Saturday, 21 April 2012

Family Tree

I have recently been given a family tree of my mother's side of the family

I am tickled pink as last time Mum was down in Wales we spent a lot of time talking and trying to work out how relationships had come about!

Mum often talked about a certain aunt who ran a dress shop and plenty of stories of how generous she was but I had a job trying to see how she was related

I mentioned this to a cousin and she came up with the copy of a family tree that her mother had been given....the excitment!!!

It starts in 1801 with a Captain (sea I presume) and goes up until my mother's generation

I am so pleased to see the people we have talked about and

How they are related

This is a picture my cousin also let me scan
and is of my mother with her parents
and younger brother and sister. 

When I sent Mum a copy she said she hadn't seen it since she left home 60 years ago!!

I am going to the Midlands tomorrow to pick Mum up and take her down to Torquay
for a few day's holiday. 

It was supposed to have been Scotland to see her latest great grandson (9 great grandchildren now!!) but I just couldn't manage the drive this year!

   Hubby is staying behind to man the fort, with help from the family!!

 Sorry to go on about family but I am so excited at finding out these things

I took this photo on our holiday in Scotland last year and, although it is through the car window, I think she looks so happy!!

It's one of my favourite recent pictures of her!


I realised that I didn't show you the pictures of my woodland walk
 when I had been told the bluebells were out

When the bluebells are out this is totally covered...I'll go a little further

Still no bluebells...yet

But I found

 lovely little group of violets in the hedgerow on the way home.

I will keep an eye out and hope to catch those bluebells another time!


and finally.......

Thank you all so much for your kind messages and prayers.

My consultant himself (unusually for Britain) called me yesterday morning
and told me that I have to be
in Cardiff on the 3rd May for the at last things are beginning to move

Thanks again
I so appreciate you all!!

I am joining Show and Tell Friday


  1. Your mother is beautiful. I do so miss my mom.

    Last year on my dad's birthday I put his full name on google search and found a search for relatives of my dad's father. I ended up with a whole new bunch of cousins that I had never heard of. I am excited for you. Enjoy!

    You have a lovely place to walk.

    I hope your procedure moves along smoothly!

  2. The picture of your mother is beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful visit. I know how exciting it is to find family. A cousin sent me the family tree for my father's father's family. I was delighted. Prayers for your procedure.

  3. Awww, what a nice picture of your Mom!!
    Hope you are having a nice weekend!
    XO Kris

  4. I love that you are able to research your ancestors. How wonderful is that! What a blessing...and your Mom is just lovely!

    How great to have such nice places to walk. You are lucky.
    We don't do much walking in the area we live in.

    I am saying a prayer for your procedure. It is always scary, isn't turn our life over to the care of someone? xo Diana

  5. What a pretty picture of your Mom! You are very fortunate to have a copy of the family tree. That's really a treasure and I'm sure will be for generations to come.

  6. WoW! It's amazing that you were able to trace your ancestors back so far. I've thought about doing it - but then have been slightly afraid of what I might find, so I've put it off. Maybe someday?

    And that's a lovely old picture of your ancestors with the dog. I just love a good loyal dog in a family photo.

  7. Hi Joan: I hope you and Mum have a wonderful time. She is so pretty and has a very sweet smile. I'll bet you will be glad when your procedure is over. It won't be long now..Happy Sunday..Judy

  8. What a lovely blog again today,full of interesting bits and pieces,lovely of you to share..glad you have heard news from your doctor that is wonderful..loved the flowers so beautiful.Enjoy your time with your Mum..

  9. Thanks for dropping by my blog & leaving your sweet comment!
    Your banner picture is amazing and now off I go to read more here!

  10. Hello, just 'found' you. Lovely post, I use to do a lot of family history and know that great feeling when you find out domething like that.

  11. Have a great trip with your Mum!!! How fun to fill in the pieces to the puzzle with your family tree. Exciting!

  12. Hello again hope you have had a lovely trip with your mum. It is a lovely photograph of her. I made a very tentative start on a family tree and really ought to do more. Mum's sister has family albums of so many people and can remember who they were. Anne x


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