Saturday, 10 August 2013

Fadedgingernut Returns!!

You asked for it.....
and now you've got it!!
Don't blame me!

She tried not to do it....but....
so many asked for it..
I have had to tie her to the chair....
please ignore any screams!

Visit to Aberglasney

Over to Fadedgingernut.....

It's 13 years 
since we first visited here
so there have been a tremendous amount 
of changes...

I've tried 
over the last number of years 
to revisit but 
my dearest daughter 
(the so and so) 
refused to take me!!

However she relented...... that I am nearly 95!

I've been told that the portico
was stolen 
several years ago 
and then seen advertised....
It was bought and restored to its former position.

The yew arch 
is apparently unique in the UK
When we visited before
it had been stripped right back 
to promote regrowth
I was so pleased to see it in its full glory!!

The ancient cobblestones 
in front of this spectacular arch 
were discovered 
when a visitor shuffled their feet 
and dislodged 
some of the soil to reveal 
the beautifully patterned cobblestones!

I couldn't take my eyes off 
the beautiful flowers and 
perfectly manicured garden!

We climbed the lovely old steps
and walked around the top of the cloisters
looking down onto the beautiful 
Elizabethan Cloister Garden

When we were here 13 years ago
we looked down on a sea of mud...
what a difference!

(Pembrokeshire Lass says, 
"She was a nightmare excited
...running hither and thither
...up and down steps...under archways...
exclaiming all the time ....
'Look at this' ....
'how much it's  changed' 
'how beautiful it is'..... etc...etc...!!

I hobbled after her saying 'Come back Mum
 'watch that step' the uneven cobbles'
...don't walk backwards....'
......'come back Mum'!!)

We turned a corner of the cloisters... 
and found ourselves....
 in a higher garden....
where there were a series of aviaries...

To our horror someone popped up 
in the first one...
we were chatting and laughing to her
 and then 
another appeared!
then the next
....then the next

there were.....

Can you see them all??!!

We walked back through the walled garden...

and under the arch
to have lunch

We chose a table
overlooking the lake and the glorious gardens..
to have a leisurely lunch
we can't show you any pictures
we had to demolish it so quickly

('re quite right...she's striding out again...
'Mother waaaiiiit for meeeee')

quick look at the sunken garden...
which was ....
sunken ...
as you can see...!

Back through the cloisters.....

along the wonderful cobbles....

a quick look 
in through the front door of the house.
Last time 
we were not allowed inside 
as it had been vandalised.

Now the scent 
of the beautiful oak paneling and stairs
 assailed us.....

(So home....
thankfully in one piece
...but the problems I had keeping tabs on Mum!!))

she hadn't been 
my only way of returning home...
I would have
pinched her crutches...
to pay her back.... 
for all the cheek.. 
I have had to put up with!!

Thanks for asking me to write again...
and also.....
the very many
lovely comments and
wishes for a Happy Birthday....
I had a whale of a time!


  1. Way to go Mum! Many thanks to you and PL for showing us around the place. Such a lovely time.

  2. Lovely! And I'm having serious doubts I could have kept up with such a spry 95 year old woman. How sad is that?

  3. I've only just found your blog but I'm really enjoying it. I love the way you wrote this post, your mother sounds like a very spry lady! It looks like a lovely outing with her. :)

  4. What a magical place, and making it even better, that you and your daughter went together! Now what exactly is this house?? Obviously very historical, maybe a monastery? I'm glad that you kept safe from the wasps!

  5. Fantastic post and what a place to visit too!

  6. Lovely post and thank you so much both for sharing. Mum at 95 looks fantastic! Granny would have said: Way to go, Girl!
    What a great outing for both of you!

  7. Clapping wildly. Great post mum ... you go girl.

  8. You have a lot of history there and the gardens are beautiful. So glad your mom was able to go and enjoy it. She is a wonder...hug her for me, cause I miss my mother so much. xoxo,Susie

  9. These are such beautiful pictures. It must be amazing in person. Glad you two enjoyed the visit!

  10. Oh Joan and Joan's Mum I love the banter between the two of you it reminds me of my Mom and I when we go places. I truly enjoyed the tour but have to say your Mum's words captured my heart and I know you loved chasing after her as much as i do love chasing my own Mom.
    I just got back from my own Mom's 85 birthday party and read this I am so happy for the wonderful Mom's we are both able to enjoy.
    Slow down Mum :) Love it.
    More Mum blogs would be nice so tie her down again would you:) Hugs B

  11. Oh! I LOVED reading this! What a pleasure it must have been for both of you to be able to enjoy it together again! Sending along wonderful happy birthday wishes! Love to both of you from "across the pond." Nellie - in Tennessee

  12. A wonderful post - thanks for sharing it with us, Mum and PL. My own Mum is a very sprightly 83 year old who still goes and does ironing for a lady as well as line dancing once a week. We almost need to make appointments to see her but I think that's all positive. I hope I'm in as good nick when I get there. And I wouldn't dare call her old!
    Have a lovely visit with each other.


  13. What a fun tour and quick trip around the gardens! heehee! I like to think someone will have to tell me to slow down at that age...or any age! Beautiful photos and a fun way to spend a happy birthday! Hugs!

  14. My Mum at 95 was just starting to slow down a little so I wouldn't have to run around trying to keep up with her. What a beautiful place you visited. I will have to look it up. Love the arches and that arched Yew. Fabulous!!

    Thank you for the nice comments about our dog Buck. MB

  15. So glad you had a "whale of a time"!! LOL! Such fun excursions you and your daughter enjoy!! Thank you so much for taking us along. It was beautiful!!! blessings ~ tanna

  16. It looks a fabulous place. Wish I had been there to see your Mum racing around like an excited puppy...


  17. Joan, such beautiful places to see, you had better keep a check on that mum of yours, she sounds like she wants to get into more adventures soon.

  18. Fun post, Joan, and what a beautiful place to visit with your Mum.

  19. Lovely post Joan, (and mum) . . . what spirit full twosome you are!

  20. Thanks for the tour. So wish I could be there in person.

  21. You and Mum are too fun! Loved the tour. So wonderful to discover those cobbles hidden underneath the soil.

  22. What a delightful post! Thank you for sharing all of this, with us.

    I'd never have been able to keep up with your Mum! And I am a mere 76. -chuckle- Good for her!!!!!!!

    Now! What is her secret?!? We really want to know.

  23. I thoroughly enjoyed your sweet post. Sounds like a wonderful and beautiful day. Thank you for sharing with us :)

    Love and hugs!

  24. A lovely place to visit and you and your mum obviously have a lot of fun together. I wish I had to keep up with mum at the moment. Have just spent a few days with her as my sister has been on holiday. Mum needed support while my sister away. She looks very well and we went out and about but her dizzy spells are still frequent and she cannot go out alone.
    Thank you and your mum for the lovely post. Anne x

  25. Happy Birthday to your mum wises and what fun you two had on your re-visit. The yew arch was wonderful to see as were the gardens. Looks like the weather also cooperated for a grand day outing...too bad about the wasps invading lunch time.

  26. Brilliant post, and what a marvellous garden!

  27. Oh wow, thank you for the visit. Glad you had a lovely time. We have not been for years and so much has changed.....I need to revisit again now! Xxx

  28. So wonderful to have you guest post for your daughter - I enjoy her blog so much and I have enjoyed this post that you have shared with us! The gardens are just so lovely - I can see why you wanted to return. A beautiful place - thank you for taking us along. Maybe a yearly visit now? Hugs xo

  29. Loved your post!! What a wonderful glad you got to go back...stunning! Have a wonderful afternoon!!

  30. I think everyone agree's that this was such a wonderful and entertaining post! :)


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