Sunday, 18 August 2013


I bought this piece
of Carnival Ware
at a car boot sale several years ago
I do love them

and, since then, 
my mother bought me another bowl,
now I have 3 pieces!

Isn't this just so sweet?

But....back to orange...
I have never been a fan of the colour orange!
I don't mind eating oranges
but orange flavour sweets or drinks...
no thanks.

orange and pink together....?
Well that was a real!

Until recently

I think things started to change ....
.....when I was crocheting a blanket.
I randomly put different pinks and orange together
and discovered that I rather liked it!!

I'm crocheting a tablecentre mat
for a friend.
We are going to her party
(a rather large one!)
and I thought that she would probably be inundated with gifts of wine, flowers and chocs
so I would crochet....
something for her.

See what I mean about pink and orange?
I intend this to be about
twice as big
so I will do two more 'lots' of the orange 
and the two pinks!

As I looked around
I suddenly realised that I had other things
that were pink and orange!

I've had Le Creuset cookware for years
and always thought that these looked 
so bright and cheerful!!

I had a lot more
but most of it was far too big for just the two of us 
so I have given it to my daughter......
on with the tale.....

The more I looked ....
the more orange and pink I saw!

This is the blanket that I made for myself 
earlier this year

.....and the roses 
Mum bought me before she left
they are just about over 
but I do love it when the petals start falling!

The tablecloth 
is one she brought back 
from Puerto de la Cruz several years ago.
It's handmade......
Isn't it so pretty?

Thank you all so much
for the kind support and helpful ideas.
I think I was mainly very tired and am on such strong meds for the pain.

I was preaching to myself
on that last post
and you all underlined the need for rest
balanced with time out doors
and something lighthearted to lift the spirits!

I think one of the most important things
is sharing it with friends
when the natural instinct is to hide away in a corner
and not tell anyone that you are suffering!
I'm learning!!
What a treasure you all are!
Thanks my friends!

back to the Sunday crossword
and my cosy chair

Oh wait a minute.....

Sorry....I must have just eaten
the last ORANGE sweet!!

This week I'm joining


  1. I love orange! I can wear orange and deep pink. Soft pink, not so much! I don't have anyplace in my house that would work with orange, so I use purple instead!

    Love your pictures, and the last photo with the candy wrapper was cute!

  2. I think we all want to know how you are feeling! I am even interested in what pain killer you are taking, I have so many myself. And let's face it, when we get older and have health problems, it is good for us to compare notes with our friends, and know there are others having health problems, too. In fact I have noticed in the last five years that this is almost ALL my friends talk about, our health and operations! So I always like reading about how you are doing. I ADORE the orange and pink!!! It is alive, vibrant, and a treat for the eyes. Your table mat is beautiful! So the dishes are called Carnival Ware? I have seen it around but didn't know the name. Is it all vintage or do they still make it?

  3. Your pinks and oranges go together quite well and make a very sunny statement!

  4. The pinks and oranges together bring some cheer. Love the Hardanger cloth you have . . . beautiful!

  5. I love the color orange. Your pinks and oranges are beautiful!

  6. See there, I think you do like orange and pink!!!! Love the mat for you friend! And I have a couple of those orange pieces of Le Creuset as well.
    Your spot on the chair looks so very cozy!!
    xo Kris

  7. I'm glad you're feeling better. Those colors look beautiful together and I agree, they are cheerful.

  8. Your centerpiece reminds me of a very ripe grapefruit, with hints of orange and pink. I think orange blends beautifully with pink as long as the base of the orange color is in the red family and not the yellow family, am I making any sense at all? Glad you are resting and enjoying a crossword puzzle, and hopefully getting some fun yarn time, too.
    Hugs to you Joan.

  9. I like the color orange too. It's the school colors of Oregon State University, where my daughter attended college. I think I will do another calendar this year, and I'll let you know when its finished. I'm sure I can work something out to get you one. :)

  10. Lovely work, Joan. Orange is quite the predominant color in our area, particularly in the fall when the University of Tennessee's football season begins. Their colors are orange and white! I've never actually been much of a fan of the color orange, either.

    It is good to hear that you are feeling better. I am thinking about you.


  11. Orange is one of my least favorite colors and I do not have it in my house anywhere, but have bought an orange hoodie this year that I wear all the time now. Isn't it strange how things change?

  12. Orange was never a fave of mine but I am enjoying it a little more these days. Times change I guess!

    Glad your spirits are lifting!


  13. Your orange collection is fabulous! Now I want to go through my house to round up my orange stuff! I probably have a lot more red though. It will be fun to look.
    Atlanta, GA, USA

  14. I think orange and pink are lovely colors together!

  15. Im learning that almost anything looks good together.. Im not a fan of blue but, have noticed its nice with other colors..enjoy your evening and you orange and pink!

  16. Loving your blog! New follower here, hoping you'll stop by my blog and say hello and follow back :)

  17. I never used to like orange either ... partly from growing up in the 70s when orange and avocado green were all over the place (ugh). But now I really like it and find it very cheering! Your glass pieces are so lovely, and the pink and orange look great with that black and white tile in the background.

    I do love orange-flavoured things though - always have.

    Hope you are feeling better now, Joan, or as better as you can. :)

  18. So very happy, that you are feeling better...

  19. Hi Joan. Orange isn't really my colour either, but the pink and orange do look good together. I've always liked Le Cruset always thought they were much to heavy for me to use! The tablecloth that your mum brought home is beautiful.

  20. Pink is just about my favorite. I like orange snacks, too, but the color a little less. But put orange and pink together and it's a combination I like, too. Take good care!

  21. Hi! I'm back from camping! I love your pink and orange crochet project, I can't wait to see it finished. I remember in the 50s that wearing those 2 colors together was not done. Now it's whatever colors you want to put together is fine!! :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  22. Love all your oranges and pinks. I love that cookware,too. I have some of it in a different color and it is my favorite oven wate! xo Diana

  23. You have chosen a lovely combination of the pink and orange. Sometimes colors go together that we wouldn't think of doing. I put reds and pinks together all the time..but my reds are deep, true red..and my pinks are all shades. Playing with color is always fun and your format for mixing them is one I wish I had not given up. It just kept me rooted to my chair a lot..LOL but so does everything else really.
    :) Oh, and yesterday I picked up SO many rose petals from the soft and sweet smelling.

  24. I collect milkglass like you do the carnaval ware! Such a nice feeling to find a piece you love, isn't it?

  25. You are so funny, Joan. I love carnival glass, pink and orange, lace, crochet, Le Creuset, roses, relaxing in my chair and orange sweets. I really liked this post - you covered all the things I like. Glad you are feeling better.

  26. Funny that you mention pink and orange...I love orange but never paired it with pink until last night I started a back pack mixing pink and orange fabrics! Have a wonderful day...I love your posts!!

  27. Isn't that interesting to find you liked it all along.

    As far as your making a handmade crocheted item for your friend? That is WONDERFUL - so thoughtful and is a rare thing these days and I know she will love and treasure it always.

    Thanks for your visit today. Have a wonderful weekend.


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