Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Come In Do....

It's so lovely to see you again..
Do come in and have a cup of tea.....
no, really,
it's no problem...

Yes, the china is a favourite of mine.....
I've had it for years and....
I don't have much left

It's pretty and delicate...

I'll just pour the tea...

had you noticed that the cups are different shapes?

I only have 2 cups left

and they are just so pretty...

Would you like a biscuit?

or a toasted tea cake?

I'm afraid I forgot about them toasting away....
while we were talking!

My mother gave me the tablecloth
It's Irish linen
I use it a lot as it gives me so much pleasure!

The roses?
Yes they are so pretty..

They're American Pillar

I'm not very good with roses..
they usually have black spot or other diseases
but they're wonderful this year

Did you notice the roses as you came in?

would you like to come outside 
and have a look?

I sat on the rock here yesterday, in the sun,
 and just enjoyed........ 
the wonderful scent 
and the hum of the bees

and the butterflies flitting 
to and fro

The flowers were all around
and over me!

It's hard to believe that this all came
from a rooted stick
that my daughter in love's father
gave me a few years ago!!

I just keep taking photos of them, I'm afraid,
as I think they are incredible and can't believe their beauty and the amount of blooms!

I'm droning on, I know, but....
it just fills me with such joy and I feel a deep content..
while sitting and enjoying!

Have you had enough?

Let's go back to the house.....
It is rather hot outside...

Have you seen this rose?

It's called Pink Carpet.
I think that the colour is stunning!

What have I been making recently?

Well, I've just completed a waistcoat

I knitted it in the same wool as the pattern

I've also just completed a wrap that I saw on Meredith's Blog - Mereknits

She had seen it on another blog
(The way it happens amongst blog friends)
so I called in on Tanna
and got the pattern for Lisa's wrap

It is so newly finished that....
It still needs to be blocked
I used Noro Kogarashi Yarn colour No16

And today.... I've been making a couple of little gifts
for the Physio and Nurse
who have been running the Pulmonary Rehab classes that
I have been attending twice weekly
for the last 6 weeks.

I was asked to attend 
after my time in hospital over Christmas 
and have to say that, 
even though it has taken a big bite out of my weeks,
it has been extremely good
and I appreciate the care and concern that we have been shown

Hence the very small gifts

I do hope that they like them...
they can pin them on a lapel,stick them on a bag...whatever!

I so appreciate the help and support that they have given us and don't want 
to embarrass them.
I do hope that they are OK!!?


  1. How very nice to see you, and what a gracious welcome! The roses are simply stunning---I've just looked my eyes full, and so am quite ready for a quiet chat over tea.

    Every time I wait out the few moments of DARK screen before that magnificent scene appears in your header, I feel again the same anticipation, as if I'm seven, and enthralled with the enchanting pictures in my Viewmaster, of places and scenes so far away and so magical. It's just so close-up and personal, and yet so awesomely aloof.

    I so hope you're doing well, and hope you a lovely rest-of-Summer and many pleasant tea-times and strolls and the leisure and charm of your wonderful garden.


  2. Oh! I would dearly LOVE to share a cup of tea with you, Joan! The roses are beautiful, and I would love sitting on that rock with you and enjoying their fragrance! You have been very busy with your needlework projects! I have done no knitting in years and years. Seems I generally stretched the yarn while I knitted, thus creating gargantuan garments!:-) I did send you email during the week-end. Hope you received it.

    Best to you,

  3. I love your roses.. I want a bushy rose too.. most of mine are tea rose types. Your two knitted projects turned out awesome.. you're so fast! I'm so glad you're doing so well! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Hi Joan, I'm so glad your are enjoying the summer under your beautiful roses. I'm sure the nurses will certainly love your sweet knitted roses and your other two projects at really beautiful. I am in awe of anyone with your kind of talent, and you really make a tasty tea..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  5. The coat you made is just stunning, and I love the pins, they would be so great as stocking stuffers at Christmas too. I love your china, and my favorite thing about it is the difference in the cups! So each person can be special! Your roses are all so gorgeous, they complete a prefect tea! Your American Pillar roses look like the Knockout roses we have here. Your wrap is gorgeous with the light blues and lavenders! It was a wonderful tea, thank you so much!!

  6. Beautiful!!! Tea cups, tea cakes well I think so! roses, knitted items ,gifts and of course news that you are doing well. Hugs Anne x

  7. What a lovely post, Joan. You are so very talented with your sewing. Your gifts of the heart will be much appreciated. I love to sit and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature, also. These roses are so pretty. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week.

  8. Joan, I am so glad I stopped by for a bit of tea on your beautiful china, and the biscuits were delicious. Your knitting is superb and look how fast you got that wrap done! Mine seemed to take forever, but it was a fun pattern wasn't it? Love the gifts you made, they will be appreciated so much. You have such a loving soul, you touch everyone you are around with your loving kindness.
    Hugs to you,

  9. I feel like I have been there with you, enjoying such a lovely visit! I love the old fashioned delicate and sweet. And the roses are divine! So different than the roses we see here in America...I can almost smell their delightful fragrance. Your friends will be thrilled with the cute little flowers you made for unique and the giver of the gifts! Your waistcoat and wrap are lovely! I do not know how to knit or crochet...being a "lefty" made learning such skills more difficult than I had patience for. But I admire other's work and appreciate such talent. So I know your friends will appreciate the little gifts you made for them.
    Well, this has been a lovely visit. I can't wait to come back again someday!

  10. Such pretty dishes and flowers. I want to have tea with you!

  11. Great to hear from you--and glad you are doing so well. Love your tea set--since I love roses... AND-your roses are awesome. We grow Hybrid Tea and Grandiflora Roses in our yard and have about 57 different varieties... SO gorgeous!!!!! I'd love to have tea with you and enjoy seeing your beautiful roses/flowers.... AND your waistcoat and wrap are beautiful.. SUCH talent!!!!


  12. They will LOVE those floral pins!!! I love your waistcoat and wrap!! You have had your needles and hooks flying! Such beautiful work.

    Thank you so much for the beautiful tea and visit in the roses. A delightful respite. blessings ~ tanna

  13. Such a sweet invitation and the spread just lovely (Oh, the, I am a tad jealous!)
    The roses are beautiful of course and I had no idea you knitted!
    Glad you are feeling good Dear! God bless,

  14. I would like some biscuits AND toasted tea cake please! And may I have a bouquet of roses to take home with me? Those stunning pink ones would be lovely, thank you.... :)

    What a fun post this was and I can see why you keep taking photos of those roses. They are breathtaking.

    What beautiful knits - you must be a very fast knitter! I am sure your crocheted gifts will be very welcome.

  15. Your china is beautiful as are those roses! Every one of them is just perfection.

    Your waist coat and wrap are just lovely! And the goodies for the helpers are so sweet of you to do. They are sure to appreciate it very much.

    Thank you for the lovely visit today. :)

  16. What beautiful china. I bet you wish you had more pieces! They are lovely. I can't believe you made that waistocat. What a gorgeous piece that is!
    Those florals you made for your helpers are going to be well received. They will LOVE getting them...and if they don't there is something wrong with the people receiving them!

    Hope you have a great week- xo Diana

  17. My goodness you've been busy! What a lovely table, too.

    Isn't it wonderful to surround ourselves with pretty things that make us feel good?

    Have a happy week dear Joan!

  18. Joan! What a fabulous hostess you are! I had a wonderful visit with you and so appreciate your hospitality! You set a perfect table, the roses and menu were brilliant and I loved admiring your knitting projects!
    Gracie xx

  19. I love the way the rose theme runs through your post - even the gifts are flowers! Jx

  20. A visit with you is always a pleasure. Thank you so much for you kind hospitality. I had a lovely time.

  21. Oh I am with Marmepurl I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and everything was so pretty I am sure I will return. HUG Love that sweater coat. Hugs B

  22. Beautiful post Joan . . . I would love to be stopping in to share tea with you. China, flowers, tea cakes, more roses, shawl, waistcoat and sweet gifts for caregivers . . . so many reasons I would love to be sharing a visit with you.

    One day . . . maybe one day . . . I will stop by . . .
    Until then . . . thank you for this visit today!

  23. I enjoyed my visit with you Joan. The tea and cookies were delicious and I loved seeing your roses and knitting and crochet. Gosh, you are a good knitter. I imagine your health care providers will enjoy their treats from you - so thoughtful!

  24. I enjoyed visiting with you today...the tea and biscuits were delicious and the roses stunning! Happy weekend!!

  25. Thank you for having me over for tea. My heart lifts every time I see your glorious header shot - fantastic. Hope you are keeping well.

  26. Joan, your china pattern is so sweet. Perfect to go with your gorgeous roses. So full of beautiful blooms. You have been so busy making such fabulous things. The little gifts I'm sure are so appreciated.

  27. Hi Joan: You are an amazingly talented woman. I love what you made. Your china is one of my favorites. I have the very same set. Have a wonderful week. Blessings to you, Martha

  28. Hi Joan,
    What a lovely post! I felt so welcome as you beckoned everyone to come into your home. Yes, your china is pretty and your biscuits look wonderful and sure to taste good with a cuppa. Your roses are indeed beautiful and I too take great pleasure in the every day things around me. Flowers, trees, clouds skudding by. It's a beautiful world we live in! Thank you for joining me for tea this week and Happy Summer!


  29. Oh lovely knitting! Beautiful pattern and colors.
    Your Aynsley china is gorgeous! I am so glad you have some left. At least you know they were well used and well loved. That is wonderful. The pattern is very pretty.
    Thank you so much for joining in Tea Cup Tuesday : )


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