Saturday, 27 July 2013


I mentioned....only mentioned...
to hubbie
that, in the autumn,
we should think
about taking out the two big willows
that are trying to take over the garden.....

next thing......
and even though it was sweltering......
out came the chain saw!!

They were merely twigs 
when I planted them and the other trees
over 18 years ago.....
I had been cutting them back 
as they started to spread.
But these last 5 years when I've been unable
to do much gardening...
they had taken over
so that the other trees were being smothered!

I discovered places that
I hadn't been able to get to for years!

My summer hut
hidden behind all the trees

The hours I have spent sitting there
enjoying the trees, views
the birdsong
and the swish of the leaves in the breeze....

back to the subject in hand....

There were lots of roots
and the suckers 
that had started new trees..
and some that were trying to!

We decided that, 
while we were at it,
we had better take down 
one of the big conifers as well

This is a conifer moving!!

Shortly after the conifer was taken, like this,
down to the farm yard...
the postman turned up looking white and shaken.
When I asked him what was the matter
he said
"I was about to turn into your drive when this tree started coming down the drive at me...
I've never experienced anything like it!"

The second willow was taken down 
and moved in much the same way.....

So much mess!

I wonder
have we done the right thing?
But....too late now!!

Big gaps...
but it's good to see the trees that had been hidden!

It made me think.....

Of the small things....
that seem good and quite innocuous...
that we let come into our lives.
They seem OK at the time
and, in fact, fit in quite well.... day
we realise that they have grown 
and bigger
and started to smother and hide other good things.

It's not that they were bad to start with...
or didn't seem so...
perhaps we didn't know 
that they were not right for us!

Somehow...they have grown so slowly 
and taken over other areas so gradually.... 
that we were not aware what was occurring.... day..
there is a blinding flash of recognition 
at what has been happening.

It happens this way with addictions...
a little drink is really enjoyable
but one day you realise that it has taken over your life and there is no time 
for family or friendships...etc

Or it could be a lot of other things...
unhealthy friendships...
and suddenly you realise 
that the person who seemed so nice
 is controlling
most of your life and other friendships!

Even blogging could be the same, I suppose!!
It certainly can take up a lot of time
sitting in front of your 'puter instead of 
out in the sunshine with friends....!

The problem is
that it's a difficult decision to get rid of
'whatever' ...
"what will happen"
"How can I?"

It certainly can leave
a big and messy hole....
but, oh the joy
when you find things you've forgotten
and when other things/people
that were smothered and hidden...
are now out in the light
and able to grow.

I'm sorry if I've gone on too long 
about things that don't interest you...

 I suppose that it's the counsellor in me.
I am always seeing things that correspond 
to life events... and... 
just wanted to share them with you.

I can do the posts like my last one...
on china and flowers and my crochet and knitting...
but, if I am going to be real with you
and we are going to be friends
 I also need to allow
the side of me that interprets things
in the light of how it affects
our lives!

I do hope that
You can see and understand
the analogy
that just jumped at me
as we took out these huge bushes
that had started to take over the garden

I'm still thinking ..
'I hope we've done the right thing'


  1. Oh Joan I love when you get "REAL" and this is so true a comparison. I honestly understand this and have seen many a life swallowed up by something that grew much bigger than the people I love ever imagined. It is good to get rid of the thing that is consuming you to see what is truly left hiding behind and finally realizing just what you have been missing. Addictions are terribly hard things to watch happen.
    I love your new look and love the travelling tree:) Take care Joan Hug B

  2. Excellent . . .

    I like the counselor in you who comes out to visit in the midst of Willow trees and Conifers. Cutting down, taking away allowed hidden views a chance to step into the foreground.

    Sometimes we never know what will be until we take the first step . . .
    (said the counselor in me . . .)

  3. A very good analogy, Joan. I think you will enjoy this change in the garden once you get accustomed to it. Wishing you a delightful weekend.

  4. But you can plant new ones if you want to and watching them grow will be lovely...


  5. Joan, I guess we need to weed the gardens and our lifes. Some times when we plant things, we are not sure how it turn out. Maybe you can sow some flower seeds in the bare spots. Blessings. xoxo,Susie

  6. Joan, I love your thoughts, that is why we visit you, for your unique view of the world that resonates with all of us. I think you will be happy to have a different view of your garden, and have fun watching how these tress that have been dwarfed grow bigger and stronger.
    Hugs to you,

  7. Joan, this is my very favorite kind of post. =) So much wisdom in your words. Loved it! blessings ~ tanna

  8. LOL yes madam counselor! My blog is like your willow trees. Some days I think I should just throw in the towel and walk away but I'm just a tad addicted to it now. It is becoming easier to spend more of my time living life and doing things than sitting in front of the computer.

    But everything in life is happening to teach us something and I intend to enjoy everything that comes!

    I'm so glad you can enjoy your summer hut again!

    Happy Saturday xox

  9. I really appreciate your analogy!
    It is so true. How does it happen?
    Something small and harmless blossoms
    or grows into a big over bearing thing
    in our lives.
    You made me want to take a honest look at what's
    over taken the important things in my life!

  10. It is a difficult thing to do - the cutting down of something we have set out and helped grow - though it is a task that needs to be done. Now you are able to see and access other special places.

    I enjoy reading your words of wisdom. We need reminders to remember what is truly important in our lives.

    xo Nellie

  11. Boy, I sure wish it only took the mere mention of a thought, for my husband to spring into action!!! No such luck here!!!
    Hope it all works for the best!!
    xo KRis

  12. Thank you for sharing your thoughts today. Very much appreciated.

  13. I LOVE the "counselor" posts of yours. You have such wonderful insights and you are so wise.

    Bless your husband for getting out there and for "gettin' her done!" I think you'll be happy once everything starts spreading out.

  14. I see exactly what you were saying! LET THE REAL YOU OUT!!! IT IS THE GENUINE YOU that you need to share with us!!! I loved seeing the trees moving...that poor postman! I am wanting to do the same thing with my life...and join myself in all areas so that I am not fragmented but one! I do YouTube and blog and nothing really messes. I have to make it mess~ ♥♥♥

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  16. I enjoyed the move of the tree pictures, thoughts. Oh how

    cute is that hut you used to sit out too.

    I love the real You.

    Only one thing dear. A

    project well done so dont think should you have done it. It

    was the right thing to do. Give it a day or two to ring

    ding,ling in your head.

    YES will be a happy thought.

  17. You know.. you don't have to ask us if you've gone on too long.. you're sharing your thoughts and personality and that's the best way to get to know someone! I loved your analogy and it's so right!! I've taken out several trees and not once has it been a bad idea. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  18. I understand it completely! And I do think you are right! Many houses around here have so many trees and shrubbery around that you cannot see ANYTHING!! And I wonder why do they live that way? I like things open and airy! And you must fix up your little gazebo and use it now! Little things in our lives that we think are innocent CAN grow and grow if we are not aware...what a funny story about the mailman! Not bad enough that dogs chase him, now trees are following him!

  19. You are so right! And how nice to have more space in your garden!

    Now I have to think about what in my life needs trimming!


  20. You've made a good analogy - perfect for the situation! You are so right - and it is true, things creep up on you and take over. Every once in a while you do need to make some cuts. You did the right thing, you let in more light and that is always good. Hugs, xoxo

  21. A wonderful post. I have very much appreciated it. There are one or two very big 'trees' in my life at the moment that I think need to go or be pruned very hard. Your words are very wise thank you. Anne x

  22. Yes, you've done the right thing...both in removing the trees, and in the writing of the pertinent to our times and our lives. That's what we are here encourage and inspire and motivate one another with the things that God is revealing to us day by day. I tend to be a tree hugger and am always afraid to remove anything green and growing...but even God pruned and tended to His garden in our lives, so that we might grow stronger and deeper. Yes, you've done the right thing...and thank you for sharing it with us today! We've learned along with you.

  23. A pleasure to read and a wonderful analogy.

    Thank you for visiting my blog to see how Beth is. Wonderful to make your acquaintance.

  24. One of the freeing things about blogging for me is the realization that no one has to view my posts or comment on them. If they do and enjoy them and leave supportive comments it is rewarding for me, but like you, if I am going to put the time into blogging I have to be real to make it worth my time. Blogging is a wonderful creative outlet for me. It combines many of my creative interests and through it I have been been tremendously rewarded to meet interesting creative folk like you who stimulate my human growth through posts that challenge my thinking and cause me to question my being as you have through your great tree clearing analogy, Joan! Balancing how much of anything is enough in my life is forever a challenge for me, but so very worth it when the Lord helps me remove the overgrowth of things in my life that hide rewarding views of life around me such as you remember having from your lovely little summer hut. The removal of overgrowth in my life can be a scary or at least startling process as it was for your postman :) but how exciting and stimulating to consider how I can best develop the spaces in my life that open for new growth and development! Thanks for posting! Gracie xx

  25. Yes, you did the right thing, now you can once again sit in your summer hut and enjoy the view.
    Thank-you for your kind comments about my Bob. He is doing well, just needs to get the walking up again but at the moment it is quite painful to walk too far. I am okay too, still working 2 days a week but finish about mid Sept. so I'm looking forward to that.
    I enjoyed your post.


  26. This post was wonderful in showing how the removed trees were taking up too much space in the sense of blocking out other things. Then, the analogy of how other people, activities, etc. can also take up too much energy, time, etc. yes, your counseling background does become evident, Joan, and that's a good thing. Sure, it's nice to post about things, family, and the like but posts that make us stop and think awhile are always much appreciated by myself and evidently many others too.

  27. Your hubby reminds me of mine - he too would be right out there with his chainsaw, taking the tree down in the heat of the day! I had to laugh when you said the moving tree scared your postman. Thanks for a great story.

  28. Oh my look at this, you get rid of thise Willows and right away along comes this one. Lol
    Have a great week.
    Willow ;)

  29. I like your analogy! Nature can teach us so many things. I'm impressed with how quick your husband got busy. That's a pretty funny story with your mailman!

  30. It's a good analogy :)

    And please tell us the postie's recovered from his shock ;)

  31. Interesting post, intriguing sentiments. I can relate about 'just mentioning' something to your husband and the next thing you know he's gone and done it! It has happened to me HAHA

  32. Great comparison. I recently thought the same about all the time I spend blogging on the computer and how I could be doing other more constructive things. I think you did the right thing taking out the trees & bushes.

    I wish I had seen the postman's face. lol

    Thanks for submitting your post to Transformed Tuesday.
    Peggy~PJH Designs


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