Thursday, 19 April 2012


I woke this morning
and looked out of the side window and saw
the end of this lovely rainbow
and it's shaddow.

Being now a blogger
I rushed for my camera and looked out of the
back bedroom window

Now totally captivated,
I started leaning out of the windows...
rushing outside....
to get a good picture of the whole rainbow

I was so pleased because, to me, rainbows speak of hope and a promise.
After the flood God promised Noah.......

I have spent these last 4 years hoping that each operation would see me more mobile and able to do, again, the things I so enjoy!
Yesterday I went to Cardiff (about 100 miles away) to see the consultant neurologist. 
He seems, after my latest MRI scan last week,to be about to get on with the job and is now supposed to be doing a diagnostic under CT scan next week.

As he left he put his hand on my shoulder
 and said
 "I promise you I will arrange it for next week and phone you before the end of this one."

So the rainbow seemed to me to be affirming that something will happen.....we'll see!


On Tuesday I decided to go to some local woods to see if the bluebells were out as I had been told!

As I crossed a bridge I saw

Some ducks who seemed to playing on a rock.
One took a turn and then slid off and another climbed on

It was such fun watching them and made me think...
how often do we miss a fun moment because we don't spend a moment to stop and look!

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to spend a short while with one of my grandsons

We got out of the car and walked onto the shingle beach.  I was looking ahead to the sea
but he stopped,
looked down and said
"Look at all these dead crabs"

The part of the beach that had looked as if it had a lot of bigger stones
actually was covered in dead crabs!

There were all sorts...hermit crabs as well

We wondered if someone had been crabbing and not put them back in the water
but they were spread over quite an area!

We spent the rest of the time finding and admiring other shells
and things that had been washed up.

I sometimes think that 
there is a lesson to be learnt in the way
that a young child
focusses all their attention on the matter in hand

instead of looking at everything all around
and trying to take in everything.....

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  1. Beautiful rainbow photos. I hope you get the phone call you're waiting for soon x

  2. I wish you all the best with your neurologist. Thank you for sharing the lovely rainbow! Your grandson is a handsome young fellow! Take care and keep us updated on your progress.

  3. I take that rainbow as a good omen- A promise from God that maybe the worst is past and there are better days ahead. I will be anxious to hear what your doctors have to say.

    You are so right that we often get caught up in the big things and take for granted the little things around us. It is fun to see things through children's eyes....xo Diana

  4. The photos are absolutely lovely. My thoughts and prayers will be with you at this time.

  5. Your post puts me in mind of the poem by W H Davies, 'What is this world if full of care we have no time to stand and stare'. I try really hard to 'see' my world - being a bit of a photographer helps - but I love to share what others see too - children, bloggers - and hear their thoughts, often so different to my own. Rainbows put me in mind of Wordsworth's, "My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky" and dead crabs would have me rushing to get all the dogs back on their leads before they could eat them!

  6. What a lovely post,your pics are really good,the rainbow full of promises and hope.Your little fellow is a sweet little man ,they are precious and everything is so fresh in the eyes of a child and so lovely to share with him.Hope is always there so we will pray for a phone call and some good news.

  7. I think we do take a lot around us for granted.
    I know I do...I can can look at beautiful mountains out of every window of my house...yet I do not always "see" them.
    Sometimes we must look closely at the beauty around us.

  8. The rainbow photos are just amazing! It looks like a double rainbow! And it's almost impossible to get the whole rainbow with a camera....what a shot! It sure is beautiful in your part of the world!

  9. Hello Joan: I hope you get the call when he said you would. There is nothing in this world harder than waiting for a call from a doctor. It seems so insensitive. The rainbow is a wonderful sign and picture at the same time. Your little grandson is so cute and it's true that we could learn so much if we looked at the world through a child's eyes..Happy Thursday..Judy

  10. Greetings Joan, Oh how I loved seeing the Rainbow and hearing the hope you have with your doctor. I will pray that he has answers and is led by the Ultimate Healer. I loved seeing your grandson-what a handsome lad. I wonder what happened to the crabs-but maybe you are right and they were caught in a net but never put back in the sea. Thank you for sharing life with us.
    Hugs, Noreen

  11. "My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky..." Love the poem! Your photos are beautiful. Many thanks for sharing. Prayers for complete healing.

  12. That rainbow was stunning!!! And what a great way to think of it too, as hope!!! Good luck with your appointment. Your grandson is adorable!!!!!
    XO Kris

  13. Lovely rainbow photos ,dont you think blogging has made us look at life in a different way?
    Sending you lots of rainbows and good thoughts.

  14. beautiful rainbows! and lovely time spent with your grandson. i hope your get the news you are wishing for.

  15. D'you know when I took my kids on a beach explore last year, one of the kids brought me over a crab to look at and I said something about it being dead and a marine biologist friend said, probably not, just a shed skin/shell, I was rather surprised, not realising that crabs did that, but guess it makes sense......

  16. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I am now following you and I so enjoyed reading your post! I think the way you do about trying to see everthing. And yes, my 6 yr. old and 1 yr. old grandsons help me to see things from their point of view. Have a great day! ~ Carol Ann

  17. Hello from across the pond! I am so thankful that you left a message for me because I so love your blog and seeing all of the BEAUTIFUL pictures of where you live. How so blessed you are to have such glorious beauty just right outside your window. **swoon** Yes, rainbows are God's promise. We had a double rainbow over the cemetary the day we layed my youngest son to rest. God was telling us that it he has him now and to be at peace.

    Your grandson is so cute! Yes, children are amazing and do view things in such an innocence.

    Stay well and wishing you the best with a prognosis. I, too, have a disability I struggle with.


  18. What a gorgeous rainbow. You captured it beautifully. Yes, rainbows mean hope to me also. Hoping and praying that things will work out for you. The stream and ducks are so sweet bu the small boy is even sweeter.

  19. I think that double rainbow will bring you good luck! All your pictures are so beautiful! Best wishes, ~Marcy

  20. I wish you a good outcome! The rainbow is beautiful - I have a hard time getting good photographs of them but yours are perfect.

    What a cute grandson you have.

    My favourite of the promises God made to Noah after the flood is the one about the seasons - it's a great reminder that no matter how long or cold the winter is, spring is sure to follow.

  21. So nice to meet you! What a cute grandson you have! We are heading to the coast day after tomorrow so I will have photos of my 2 youngest grandsons on the beach and here and there. Good luck at your doctor!! Is that land in the photo at the top your farm? Gorgeous!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  22. Your pictures are unreal. Love your header, such a stunning picture. The rainbow is fabulous. You totally captured the whole thing. Amazing. I love the river and the buildings on the side, how interesting. Great pictures. Hugs, Marty

  23. Hello! Praying the Lord's healing for you.
    I am very fond of rainbows and love your pictures. Have you ever noticed how much brighter it is under a rainbow? It is much of what you said about God's promise that we are under. Your grandson is handsome and looks to be full of love of life.
    Sweet blessings,

  24. Beautiful rainbows! You did a great job with the photos!

  25. That's an awesome rainbow! And a cutie pie grandson :)

  26. wow, look at that rainbow!! and what a cute grandson you have. great pics....hoping you get some good news :)

  27. Rainbows do seem to hold such promise. I hope things go well w/ the test!

  28. The rainbows are so beautiful & colorful, but I'm LOVING your header photo! I wish I could vacation there, it looks like an amazing place!!! =)

  29. What beautiful photos -- everything is so lush. I do hope the rainbow was a harbinger of good news for you! Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays!

  30. Those rainbows shots are magnificent!

  31. My first thought.. God was saying "Good morning to you!" beautiful rainbows.

  32. Who doesn't love a rainbow? This was a beautiful one, arching over your gorgeous scenery. I remember the day I found out I was going to have our first child, I came home from the doctor to find a full rainbow arching over the city (we lived in Chicago then). A good omen, and she has turned out to be a wonderful child, now adult.

  33. Wow, these pictures make it look so peaceful there. Found you on the blog hop, would love a follow back! Have a great week, can't wait to see more pics!


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