Sunday, 19 August 2012

Call of the Sea

I fell in love with this glass

when friends took me out for lunch
a few weeks ago

       We walked down past the old mill workings
                        to the craft shop

and there calling out to me from the cabinet.....

was this beautiful dish....

The different colours and bubbles

reminded me of the sea!

I'm joining Sunny Simple Sunday

and Nancy at Sunday Best


  1. You're right, it's like a frozen piece of sea!
    Enjoy your Sunday! :)

  2. It is delightful,beautiful,it reminded me of the gorgeous blue Bristol glass we saw when we were over there,I was given a piece as a keepsake,absolutely stunning no wonder you were drawn to it.

  3. You are right, the sea...blues, whites, even bubbles of sea foam. I really like blues anyway..then give it some shine and sparkle...sold! Beauty.

  4. Hello June

    Very appropriate....bit of sea it is.
    its beautiful and a joy to look at
    where have you put it?
    somewhere where the lights reflects on it I imagine :-)

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  5. Hi June,

    What a beautiful piece of glass

    It is absolutely gorgeous.

    Have a happy Sunday

    ~ Fiona

  6. Gorgeous, beautiful, stunning like SEA . . . The pearl like bobbles give the impression of waves . . . Very very nice treasure . . .

  7. So pretty and lustrous. I totally understand why it had to be yours! :)

  8. Beautiful and wavelike. Visiting from Simple Sunday's, Olive

  9. Wow I really love the dish as well! Glad you purchased it and didn't go home wishing you had! Enjoy it!

  10. oh its beautiful, I love it when something speaks to us, its magic!

  11. Wow! The most beautiful piece of glass I have ever seen!

  12. Absolutely lovely glass and photos ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  13. Beautiful glass. The colors are spectacular.

  14. That is a gorgeous, gorgeous piece and it DOES remind me of the sea! xo Diana

  15. This glass bowl is BEAUTIFUL! It is indeed reminiscent of the sea. It looks so pretty in front of the window where it can capture the light. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Visiting from Sunny Simple Sundays; have a wonderful week.


  16. Oh, I do hope you dove right in and bought that bowl. It has your name on it! Susan

  17. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us!

  18. Hi Joan,
    That glass is lovely and it really does remind one of the sea. Thank you for your visit. The saucer under the teapot is actually a cake plate and it is Coventry Garden made by Skye McGhie. It's pretty, isn't it? Hope you have a lovely week.


  19. Hello, just found your blog via Lori's. I'm so excited to find you, I am from Milford Haven and both my parents are from Fishguard/Goodwick. I now live in Chamonix, France.
    Where about in Pembrokshire are you? my fathers family were farmers in Manerowen.
    We are coming to Wales in October, I'm so looking forward to it. My kids love Folly Farm and I love visiting a candle workshop, can't remember the name of the place, but it's run by the wife of Brian John. Do you know it? Have you read his Mistress Martha books?
    Have a lovely day in the land of enchantment.

  20. JUst beautiful! Sounds like you had a wonderful lunch with friends!

  21. beautiful glass! and yes i probley spend a bit to much time on my blogs but so nice to keep up! enjoy your day!

  22. I am not surprised it is gorgeous. :)

  23. Sounds like a lovely lunch and a great little craft shop to visit. Your glass dish is so beautiful! I can see why you were drawn to it. Your crochet is coming along nicely, too. Blogging has inspired me to try so many new things. Happy mid-week to you! Tammy

  24. Indeed, a lovely piece and does seem like it would be reminiscent of the sea, Joan

  25. It is exquisite! And it reminds me of the sea, too. I can close my eyes and see the ocean right now after being on the Gulf Coast for a few days! Sweet hugs!


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