Saturday, 3 August 2013

Posh Afternoon Tea

Yesterday one of my daughters
took me (and the grandchildren too, of course!) 
for a day trip
to a National Trust property
Dinefwr Park

I am just going to share
a teensy weensy little bit of the lovely day

The trust property includes
a 12th century castle (now in ruins)
and Newton House
a most unusual house which was designed by
George and Cecil Rice
in the 18th Century

What caught my eye
and made me think of sharing it with you
was not just the cakes
(maybe it was because lunch time was drawing close and some of my daughter's delish party food was waiting in the carpark)

but the thought of being invited to take tea
with Lady Dinefwr

Rather stirred my imagination!

I really like the china
with its deep blue patches.... 
and pretty pink flowers.

I looked to right and left
before I upended this cup to see the make

I thought that the tablecloth..... 
could bear closer inspection

and the napkins!

The table looks very impressive with its...

butterfly cakes...and....

the cake slices ..... so tempting...
what a pity they are false...
I'm sure that the visitors
 would be tempted to take a bite if they weren't!!

Did you notice the little bird on the icing?

The milk jug and sugar bowl make a nice duo

Well I hope you enjoyed your tea...but...
It's time we headed home... was a lovely day
it's good now..
to take off my shoes...
pick up a cold drink...
and sit under the pergola...
as I reflect on where we've been.

At the beginning of the year 
I made a list of places..
I would like to revisit......
places I have been
unable to
walk around
and enjoy again.

Friends and family
are determined to help me
cross some of the places off that list....
that doesn't mean that 
I will not want to return at some time!!

Dinefwr Park was one of those listed...
It's a place I have never been....
I really enjoyed my time there 
and would recommend it. had better hurry.....
as the list is growing shorter!

I love looking up at the sky
through the roses!

My mother is coming on Sunday
to celebrate her
93rd birthday
with us

She'll be staying a week
we wish that
it could be longer!
Several of you remember that she
did a guest blog
last year
and have asked if she will do another

She will probably say no
I have ways to persuade her so....
watch this spot!!

As I sat under the shade enjoying listening to the birds singing
and the bees humming
one of them alighted on a flower just by me

A perfect end to a wonderful day!

This week I'm joining


  1. All through this post - this dumb North American tried to pronounce DINEFWR - and I can't lol
    What a beautiful setting - I lol at you looking furtively around before picking up the China LMHO..........too funny
    It sounds like a wonderful day - with another one coming up ( your Mother's birthday )

  2. I enjoyed every word...each image and my imagination had a wonderful tour right along with you and the family.

    OH what beautiful tableware you showed us and even though the foods were not real, nonetheless they looked toothsome! And the history of the home and its furnishings are a joy to see. Lovely. :-)

  3. I must ask you what your header picture is about? Is that a moor?

  4. Loved this Joan! (I wonder how to say DINEFWR as well!).

    One has to be careful tipping the cup to look at the markings . . . I was a new gal in town, checked in at the library, (a must visit wherever I live/travel) and as I was checking out my books I noticed an interesting piece of pottery. As I visited with the librarian, I picked up the darkly glazed cup, tipped it to look at the bottom . . . only to be shocked to see coffee spilling all over the books. Not my best day or best introduction to my new home city.

    Loved the beautiful pieces of china and tea cakes. And a visit from you!

  5. You take such fun outings! Enjoyed tagging along. I love that your mom is going to celebrate her 93rd and to stay a week with you. Such special times. Enjoy! blessings ~ tanna

  6. That certainly is a very wonderful day! What a gorgeous place and I am so glad you got to visit there. I am so glad your Mom is coming to visit. How wonderful that she is able to do that- xo Diana

  7. Joan, What abeautiful table setting. I loved all your photos. Hug your mom for me please, I sure miss mine. Wish her Happy Birthday from America.xoxo,Susie

  8. Oh it was fake darn I was getting so excited thinking of you eating and drinking tea out of those pretty little cups. You had me fooled. Beautiful photos.I am so happy you are getting out and about after all you have been through you are doing very well makes me happy.
    Oh 93 is a wonderful age your Mom can Blog anytime and I would read it. Happy Birthday Joan's Mom.
    ps I am learning Welsh by way of tea towel:)I am practising out loud so you never know:) Thank you HUGS B

  9. Joan, thank you for sharing your wonderful visit. I can just imagine sitting down for tea in that lovely home amongst all that beauty. You lovely tea towel arrived yesterday and I am so thrilled. Thank you so much for your generosity.
    I love having a little bit of you in my home.
    Hugs to you,

  10. Hello There,
    I like your post. I came over from ' lavander dreamer'..
    Your visit to the old Newton house.. What a shame some of these old castles have been left to ruin.
    Very nice afternoon tea setting.
    I see you love roses as do I..
    I wish your mother a very happy Birthday.. 93 is a grand age.
    sending best wishes from Portugal.
    hope to see you over my place..
    happy weekend.. val

  11. I am glad you are crossing things off your Bucket List, Joan. What a wonderful place to visit! I hope you have a fabulous visit with your mother. Happy Saturday to you!

  12. What an amazing place to have tea! Loved the china - so beautiful. Glad you are getting things crossed off on your list.

  13. What a wonderful place to visit. I thought the food looked good enough to eat. Yum! Love the tablecloth and napkins. I like the white and bit of lace. Treasure your Mum. Mine left us in her 95th year. She said she was ready and off she went.
    Those single roses are delightful. MB

  14. I'm very glad you did have a beautiful day, well spend with a castle to visit and people to enjoy it with. Love the china and the tablecloth and the napkins!! groetjes, Gerda

  15. Such beautiful pictures! A most enjoyable day, I am sure. I love pretty china and table linens. I hope you mother has a delightful birthday!

  16. Thanks for bringing us along. I've got a visit to England one day in the future and this is a must for my list. Happy birthday to your mother!

  17. Happy Birthday to your Mother and thanks for taking me along on the visit to Dinefwr!

  18. A wonderful day indeed. My Dad turns 93 on the 4th of August. Happy Birthday to you Mother.

  19. That was, indeed, a lovely trip.

    How sad the old castle is in ruins.

    Isn't there any organization that needs a project? Spiffing up a castle?

    The tea sounded fun, too.

    The best to your Mama. Susan

  20. I definitely wanted to eat that cake! Thank you for taking us with you, what a treat!!

  21. How wonderful that you and your mom will be together on her birthday! It is so hard to believe that all this tea food is not real!!! It was a big surprise when you told me!

  22. Dinefwr Park, thank you for showing the lovely afternoon tea, that 'false' cake really looks delicious. Your roses look beautiful too. Wish you a happy time with your 93 years old mother. My mother is 92. I am here for the first time and I will be back.

  23. Loved being abke to travel along with you as you marked a destination off your list. That tiny bird on the cake is precious!

  24. What a delightful post! At first glance I thought the tea treats were real! What a beautiful location! A very happy Birthday to your Mother! :)

  25. Beautiful post. Have a wonderful visit with your Mom.

  26. I hope that your mother has arrived safely and that you have a lovely week together. Jx

  27. Hello from Michigan.. I just discovered your lovely blog through my friend Meredith... What a truly beautiful setting to have tea. The china dishes and tea cups are most gorgeous.. The cakes look incredibly Delicious.. I am so happy for you that you got to see a special place you always wanted to see.. I hope you had a lovely week with your MUM.. I am your newest follower... My DH family comes from Scotland.. Hugs Judy

  28. What a absolutely divine way to spend an outing!

    Also, I've been away from home and returned to find your lovely package waiting for me! Thank you so very much, Joan!

  29. What fun, Joan! Thanks for taking us along on your outing to tea. While I am an informal person, I love to set time aside, make the setting lovely, and enjoy a visit over tea. I want to check out your mom's last year's guest post since I have not read it. I hope you have a wonderful visit with her in the coming days!
    Gracie xx

  30. What a wonderful place to visit...I loved the little bird on the slice of cake. Enjoy your visit with your Mom!

  31. What a stunning castle. I can easily see a Lady Dinefwr sipping tea on an elegant summer afternoon. Lovely post my friend.

  32. Joan. That would be a beautiful place to visit and your roses are lovely. Tell you mum Happy Birthday when she joins you. The tea was wonderful..Happy Monday..Judy

  33. Joan, this looked like a wonderful visit just from your photos and it is fun to imagine sitting down to tea with that fancy place setting and treats...too bad they were not real, but then they would surely not be there to photograph. Early birthday wishes to your mom. My mother celebrates her 91st birthday next month and we will travel to NJ to visit. Nice to be a le to cross things off that list isn't it?

  34. Just delightful, Joan. Cheers

  35. It looks amazing. I wish I could see that. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  36. Old castles are so fascinating! We don't have them here in the States, alas! I would love to visit Wales someday - for one thing, the language is so ancient and interesting! Do you speak Welsh?

  37. I love posh afternoon tea. What a lovely treat,

    Nina x

  38. Oh what a lovely setting. How spectacular. I wish we had those beautiful castles here in the US. Thank you for sharing such a pretty post. I also want to thank you for visiting me and leaving me your sweet and kind comment. It is truly appreciated.


  39. What a lovely place to visit and thank you for showing us the pretty tea set! I love the tablecloth with the embroidered clovers. Your roses are very pretty and I can see why you love sitting near them on a lovely afternoon. Your Mom sounds like an amazing woman and only 93 years young! I hope she does a post for us - have a wonderful visit! Hugs xo

  40. That was delightful! I'm an afternoon tea addict and always enjoy looking at historic houses. Beautiful photos!

  41. As a matter of fact, those photos were surpassingly wonderful. I loved every one of them.

    Is you header a picture of a moor by any chance? xox

  42. Hi Joan. What a lovely place to sit under that pergola , with all those gorgeous roses! Especially with a blue sky. What a lovely day out you had. I very much enjoy visiting National Trust properties . You had me totally fooled with all those beautiful cakes! I really thought they were real. So happy that you are able to get out and about and I hope your mum had a very happy birthday. Take care.

  43. It's the small details such as the tablecloth, the china and the napkins that make things a little more special :)


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