Friday, 22 June 2012

Wild Roses

Travelling home this afternoon
I noticed that,

although the local council had cut a lot
of the hedge sides,

there were still areas left for the wildflowers


the hedge tops are full of
wonderful honeysuckle and wild roses!

In the evening the scent is wonderful!

The wild roses in the hedgerow can be white

or pink.....

Doesn't creation do a wonderful job without our help?!

Sometimes...I am ...almost overwhelmed....


the beauty I see around me.....


  1. Happy Friday Joan, Oh what glorious flowers-I can well imagine how delightful honeysuckle smells in the evening. The wild roses are so sweet.
    Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you are feeling better dear friend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. Wonderful Wales! It doesn't look like it's raining there ... Beautiful flowers Joan, have a wonderful weekend too xxx

  3. The flowers are beautiful Joan.

    I hope that you are feeling so much better!!

  4. So pretty. I agree, nature does provide us with such beauty!!! Hope you are well.
    XO KRis

  5. Your shots of the pink ones are just divine!!! We used to have a big wild rose bush out back on our fence, and I finally let Phil cut it down because it stuck him and gave him a lot of trouble mowing. I have always regretted it, the beauty is gone and you cannot buy them as they are considered invasive. But I love being invaded by beauty, don't you?

  6. I can almost smell the lovely scent of the roses and honeysuckle! So pretty. I'm so grateful for the gift of sight!

  7. It is lovely. The wild rose is our provincial flower and I think it is so lovely growing in the wild :)

  8. Beautiful. Since I am not getting out much I so appreciate summer pleasures in my friends' blogs.

  9. Lovely flowers! Yes, it is amazing that we have been placed in the midst of such beauty!

  10. Beautiful photo's. I have a rampant rambling rose on my back fence, a cutting from one at my grandparents house. A special reminder. I once knew the name of it , but alas, I've forgotten over time.

  11. Truly a blessing, Joan! I can smell the wonderful fragrance of honeysuckle through the screen as I look at the luscious flowers!

    Thank you for sharing with us!


  12. Such beauty surrounding you . . . I am convinced, I need to visit your land . . .

  13. Our honeysuckle is over, alas. Our wild roses are almost all pale pink. How nice to see the different shades you have there! Is that foxglove in the top two pictures?

  14. Lovely flowers..

    Visiting for Pink Saturday- hope you can stop by..

  15. mother nature is so wonderful
    Hope your week is good.

  16. Lovely, it is amazing how much pink we are surrounded by.


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