Saturday, 14 April 2012



This is one of my favourite walks.
The best time of the year...I May when the wildflowers create
blankets of pink, white, yellow and other colours.

This picture was taken at the same time as the one I use on my header.

It was taken a couple of years ago when I took both of these photos.

The walk is from Caerfai Bay
around the Saint David's peninsular to

So many have commented on the picture that I have used as the header.
If you look carefully you can see
the convent of St Non's in the background
along with its little chapel (which is a delight to enter)

St David's mother is said to have been born in a cottage nearby.  The ruins are nearly visible in the picture. There is also a spring which is said to have healing properties!

It is such a lovely walk.

I am so sad that I can no longer do it!

A couple of weeks ago my mother was staying and we revisited so many favourite places.

One of them was Abereiddy with it's ruined cottages
so legend has it,
after a plague hit the area

We wandered around the corner to the blue lagoon
which was as beautiful as ever

There were a group of 50 first year geology students from Leeds University there.
All in their hard hats and listening to their lecturers.

I have to say that
we were very disappointed
when we stood aside to let them pass,
as they could get along faster than I  could,
that few....
if any even acknowledged us...
let alone said...
thank you.

One of their lecturers, however, stopped to chat and explain what they were hoping to acheive.

It was truly a wonderful place to be
on such a beautiful day!

We went a  little further around the coast to
the place where the material, that was quarried
 in Abereiddy,
was loaded on the boats

Now, unfortunately, it is just a shell of what it used to be ... but the harbour still remains

I have to say that I am feeling rather down this evening as we had a visit from 40 of our neighbour's cattle on Thursday.
They broke over the hedge in our back field....
luckily only about 10 of them came into the garden
but they have made a lot of mess!

My lawns are not what they were when I was able to mow and look after them....but....
It still upsets me....

This is just a small part of the area that they covered

These are some of the culprits
captured in the yards until they could be moved

I'm sorry that my blog has ended this way tonight
It's just the way I feel.......


  1. Oh, I am so sorry that the cattle caused such damage for your garden. I did enjoy the other pictures though. You have such beautiful scenery there.

  2. Oh- I am sorry your gardens are in a mess because someone didn't keep their cows penned as they should have. The worst part is that you are not able to jump out there as you once did to clean it up and make it as good as new again.

    The walk you showed here is absolutely gorgeous. It makes me long to see it in person. Blessings to you and I hope tomorrow is a better day for you- xo Diana

  3. Such a lovely area you live in. I so enjoyed your photos of the area you and your Mom visited.
    I'm sorry about the destruction from the escaped cattle. Such a shame.
    Hope tomorrow will be a better day.

  4. I love the beautiful countryside that you show. I could walk for miles in all that lovely scenery!
    Sorry about you garden, hope they repaired the fence and you feel better with the sun rise.

  5. Thanks you for sharing your beautiful photos. 8~)
    So sorry to hear about the cattle intruding!
    Take care,

  6. What a beautiful part of the world you live in! I've never been to this part of Wales and your blog has made me realise what I've missed. I would love to do this walk some day. So sorry about your lawn - I guess these are the hazards of country living.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your very kind comments. I will definitely be back to yours!

  7. Gosh, I know the feeling well. We had a mob of highland cattle break into our newly planted trees and they damaged most of them. The farmer was very apologetic and gave us some beef after they were slaughtered. It was very awful am I?? xx

    1. Beautiful pics & id love to have you as a follower! thanks :)

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by Buttercup's. One of my dreams is to see Wales one day. Don't know if I will make it, but will be happy to visit via your blog. I am your latest follower.

  9. aww the cows were enjoying the vast beauty too, shame they leave such a mess! it is really specactular where you live.

  10. I am enjoying your blog! Your photos and descriptions are wonderful. Thanks for visiting me at Home in Douglas! I am returning the favor and following you as well.

    I love reading blogs about other parts of the world. Wales is lovely and I hope to visit some time.

    Re: the cows - I suppose hoof prints in your lawn can be a decorative touch! We have problems with bears where I live!

  11. What a pleasure reading your blog which I just discovered! I was about to leave a comment on another blog (now I cannot remember which one) and saw your comment and photo, which led me here. You have another follower! I live in the U.S. but have always dreamed of visiting Britain someday. I'm almost 63 and can't do as much as I used to either, so I can relate to you. Have a great Sunday, nice making your aquaintence!!

  12. Hi!
    Thank you for dropping by to visit today. I followed you back and am going to become a follower now.
    Where you live is so...beautiful. My ancestors on my mother's side immigrated from Wales. Her maiden name was Winn. Someday my DH and I hope to visit there and believe me your photos have cemented our desire ever more!
    Have a great Sunday and drop by again-Kimberly

  13. HI, Thank you for sharing your treasures with us-such beautiful country! I am so sorry for the rudeness of the students and also that you've had a down day-wish I was there to help or cheer you up.
    Sending love your way tonight.

  14. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am happy to have found you..the pictures are beautiful! It is so nice to be able to visit other parts of the world..from my own house!My husband is disabled,so we are pretty much "stay at homers".
    I am your newest follower.

  15. Thank you so much for visiting My House in Africa - lovely to see you!!!! Sorry about the cows in your garden .... we had a similar problem recently with cows in our country bookshop!!! My husband thought he was hallucinating! lots of love x


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