjoyed the story about handing it down for the generations.

  5. Your coffee pot is beautiful! I've never seen one like that. And I adore the piece by your dear Mom! The colors are so pretty together!

    Sending you prayers for healing.

  6. The pot is beautiful..and this is a beautiful post. I love the pottery too! Remember , you are blessed!

  7. I was having a bit of a blue day this morning too. I know how you feel and we all have "bad' days. But thankfully we pull ourselves together and think of the good things and life goes on.

  8. Please use the coffee pot! Life is very short, I realize that more with each passing day.

    I am praying that you feel better soon.

  9. OH-I hear you- I have things that I never use either because they are "too good"...or I am afraid something will get broken. WHY are we like that? I am purposing this year to use my THINGS! I am not getting around like I did either and it drives me nuts- xo Diana

  10. My mom used to safe her best things back...till I told her one day,"If something happened to you mommy, dad would let some other women use your good stuff. " She started to use what she had then. But I know what you are saying about feeling down due to weight gain or not dressing nicely. I have arthritis in my ankles and can not wear pretty shoes for very long...that makes my mode of dress boring. Put on your pretty face everyday sweetheart....let's use our best, do our best and and we will look our best. xo, Susie

  11. You have a wonderful day and I understand what you are saying,I always feel a wreck lol but you know my heart sings and the lovely things you show us,used and not used and so you brighten my day so i am hoping that there are many blogs out there that brighten yours,you are blessed with such a lovely nature the outer shell is nothing without the love have plenty of that!

  12. I love that you have your mother's handmade bowl on display. I think it is beautiful, especially with the flowers painted on it. As for that teapot/coffeepot, you should use it! It would be a beautiful vase or even a pretty holder for wooden spoons, which wouldn't chip the china. I hope you are feeling better soon. It's hard sometimes to see past the point at which we currently rest, but one day you will get beyond it. I love your header, by the way. Ann

  13. That teapot is lovely but I don't think anything should ever be considered too precious to be used. The older I get, the more I realize that putting so much worth on material things just isn't reasonable. I love the pottery that your mom made. Anything handmade is beautiful to me. So nice that your son uses the jug for flowers in his own home. I know a bit how you are feeling ... I can get around, but the weather and this month of Ramadan doesn't allow it. I enjoy my crochet work, but I am starting to feel a bit like a slug not being able to get out and about, and have gained a couple of kilos. Summer weather here is just awful. Stay positive! Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  14. I love your mums bowl, and I am sure she would rather it was used than gathering dust in a cupboard.

  15. Important to try and be thankful for what we do have, I suppose -- the man with no feet I often forget. :)

  16. Nearly two years ago I suddenly pulled something in one knee and then shortly afterward the other knee gave up. Then there were floods in Queensland, where I live. I wondered what I could do to help and ended up thinking well, I can sit and sew. Other bloggers helped and we made nearly 100 cushion covers, thirty five were sent to a school that had lost everything and needed them for their kinder classes to 'rest' on. It was so fulfilling doing something for other people and stopped me dwelling on my own disabilities. My knees slowly improve and now I can stand for a couple of hours at a time. I still look for opportunities to give what I can as the buzz of it thrills me. Maybe that teapot would be put to good use inviting a neighbour...or even getting to know a for a good cuppa and a chat. Spreading the love of God is exciting!

  17. Maybe in your heart you can give to one of your friends who take you out on your Birthday someone who would not be so fussy it would get scratched.

    I would. That is me. If I had to worry about something that bad. Then it is time to give to someone who would enjoy it. To sit and never use it. Does not make sense.
    money should not be a issue.

  18. Use all of your pretty things - you deserve to use nice things. Be good to yourself.


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