Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Walk in the Woods

My family
asked me to go 
for a walk in the woods

I was so delighted
as it is over 5 years .....
since I have been able to walk there!

Look at the flower I've found Granny
Bigger than he is and so exciting!

Another grandson
found a Geocache in an old tree stump.
We all looked through our bags
but couldn't find a pen 
so that he could date it to show
who had found it last!
What a pity!

The boys all
clambered up the bank so that they could
walk through this tree!....
A few years ago 
I would have been up there with them!

Another of the boys had brought a folded mat
so that I could sit down
(as I need to do often to ease the pain)
He carried it around in his rucksack
and would ask, often, if I needed to sit
and as soon as I said yes
he would unroll it
ready for me.
Bless him!!

I thought this part of the woods
rather spooky!

The woods got darker...

I just love the way
the light has managed to struggle
through the dense canopy of the trees
and plays like a theatre foot-light
on the ferns below

I just cannot manage
to capture
what I'm feeling....
I love the way the light 
shows up the shape 
and texture of the ferns below!

Of course some young people 
cannot see the magic of the moment 
and start climbing the trees!!

Aren't these colours and textures beautiful?!
This was one of the banks
as we came out of the woods

So many beautiful things to see 
if you can take time to look!

This is one of the good things 
that has come out of these last years...
I would have raced through and enjoyed it 
but, perhaps, not seen it!!
Now I have to go slow and stop occasionally,,,
and I see and enjoy so much!

Several people have mentioned, in the comments on my last post...about the large brown circles
they said....
'Getting used to the new view'
and suggested what to plant.....

I hope to seed grass where the large brown patches were and, also, plant climbing roses
or clematis, to grow on the damaged trees.

To carry on with the analogy of last week...
the decision to remove whatever is influencing or has 'taken over' your life is not an easy one...
it is painful and difficult
and sometimes it is easier to stay in the pain 
where you are now 
than to endure the pain of change 
and the total life turn around that might happen

When the decision is made and 'the trees' are taken out it can leave a great hole....
so there is a need to exchange the damage
for a 'new look'....
that doesn't mean getting into... 
another controlling situation 
but getting advice 
from friends and getting their help 
to enable a change of view...
i.e. sitting looking at what you have lost 
will only lead to depression
looking at what you can now do 
in that area now that it is free exciting!

so..what am I doing?

I'm just blocking the wrap
and like the more lacey look of it now.

I have also started on a Lucy bag...
I bought the yarn all ready last year... least I remembered what the yarn was for when I found it...and now I'm well into it!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely walk :) Five years is a long time to be away from the enchanted woods and I am sure it was a blessing to be back in them. I love the photos of the light shining through. The Lucy Bag is looking great and I think the colors are very fun and bright :) Good to hear from you.


  2. So nice that you had a walk with your family..getting to see some interesting things. Love the photo of your g.son and the tall flower. You really know how to work with yarn. xoxo,Susie

  3. Oh I am so glad you were able to go. I love nothing more than the woods and a forest and the deep green colors. Sounds wonderful. We are camping in the mountains in Sept. I cannot wait.

  4. So happy you enjoyed this walk with family. The sunlight on the ferns is magical. Your projects are so fun and colorful. Have a very nice day.

  5. What a delightful walk with your grandsons! You are blessed indeed! I also love to walk in the woods and take pictures of everything that is the least bit interesting (to me). I see God's handiwork in so many unusual shapes, colors, is such joy to discover these things and give Him praise!
    I also love your are very creative as well! Thank you for sharing this with us today. I feel refreshed.

  6. Beautiful walk and attitude!

  7. I'm so glad to hear that you're getting out for walks and enjoying things more. What good kids you have!! I love your shawl. I love how positive your outlook is. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Glad you were able to get out for a walk! Time spent in nature always refreshes the soul.

  9. Thanks for taking us along on your lovely walk, Joan. Your comments about slowing down to see things reminded me of a hike I took out to a meadow in Yosemite National Park in CA. I had driven through Yosemite and had seen Half Dome from different angles, but after I hiked to the meadow and sat there with some water colors, paper, and a volunteer art instructor to attempt my own painting of Half Dome, I began to feel that I was truly able to see Half Dome and appreciate its beauty more fully. The warmth, the light, the grasses and rocks, the peace are vivid memories that excite and refresh me almost 20 years later :)
    I love seeing what stitching projects you are working on as well...beautiful!
    Gracie xx

  10. How wonderful that you are out walking and thinking positive thoughts about life. I read your last post, too. There is so much truth in there-things that take over our life- even blogging can do that.

    Love your yarn projects. They are just beautiful. Hope you have a blessed day-xo Diana

  11. The wrap is gorgeous and I love it!!! You are brave for walking through those dark and spooky parts of the woods. And you also have a wonderfully kind and considerate grandson.

  12. How grand to share a walk with the "grands."

    You are prophetic and wise in your words of reflecting . . . I am enjoying seeing you on the bright side of the storms of the past . . .

  13. So sweet that your little grandsons were so helpful to you on your walk! Having loved ones to help us makes our walk through life so much easier! I love the light in the dark woods and your beautiful needlework. xo

  14. Such a wonderful walk in the woods with your grandsons. Such gentlemen. I, too, love to see sunlight dappled in the woods. There is something magical about it, like the fingertips of God reaching through. Love it.

    Your wrap is gorgeous!! And, I love the bright, happy colors of that bag. Perfect for focusing on the space in your life for new. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  15. Looks like a scene right out of Robin Hood! Lovely pictures from a lovely day. :)

  16. OH how LOVELY and I would truly love to have been along. That is one of my favorite activities and I would love enjoying it with you all.

  17. A lovely walk indeed. I used to love to walk. Find it more difficult now but keep tying. The wrap is gorgeous so glad that you are liking it more. A Lucy Bag is on my list of things to be accomplished. I'm not sure I have enough years left to do all I plan :-) Hugs Anne x

  18. Oh! to go for a good walk in the woods...something I miss terribly. I used to roam the woods constantly down in Minehead where I am from ...just me and my dog,a bottle of pop and a sandwich.
    It is quite a tonic to get out there in the woods and more so if you have your grandchildren with you.I am delighted to hear your grandson is so very considerate..bless him!

    I always find it so good to see things through other people's eyes especially the youngsters. People say that other dimensions are but a fantasy. I don't agree if you consider everyone lives in a dimension which is their own perspective of life. If you can share and accept it you can learn to be more understanding.
    Regarding your comments in your previous post well frankly June I find your posts very refreshing and food for thought. However I also understand and respect that some people are scared to delve and reason why or use analogies to compare with life's stepping stones. They are happy with the superficial and may flitter away from your blog. That's their choice as it is yours to continue to be you.
    I for one am happy that you will continue to comment as you.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)
    PS: Giveaway open now!

  19. Joan, glad to "see" how you enjoyed the walk. And the continuation of the analogy about the trees and lives was also right on.

  20. Scenic photos of the woods, LOVE the story about the geocache! What a treat to stumble upon one. I dearly love to walk in the woods, but there are none nearby. When we traveled to the Canadian Rockies we took many long woodsy walks and it brought tears to my eyes. Your blog is enjoyable :)

  21. Joan, I just love you and your blog so mcuh. I love the pictures, nature is so beautiful. I love your blocked shawl and your new Lucy bag. I made one a few years ago I completely screwed up. I have the yarn to make another, maybe sometime this Fall.
    Hugs to you my friend,

  22. What a beautiful walk in the woods ... love those shades and textures of green. We do see so much more when we slow down and take things bit by bit. How sweet and loving your grandson sounds.

    What a very lovely wrap that is, and your bag is so cheerful. Will you crochet flowers for it too?

    Here's hoping you can enjoy many more walks in the wood. :)


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