Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Tranquil Corner

This is a place to sit and relax and let the cares slide slowly from your shoulders

A place away from the stress and pressure
of everyday life......

At least that was what I planned when I started
redisigning the room
after my daughter got married!

I thought that I would like to show you around
the special things that make it special
BUT  first of all

I wonder how many eagle eyes
noticed the rail in the ceiling and wondered.....
what on earth it was for........??!!
The week before my daughter got married
I asked hubby to put up a hook ready for.....
when we collected her wedding dress from Swansea
When we returned
that is what met our eye...
'wonderful is not the word.......!!'

I just put a throw over the chair.
The blue embroidered cushion cover is one that
I bought in Tenerife (Canary Islands)
several years ago...just because.........

The pink owl was made by one of my daughters

As you may have gathered I love blue
I feel it is so relaxing!

I added the set of 3 blue jugs that my mother in law left for me

On the other window sill I added some
blue glassware.
The sun shines through this window most of the day and I love the blue shades
that fill the room.

The blue glass vase I bought in a local pub which has lots of these sorts of things
The bottles are from a Welsh company
That makes natural mineral water...aren't they lovely?

The blue dish that I have included is actually for garlic bread and is made by SPODE

The bed does not have a real patchwork bedspread alas!  Perhaps one day........?

I bought the crochet throw and pillow
reduced at a local store when they were on the sale.
They were made by Cath Kidston

The picture on the right is of Dale (a local seaside resort) and painted by a local artist.

The other is a long stitch tapestry that i did several years ago

This picture is painted by an incredibly talented local Japanese artist..Goichi..

It is one of his series of Biblical characters
This one is of Deborah

I feel so fortunate to have 2 of his paintings!

Further round the room we have a blanket chest made by hubby out of wood from one of our trees

I really must get round to sorting out the 'stuff' that I've shoved inside it!!  It's so handy!

The jug has 'Burleigh Ironstone, Staffordshire, England' written under it
I bought it several years ago in a local store.

The table and coaster were, again,
made by hubby
from wood taken from trees on our farm.

My son and his wife brought this lovely bowl
back from Scotland for me

It's Campbeltown Pottery
(Near the Mull of Kintyre)

I hope that you have enjoyed the journey around this room
As you can see.........nearly every item
has a special meaning for me!

I always pray that each person who stays in this room
Finds some measure of...

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  1. It is, indeed, a very lovely room. I do love the blue glass on the window sill!

  2. I do like a good nose around other peoples houses! thanks.
    We have a pink and blue spare room which I love to sleep in every now and again if hubby is away!

  3. Thank you for showing us your special things,I love blue too but when it comes to clothes I love pink! I must be strange lol just lovely.

  4. I love blue glass.

    Your jug and bowl are especially beautiful, as are the samples of your husband's woodworking talent.

  5. Joan: You took the words right out of my mouth. I was going to say that not only is the room pretty but whomever sleeps there would be so lucky as it would be a very restful place..I love all blue things too..Happy Sunday..Judy

  6. I feel tranquil just looking at it! Beautiful!

  7. This is a lovely room and one you can enjoy. It's always so nice to be surrounded by things that mean something to you. Love the wonderful painting AND the pink owl! How cute!

  8. I enjoyed the tour of your room, but got a good chuckle at your hubbies "hook". I can see my husband doing the same thing.
    I loved your comments on my post and enjoyed hearing about your time in India.

  9. I love your room. You have a great collection of blue! WOW! I'll bet you have been collecting for a long time. Long day here-too tired to think and I am headed off to an early bed! xo Diana

  10. Beautiful post!
    Peaceful place for rest and reflection.
    You have so many special things ..
    I love the blue element in the room.
    Wonderful jugs.
    I am so fond of crocheting, and was so impressed with the pillow and throw.
    Have a great week

  11. Your tapestry is lovely, I love blue too....and pink....I love the way you've used lots of different blue pieces around the room, especially the blue glass!

  12. Oh, I just love your room! Every detail you wrote about gave me a feeling of standing right there in the room with you as you told me of each treasure displayed!

    Anyone staying in this room though won't want to leave, except after going to the sites I saw in some of your other posts, you left me wanting to run about your countryside!

    My favorite in your room? The items you showed your sweet husband made from wood of trees on your property! How special are the table and chest!?

    Thank you for inviting me for a tour of your guest room! May every one who stays with you feel as special as the items you display!

    I've just become your newest follower and look forward to visiting often!


  13. It's obvious that when you ask hubby to do something, he just doesn't do it halfway -- he goes above and beyond. Lovely items he has made from local wood. I love blue, too -- but glass items do not stay that clean around here. Too much dirt and dust and grime. Ugh! We are in the midst of a storm at the moment. Very depressing! I'd love to come stay in your tranquil bedroom away from the worries of the world. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  14. hello Joan, I thought I would come over and meet you properly.
    Your room looks lovely with all the fresh blues. I have the exact same patchwork quilt here at Hillside, bought from a charity shop.
    My best friend lives on the Carmarthenshire/Pembs border, so I was interested to see your photos of the area.

  15. How nice your room is with all of the special treasures! I love the blue items.

  16. I love blue and white - it's so relaxing! Your room is lovely. Jx

  17. Hello your room is lovely - I would certainly enjoy staying in there. I do like blue - in fact I think it's my favourite colour! The blue glass is gorgeous but there are so many lovely things there. Your husband is very talented. Anne x

  18. Hi Joan, I thoroughly enjoyed the tour around this cozy and tranquil room filled with such lovely treasures. The stitchery you did is magnificent and the furniture your husband built is wonderful. You are very blessed to have received such special keepsakes from around the world.

  19. It is a lovely room. The colors of white and blue make it so peaceful looking. Your husband is very talented – the table is splendid. Any guest would love staying in that room, indeed.

  20. Hello lass! What a wonderful blue room you have here! Anyone who stays here is blessed already! Love that little blue pitcher. You have some lovely things. The pillow and throw being two of them. When we have traveled in Europe we have stayed in a few sweet rooms like this in guest houses. There's not so much of that here. A B&B here is never as homey.

  21. Lots of great stuff!! Your hubby does wonderful wood work!

  22. Your header is gorgeous! I had to laugh about the rail on the ceiling. Isn't it just like men?! Love your blues. Blues are sooo pretty. I think having a space to be able to get away from it all for a bit is a wonderful thing to have. The Pink Owl pillow your daughter made is so cute. I want to thank you for coming over to visit my blog and follow me! May we "meet" again!

  23. Beautiful! I love all of your blues. I collect blue bottles also. Love the vibrant color. Hubby is so very talented and does great work. Thanks for the tour of this beautiful room


  24. Your husband makes great furniture, so pretty! Love your blues. You should join Smiling Sally's Blue Monday Linky Party. Lots of blues there! Here's the link:

  25. I used to have a blue, white, and yellow room, so I enjoy this soft palette you used. These blue bottles are gorgeous with the sun streaming through them, and chair looks like a comfy place to relax with a good book. Thanks for sharing with us on Your Cozy Home Party!


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