Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Time Out!!


This has to be one of the most peaceful places....
I come here when I want 'time out'.....

This is where I came this afternoon.

I love the drive here especially
in the winter when the
twisted oak trees
show off their branches
to those who pass by and take the time to look!

I have tried but really can't do them justice!

I hope that you are able to see what I mean?

I arrived and walked through the gardens,
sat on a seat......
and looked up through the trees

It seemed strange to see the lichen hanging off them

Further on I spied another tree.....
this one had been felled and aleady other life was taking over

It was good to have some time to wander and to reflect...........

Then...I came home and looked at my garden.....

The magnolia stellata in the corner is blooming and looks lovely

I really need to get somebody to help me move the white one.....
as it is suffering from being so close to the hedge.

Wait a minute........
who do I spy in the corner behind the magnolias?

Is it....?

Yes....... it surely is.....

Anne Boleyn!!

So called because they knocked off her head in the garden centre.......
and it had to be stuck back on!!

Looking round the garden I spy another little girl

Probably praying for someone to come and sort the garden..... if not the gardener...... out!!?

So ...a brief resume of my day....
A glorious, sun-shiny day!

For those who have asked and been wondering....
Hubbie put his foot stool higher

so that, with the chair being higher, he could 
put his feet up in comfort.

Of course...his little tootsies didn't touch the ground when he was just sitting.....
so he added a bar to his foot rest......

What can I say????!

To finish...and to bring my blood pressure down a little.....
 I want to go back to the place I started....

The lovely oak tree that you the tree in the corner of in the picture of my favourite place


  1. What a lovely place to sit and reflect..I absolutely loved your blog today and saw all the beauty in those trees,hope your day is a good one and that your hubby is enjoying his chair etc lol aren't men funny old things...

  2. Beautiful photos!

    I think your husband must be very clever with all of his ideas.

  3. Beautiful tree - reminds me of an oak that was our neighbor when I was a little girl *s*

  4. i think everyone should have a place like that to go to, so lovely. i do see the oaks and love them too. they are my favorite tree here!

  5. You have a marvelous place to enjoy some quiet respite. Those tree branches are awesome.

  6. Hi Joan, thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you come back often... I am enjoying yours. Your header is AWESOME... Wow!!!!!

    That is a neat 'timeout' place. We all need a similar place where we can go to relax, reflect and recharge our batteries!!!! Those are such interesting trees in that area. Your photos are great....

    Thanks again for visiting... You will have more spring in your area soon... Can't wait to see more pictures of your garden.

  7. Such a beautiful place to sit and think. I would be there often on a beautiful day. Those trees are so very cool with their very twisty branches. You are lucky to have such a nice garden around you, too. Is all of hubby's "improvements" giving you high blood pressure? Ha! :) Hope your day is a good one. Tammy

  8. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Your blog is stunning, the header just took my breath away when it opened up. I have always wanted to go to Wales and Ireland!!! These trees are just amazing, I love old trees but have never seen anything like this! I would love a corner chair like that, you did a beautiful job of the cushion.And how lucky, your husband is quite a handyman!!! We have something in common, I do a bit of counseling. So nice to meet you!!

  9. Ah! Such a beautiful spot. I remember seeing beautiful undulating green fields from the train to Holy Head. The horses running along made it feel like I was seeing the scene in slow motion. You live in such a beautiful part of the world! Thanks so much for letting me know you came by!

  10. Hey Joan! You stopped by my blog recently and I wanted to stop by your place for a visit.

    Wow! Oh how beautiful your header is and the serene places you visit nearby are simply wonderful! And, my my, the garden is so lovely! I live in the beautiful southwest desert of Arizona USA....Everything here is brown but it has it's own sense of wonder, too! Didn't God do a wonderful job creating such amazing places for His children to enjoy.

    Thank you for joining my blog....I'm following along with you now, too!

    Have a beautiful weekend, my new Wales friend!

  11. Hey Joan. :)
    I really enjoyed reading through your blog and the photos are great.
    I'm your newest follower.
    Awaiting new posts. :)


  12. I love your special place. It's nice to have a spot to go to where you can be at peace. I go to a park nearby to walk and to relax. I am in awe of your banner photo! It is amazing!

  13. Hi Joan~ I'm so glad you found me so I could find you!

    I love your special place. I've lived in Oklahoma for 25 years and I have yet to find an area that beautiful... Just lovely.

    Thank you so much for sharing~


  14. Beautiful trees! That does look like a peaceful place.


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