Friday, 17 August 2012

Where Does the Time Go?

I started learning to crochet about a month ago

and made a couple of (mishapen) square/circles (which I sent to my mother as she likes that sort of thing for coasters)

I saw a picture of the 'Granny Stripe' that Attic24
had on her blog and decided it might help my crochet if I tried that....
I love the bright colours

Until this time the choice of how to spend my time was between knitting and tapestry

I had finished the short sleeve jumper and started on the cardigan.....
when crochet...and its bright colours
took over my life!

So I have no time for the knitting... and...

the new longstitch
on which I had been longing to make a start....

has stayed in its bag!!

Where does the time go when there are so many things I want to do?

I used to do so much!
This is one of a couple of tapestries that I completed last summer to give to a friend......

I have to confess that I realise...
the time that I think has trickled through my fingers
has been spent with my blogging friends!!

I am learning so much and being encouraged by
each one of you.....

I'm so glad that I've found you!!!


  1. Oh my, your tapestry work is beautiful . . . love the poppy. Please clue me in, is it made with a cross stitch! ???

  2. Isn't it funny how crochet does take over? I learned to crochet last fall and don't knit much anymore because I like crochet so much better. For me, it's just easier, especially to rip out mistakes!

  3. i embroidered when i was young so i know the time that went into these beautiful pieces you've got here! never did crochet though. that was my sister's forte. :)

  4. Yes, it is a time sucker, but such a wonderful outlet too! Your crochet is really coming along!!!!

  5. It appears to me you are getting a lot accomplished!
    My intent was to become a better crocheter this summer, but somehow it just didn't happen.
    I love the bright collor you've chosen for your blanket.

  6. The time flies by so swiftly for me too. You are getting things done though. You have chosen some lovely colors.

  7. the time seems to fly this summer for certain, your work is just lovely, I think there is nothing as comforting as a piece of work to take up our quiet time, knitting and crocheting are wonderful time passers and if its not a pattern that requires constant checking its easy going all the way, lots of time for mind wandering,

  8. You bring such a smile to me today as now you have learnt to do the stripe rug you know you are going to be addicted and do several.It looks lovely and like you I wonder where time goes,we are at the time of life where it takes us all day to do what it to take a short time..o'h well the joys of down hill lol..have a lovely weekend.

  9. WEll, I have been trying to crochet something that resembles the designs that I have seen on the demo on the tube, but nothing I make seems to turn out like it should... so I take my hat off to you as you seem to be galloping along and I am quite jealous at your skills.. and as for the embroidery,.that just took my breath away... you really are very clever and I am sooooo jealous hahah all the best J

  10. Your tapestry work is gorgeous - that must take a lot of time!!!
    I have never tried crochet, I have done some knitting - many years ago and have done some crossstitch.
    I really should try and get back into it.
    Blogging does take up quite a bit of time doesn't it? I love it though!!!!

  11. I am glad you found blogging, too...cuz then we found YOU! I have never learned to crochet or knit- how sad is that!?! But I love your creations. That tapestry you did is just gorgeous- xo Diana

  12. Wow, beautiful creations all.

    What with crochet and blogging (and reading bloggy friends' posts) I feel like I'm not getting very much done either - but I'm having a lot of fun with what I am doing! :)

  13. Hello there

    Been meaning to comment for days now. Many thanks for popping into my blog and commenting on my latest post.
    Yes,I've been meaning to comment about that fantastic red dish...beautiful china. I just love china and porcelain and I collect it although I have to wait until I get to the UK to buy, British china is much too expensive here.
    congratulations you have joined the crocheters'll see you'll be a joyful addict in no time. However I have to echo what others have commented here your tapestry is supreme and you knit tch!!!! I can't knit although my sister has patiently tried to teach me...I'm useless at it.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  14. I know what you mean..there just isn't enough time to do everything. I can't knit and applique and read at the same time LOL. Oh and lets not forget quilt. Blogging is very time consuming but I love it also. Love those beautiful crochet colors.

  15. I agree blogging does take up lots of time but I am so glad you are enjoying your crochet!

  16. I feel the same way. I go to work at 7:15-7:30 every morning and yet so how there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Let alone all the projects.

  17. The crochet addiction has begun! Not such a bad way to spend your time though. Blogging is fun too.

  18. I am glad to have found you too! I agree, there is so much to learn from everyone. I have a stack of projects sitting here to make and I just love having so many ideas to play with.

  19. Joan, contrary to what you have said, you have gotten quite a lot of things done and all beautiful and handmade cations too. Thanks for sharing your art!


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