Saturday, 20 July 2013

Aren't they glorious?

Aren't they glorious?

I saw these 
on a friends' wall
and, to me, they personified summer....
bright and brash!

The pinks were on the same wall
but somehow 'put in the shade' by the others!
They are still pretty

but what they lost in the 'wow factor'
they made up with their sweet fragrance!

I was thinking of the many times
that I had felt I was OK
only to be outshone by someone 
who was more extrovert
or who,

I thought, 
shone more in the personality
or in the ability stakes

These poppies in my garden
look a different shape than conventional poppies
they never truly opened out......
as other poppies seem to

Close up aren't they beautiful
with the teardrops of rain making them shiny?

The honeysuckle in the hedge
so many blossoms..
which all look so ordinary and the same....

at night time
when the other, more brash and glitzy flowers,
cannot be seen..
they pervade the atmosphere with their
beautiful perfume!

How about the abundant wild rose
who fill the hedgerows
and don't seem to have anything 'special'
going for them
and yet,
when you spend a moment to stop and stare...
 their delicate colour

and tender petals...
have such an, almost ethereal, beauty!?

Over these last few days
I've been thinking of how so many of us
put ourselves down...

We compare ourselves to others whom, we feel,
have beauty or abilities.....
are better in the workplace, or at home...
who seem to 'have it all'
....'be it all'.....

What I am trying to say is that each of us
has a special beauty...
a fragrance
all of our own...
Perhaps it shows up under pressure...
or 'at night' when others have given up and 
can't be bothered!

But for those who stop 
and take the time to get to know us
there are special abilities/strengths that 
can make others' lives the richer!

In my years as a counsellor
I met so many women (in particular)
who didn't realise..
how special and gifted...
what a beautiful fragrance.. 
they brought into the world of those around them.

In other words
they didn't value themselves...their abilities
and giftings.

Please, today,
stop for a moment and think of those
who have brought a fragrance into your life
and drop them a card
or make a short phone call.

What a light and joy
you will bring into the lives...
of other beautiful people who may be going
through a difficult time but hiding
it deep inside. last....the winners of my 100th draw...

If you don't know them please go and visit.
You will really enjoy!

To finish....
at last I hear you murmur!

As it's been really hot.....for the UK...
I was driving along with my car windows opened wide
when I smelt a fragrance 
that took me right back to my childhood

when I was a wee lassie
playing near my Granny's home 
in Paisley

there were so many meadowsweet
growing along the banks
of the wee burn

I can still hear her voice saying (when I returned)
" You're absolutely filthy...
come awa' ben the yard 'til I clen ye" !!


  1. Great post and wise words. We all have value. Some of your flowers I have never seen. Just beautiful. It is hot here, too, but rain coming in sometime through the night here. Nothing yet so far, but soon.

  2. A great post - I love meadowsweet too, I have planted it in my garden so I can have some to pick. Congratulations to the lucky winners of your lovely giveaway - thank you!

  3. " You're absolutely filthy...
    come awa' ben the yard 'til I clen ye" !! that is the sweetest sentence I ever heard. The memories of this sentence must make you smile ear to ear I know because I am smiling thinking about you your Grandmother and your dirty little face:) Hugs.. Memories are wonderful,I relive mine many times in my day and they have the ability to take me far away from the things that have to get done.
    Oh Joan you are filled with such wisdom I know as a woman we seem to forget how special we are as we take care of others needs and this is sad. Everyone compares themselves at one time or another to others and think they are not as good as something but the truth be known most of them are feeling the same way at one time or another the same way. Life is a funny that way. Great advice I will be taking today I will Let the people I know how much I love them and how special they are today and everyday..Thank you.
    Thank you I am so excited about my name being pulled from a hat, I am also happy for the others we are indeed lucky. I am off to visit.
    I seem to have run on in the comment department, so sorry that tends to happen:) Hugs B

  4. Oh Joan I guess I was not done:) I forgot to say how beautiful those flowers are each and eveyone of them very different yet very special and beautiful. Hug B

  5. This was so beautiful, Joan. I just love the comparisons you've made. They are so true and such a good reminder for everyone. You are beautiful!

  6. Joan, I love your post. Such beautiful flowers. I like when a fragrance takes me back in time. Take care in the heat. We have had some really hot days too. xoxo,Susie

  7. Such a beautiful Post as always.
    We are all made different with unique gifts and talents for a reason: We Need each other to make a society work.

  8. Joan, this is such a wonderful post. You have such a gift with words. I bet you have helped so many people in your life, through work, and just being you. You are a beautiful presence in our lives. Thank you for picking my name, I am so excited.

  9. Beautiful post . . . what a gift you are Joan . . . in my life!

  10. Wonderful post. Really resonates with me today, thank you. Also, thank you for commenting on my blog. Yes, in my Woodland Fairy Piece, the hair and eye color match each of my daughters. I'm a new follower on your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts. Have a wonderful day, Alicia

  11. Wow - such beautiful flowers! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  12. What a lovely post JOan! I keep hearing how unseasonably warm it is in UK! We are used to the heat here. Watching the British Open today and thinking of all of my UK friends.

  13. That last sweet memory is my favorite part of the whole post. Your flower shots are just gorgeous and I love all the delicate beauty that is around us if we only take time to admire it. I know that many of us consider ourselves "less than" others. It's sad but old tapes replay themselves in our heads and we feel it is hard to measure up sometimes. Blessings, Joan- this was a wonderful post- xo Diana

  14. A lovely post and the most gorgeous photos and that last memory touched my heart. A pleasure visiting with you today.

  15. This is beautiful all the way around, Joan. I have been away for awhile, so I've been a bit "out of pocket." Did I really win that draw?!? My, my! How exciting! Hugs, Nellie

  16. Hello Joan.. I'm thrilled to have won one of your tea towels! It will be treasured here in Oregon in the countryside. I really enjoyed your sentiments about people appreciating themselves. I always get troubled when people put themselves down. I don't like negativity at all. I like to see the bright side. I loved reading about your remembering your grandma. I hope mine remember me. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. Each of us don't realize our own potential at times.

  18. I so much agree with you! And I believe that God has given us each our own gift, but we need to want to work for God and ask Him His plan for our lives. The flowers are beautiful, my favorites are always Poppies! The first ones are so beautiful, too. They look like Gerbara Daisies.

  19. Beautiful thoughts and images today, Joan. Everyone is special in their own unique way. Sometimes we just need someone to remind us. Thank you, Dear. Hugs xoxo

  20. There is so much natural beauty around us on this planet and its inhabitants, Joan! Thanks for making the time to share some of the beauty you know, and encouraging us to appreciate the uniquely beautiful around each of us and share and encourage it as well :)
    Gracie xx

  21. What a beautiful post.All the flowers are pretty..but the honeysuckle and the wild rose bring back many memories. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment.I look at all your posts..though do not comment much. I need to change that!! Have a blessed day!

  22. Such beautiful, beautiful images and beautiful words, as well. I love the way you made us "hear" your Granny. Always a sweet time to have these kind of memories. Makes me smile. blessings ~ tanna

  23. Hey Joan, what a lovely and thought provoking post......
    I love the perfume of pinks and Honeysuckle......

    Claire x

  24. What a wonderful post, Joan, and so well said! I've always tended to compare myself to others, and often felt as if I didn't measure up. Thank you for the reminder to not only appreciate ourselves, but others as well who may be struggling. Love your pretty blossoms, I can almost smell them from here:)

  25. Oh my...what a BEAUTIFUL post!!! Truly beautiful, and a precious reminder of our own value! Thank you for the words and for the pictures! ♥♥♥

  26. I am catching up with blog reading. What a lovely post I love the idea of seeing the potential in people just like a flower.

  27. Congrat's to all the winners. Joan you've taken lovely photos of the flowers-thank you for sharing! Sending you hugs today; I'll be on holiday for a bit but will touch base when I get back home.
    Hugs, Noreen

  28. What a lovely post! Your words certainly hit home with me...and the beautiful pictures inspire me!! Thanks for sharing!!

  29. This is a beautiful post Joan, and an important one, thank you :)

    I think the meadowsweet is taking over hereabouts, it's everywhere this year!

  30. This was a wonderful post, Joan, not only showing the beauty of the flowers but especially in the wording about people. Too many times, we fail to recognize the best in ourselves and in others.

  31. It does seem to be something that we as women do to ourselves -- compare and feel less than adequate. I loved this post, comparing us to flowers and exclaiming we all have something to offer -- and to remember to thank those that helped us along our journey. Lovely! xo

  32. Hello Lass! So beautiful in your part of the world. We'd love to spend a month renting a place in the countryside sometime! Such a good point you make. We need to spread appreciation around more. Thanks for your good word in my direction!


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